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Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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Why They're Great

Vivint Smart Home is the high end solution for the buyer who needs it all. Vivint is the premium brand in the industry and the extra money is worth it.  Beyond home security, the company offers smart home service as well. Their systems are among the highest quality out there.

Price Breakdown

Item Price
Monthly Monitoring $39.99
Installation FREE
Basic Hardware Less than $1/day

Bells & Whistles

  • #1 Smart home services provider in the U.S. 
  • One of the Best High-End System for Home Automation & Security
  • 4.5-star rated mobile app
  • 24x7, 365-days-a-year professional security Monitoring
  • 24x7 continuous video recording – doorbell camera, outdoor camera, and ping camera with Vivint Playback
  • Smart Home Control – receive notifications and control your smart home system from anywhere

The Fine Print

Contract & Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 3 Days
Contract Length Varies by customer

This contract length is long, but in line with several other home security entities. It is in order to provide the highest quality equipment that Vivint requires this length of contract. The largest difference between Vivint and the rest of the pack is their higher than average monitoring costs will increase the lifetime cost of the system. This is definitely a premium product on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

The Bottom Line:

Vivint Security is all about giving you the highest quality equipment available. Everything is wireless, touch-screen, and top-of-the-line. If you want the best home security and home automation, they've got it.

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[email protected]
Panorama City, California
I am not satisfied with the kind of service they have. i tried to update my system and i agreed to it but they did not upgrade the system and they they said that they will upgrade it but i have to pay $300.00. so i cancelled my service.

Springville, Utah
Worst experience I've ever had with a company. I had a very expensive hard wired system before I agreed to go with Vivint. I was promised they would leave my system hard wired as it was plus add some wireless monitors, Instead they just cut my wires and shoved them into the walls and put in wireless, tried to do this without my knowledge but I caught them and they said they had never done a system this big and they couldn't figure out how to do it. Also had to have people come back 3 times because they didn't activate all the monitors. The left areas unprotected that were secure before. Left holes in my walls. After much complaining to their customer satisfaction people I was promised... Read More

Provo, Utah
I've had Vivint for a year and every time my alarm gets triggered they respond within seconds. I trust them so much more than ADT with their insanely inconsistent response times, and HORRIBLE customer service. This site is a little misleading because Vivint is the actual leader in the industry - after doing research I know that Vivint has the awards from the Consumer's Digest Best Buy award, Security Dealer Magazine award for best equipment, best warranty, and the People's Choice best customer service award.... FrontPoint, ADT, and SimpliSafe don't have any of those awards so why are they rated higher here?

Michael G
So to continue with my rant against Vivint Alarm company. I am not sure if any of you have this company or have ever looked at them for service, but here is the scoop. I contacted the company last week to find out why I was being charged more than I originally agreed to pay. As the conversation progressed I was informed that it was due to a tax that was being passed on. I told the representative that I couldn't wait until October was here, because I was moving my service to Simply Safe Alarm company. I was passed off to another person who was in the locality group. I was told that I could have a reduction in monthly service cost and add cameras to our home for a fixed prices, which I... Read More

Galen R
Wasilla, Alaska
I have been a vivint customer for over 8 years and I don't think there has been 1 year that I didn't have some kind of problem. They aren't interested in you once you sign up. They give their new products to new customers, but you are stuck with the old ones that doesn't work I live in Alaska and go south for the winter and every year The thermostats stop working or the remote lock quits working. Last year it turned my furnace off and I couldn't lock the door back after my neighbor came over and turned on the heat. Vivint's response is always the same "you need to be there for us to help"I need it to work when I'm gone. That's what it's for. When I get back they come reset it and it... Read More

Ron R
Holly Springs, North Carolina
Customer service A+, Smart home features A++, 24 hours security monitoring A+, Bottom line nothing to complain about would recommend to everyone. Couldn't be happier with the over all service from Vivint!!

, Illinois
Vivint has horrible customer service. They missed my appointment to install the system. They apologized like it didn't matter. The customer service manager was terrible sounded like a young kid who could careless about Vivint or customers. Pretty amazing. They seem to be too big as they are forgetting they have jobs because of their customers.

Antioch, Illinois
Vivint has horrible customer service. They missed my appointment to install the system. They apologized like it didn't matter. The customer service manager was terrible sounded like a young kid who could careless about Vivint or customers. Pretty amazing. They seem to be too big as they are forgetting they have jobs because of their customers.

Debbie G
Wasilla, Alaska
Vivint is only interested in getting their money and not in customer service. They bring out old equipment and promise the upgraded equipment as soon as they get more in. It never happens. I paid off my full contract to get rid of Vivint. You are only able to speak with their customer service in Utah. Do NOT trust Vivint.

Steven L
, New Jersey
We have had Vivint security for about 6 months now and I cannot say enough good things about how we feel about the capabilities, installation, and upfront cost. The remote controls via cell phone have allowed us the ability to monitor our home even while abroad, who is coming to the door, being able to accept packages and unlock/lock doors from afar; even to be able to have multiple cameras with two way communication so we can open our garage door remotely, let our dog out for potty breaks during the day; and then call her through the camera back into the garage and close the door after her. We are able to turn on/off our security remotely or at the panel; it even tells us by cell phone,... Read More

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