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How to Prevent False Alarms
False Alarms False Alarms, also known as nuisance alarms, are mistaken signals that normally occur due to user error or equipment malfunction. In the event of a false alarm, police, fire, and medical units will be dispatched needlessly. According to a...
Landscape Design Frame of Mind
Image: Ed Castro Landscape We all move through moods as the day transitions from morning to night. I wake up like a small child, approaching the world with open arms and a smile. In the early afternoon I feel slightly mature,...
Little Big Bangs - Small Towns With Great Fourth of July Festivals
(above photo: Telluride, Colorado) Americans honor the Fourth of July as a representation of our pride -- a celebration of us as former underdogs, standing tall through sheer grit and hard work -- exemplified by fantastic explosions of light and sound....
Should I Get a Home Security System? Are They Worth It?
In the United States, there are approximately 40 million installed home security systems. Of those, roughly half are protecting residential properties. Regardless of the proportion, these installations account for the industry’s reported revenue of $30 billion and growing. What home security...
How Effective are Home Security Systems? Do They Work?
How Do Home Security Systems Work? A home security system consists of an array of interconnected devices and services that are meant to secure homes from burglars and other home invaders. Using pre-installed detection technology, the system can identify an intrusion...
Understanding Home Automation Systems
In recent years, there’s been a surge of interest and investment into what is typically called the “Internet of Things,” in which many everyday objects have assigned IP addresses enabling them to be accessed and controlled remotely. This has resulted in...
The Picked Lock - Break Into Your Own Home So They Can't
Anyone who has played a modern role-playing video game has toyed with the idea of buying a lock pick set. I mean, who DOESN’T want to be a member of a real life Thieves Guild and make every door a new...
Cellular Home Security vs. Landline - Which Is Better?
There is no significant difference in terms of the type of equipment used for cellular home security and landline home security systems. All sensors, cameras, and control panels, for example, are basically the same except for how the alarm systems are...
Understanding DIY vs. Professional Home Security
Installing a home security system is not the same as monitoring it. Where installation consists simply of placing the different equipment elements of the security system around the home, monitoring is the actual day to day, 24/7 surveillance and supervision of...