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Burglar Alarms - Making your home a safe space

Jordan SteinbergFeb 8, 2017


In the United States, home burglaries accounts for 23.8% of all property crimes, and occur on average of every 18.2 seconds. 

Since we cannot influence societal trends, the goal then becomes to mitigate the chances of ending up a statistic. To that end, home security systems can be extremely worthwhile. Based on criminology reports at UNC Charlotte, “60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced their decision to target another home.” Based on that, it would be an oversight not to not only have a have a home security system, but also attendant cameras and specialized burglar alarms.

Now, let’s act on the assumption that your home already has a basic wireless home security system. Congratulations! You work a full-time, 9 to 5 job, so you are unable to always keep a constant watchful eye on your precious belongings. Your neighbor’s home was recently broken into in the midst of standard work hours, and you’ve become worried. Perhaps it’s time to contact your home security company to examine your possible options for heightened protection. Whether your system is through Frontpoint or ADT, any company should be more than willing to assist you.

First off, the installation of burglar alarms in your home would be a good first step. Be careful  however, it’s a common misconception that burglar alarms and home security systems are in the same. While home security systems protect from all manner of threats to your domicile, notably environmental hazards, burglar alarms take extra steps to ensure ne’er-do-wells keep well enough away. They can include motion detectors, door and window sensors, and proper alerts to the owner and law enforcement. Moreover, these alarms can be infinitely customizable for your needs, whether it be motion sensors specifically for the area around your jewelry drawer, or a detector for that large floor-to-ceiling window in your living room. Regardless of how you choose to configure them, burglar alarms will make your home a more secure place.

In 2014, The FBI reported that, based on the number of arrests, only 13.6% of burglaries are actually solved. In that case, on top of burglar alarms, it would be wise to consider the placement of home security video cameras. Remember how 60% of burglars are put-off by security systems? Imagine if they also saw cameras watching their every move. Certainly, they would not return to your home. Should you choose to go with this option, it is critical to methodically consider the placement of said cameras. 

According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 81% of burglars enter through somewhere on the front floor, with 34% being through the front door. Other major entry points include windows and the back door. As such, it would be a good start to place cameras in those areas. It may also be worth thinking about placement that aims at more specific locations, like at the entrance to the garage, or overlooking your computer in your home office. Whenever possible, you should try to keep the cameras in hard-to-reach places, to prevent their destruction, whether intentionally by burglars, or accidentally by small children or pets.  

While security cameras do very well in preventing invasion, it doesn’t necessarily protect what’s outside your home. Of increasing importance in the United States, your mail and packages. It is a federal crime to impede the delivery of mail, and yet that doesn’t adequately protect the 23 million Americans that suffer such package theft annually. Of course, there are several possible ways to protect yourself from this epidemic, but smart doorbell cameras are an excellent solution that is gaining in popularity.

In the realm of mail theft, it is common that the burglars first knock on the door to ensure no one is home, before taking what they will. With smart doorbells, when someone rings, a video of the ‘visitor’ is live-streamed to your phone, regardless of whether you are in the house or vacationing on the other side of the world. To that end, you can vet who is at your door. It also enables two-way communication, so that you can pretend be on the premises, or do whatever necessary to defend what’s yours.

Of course, all realistic configurations of home security are up to you. Some may feel uncomfortable having cameras in their homes, while others aren't necessarily willing to have a doorbell merge with their smart devices. On the other hand, perhaps there are simply too many options, or you don't already have a home security system, and you need help breaking down what's right for you. Should that be the route you're most interested in pursuing, our list of top 10 companies might be a great place to start!