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Best Whole Life Insurance
We chose the best providers of whole life insurance by evaluating their minimum coverage limits and eligible age range.
Best Life Insurance for Seniors
We evaluated senior life insurance plans by comparing companies' maximum coverage amount, their designed age range, and their additional plan options.
The Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the US
If the only two certainties in this world are death and taxes, then Ben Franklin didn’t foresee tax evasion. That leaves death as the only thing one can count on in life. It represents an absolute finality that everyone must eventually...
What Are the Different Types of Life Insurance?
Term Vs. Permanent All life insurance falls under two basic categories, term life and permanent life. Term life covers you for a set period of time, while permanent life, covers you regardless of when you die. Both kinds have several subclassifications....
Do I Need Life Insurance? A Guide to Who Needs it and Why
Is It Time to Buy Life Insurance? The answer to that question is another question. Do you have people depending on you financially? A spouse? Children? Relatives? If the answer is yes then life insurance is a really good idea. You...