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Protect your home and appliances from costly repairs and replacements with a trusted home warranty company. Get the best deals and service from the nation’s leading home warranty and home repair insurance companies.
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We researched home appliance insurance options, and compared them based on the number of appliances covered, optional features, and payout limits.
2 Years Into Home Warranties: What We've Learned
An Industry Fraught With Controversy The OK, the BAD, and the UGLY Out of all the industries we cover, we far and away receive the most feedback regarding home warranties... and this feedback is rarely tepid. There is not much middle...
Our Take on Home Warranties: Read the Fine Print!
Last summer, at the height of the season, Oscar Montez and his family were enjoying a beautiful afternoon splashing around in the backyard pool of their South Jersey home when they heard a harsh knocking sound from the side of their...
Home Warranty Plans – Which Appliances Need Coverage?
The number of items covered in home warranty plans often defines the amount of premium to be paid. Some homeowners often make the mistake of opting for a home warranty plan just because it has a cheaper premium. This sadly leaves...