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Best Small Business Loans for Women
In order to find the best small business loans for women, we looked at terms and conditions, ease of access, interest rates, and requirements.
Best VA Small Business Loans
To find the best small business loans for veterans, we looked at loan terms and conditions, requirements, amounts, and accessibility.
Best Small Business Loans for Bad Credit
Overview of obtaining small business loans when you have bad credit.
Best Invoice Factoring
We selected the best providers of invoice factoring based on their repayment periods, monthly factor fees, and maximum financing amounts.
Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for My Business?
If you’re a business owner in need of quick access to capital, you may be wondering if a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is right for your business. As opposed to a regular term loan the approval process for an MCA is...
How to Finance Equipment for Your Business
Machinery breaks down, it's a fact of life. However, when a dry cleaning machine or a restaurant oven needs to be purchased, updated, or replaced, the costs can be prohibitively expensive, especially for a small business. Equipment loans can step in...
What Is Invoice Financing and How Does It Work?
Invoice Financing at a Glance Invoice financing is a way for businesses to obtain funds based on amounts due from their customers. This can take two forms. Invoices can be sold to a factoring company in exchange for immediate payment, (known...
Should I Take out a Business Line of Credit?
Extensive research has proven that small businesses, particularly new and growing concerns, often provide the most consistent growth patterns to the economy. Unfortunately, since the 2000s decline in economic activity, banks and traditional lenders have been steering away from small businesses,...
A Complete Guide to Small Business Term Loans
What Is a Term Loan and How Do They Work? Term loans are variable interest rate loans with pre-determined repayment periods. In the case of small businesses, these periods span long-term or short-term. In the case of long-term, repayment will occur...
Understanding Alternative Lending - A Guide to Online Business Lenders
What Is Alternative Lending? Alternative lending, or online lending, indicates a broad range of lending solutions that are available outside of the traditional banking realm, typically via the internet. Alternative lending is used by those who may not qualify for personal...
How to Get a Small Business Loan in 6 Steps
Applying for and obtaining a small-business loan can be a long and complicated process. Not only do most financial institutions have high lending standards, but they are also more inclined to invest in larger, well-established businesses. Although intricate, the process of...
Is a Small Business Loan Right For Me?
If you’re starting a business or need some money for an existing one, applying for a loan can be extremely stressful. There’s such a large range of options available now that deciding which type of financing is best for your needs...
Small Business Loans Terminology - Words to Know
Advisory Board - This is a formal version of getting together with other business people and discussing your ideas and concerns. It should be composed of experienced people with a genuine interest in your business and desire for it to succeed.This...