Protect America Home Security Review

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Why They're The Best Value

Protect America is the best value  in home security because, simply put, they cost less. A great security choice for homes or apartments, they offer high-quality GE wireless equipment and very low cost monitoring. A 3-year contract is required, which is pretty standard in the Home Security industry. If you read about them online, it's possible you may find some negative reviews. In talking with their team we've come to understand that although there are some genuine and legitimate customer complaints, there are also a few unscrupulous competitors who have created fake reviews. What's more, many of the complaints are related to the fact that users signed up for the 3-year contract without thinking about it, and then were upset when they tried to cancel after the 7-day trial period. Protect America is committed to addressing customer feedback, so give them a call and see for yourself!

What's it Gonna Cost Me?

Price Breakdown

Item Price
Monthly Monitoring $19.99
Installation Free
Basic Hardware Free
Discount N/A
Year 1 Total $239.88

Bells & Whistles

  • High Quality Wireless GE Equipment
  • Keychain Remote
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Smoke & Fire Alarm
  • Optional Cameras & Home Automation Available

The Fine Print

Contract & Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 7 Days
Contract Length 36 Mo

This contract length is industry standard. You save money up front with a 3 year term. It's also low risk considering the $0 installation fee, but make sure to stay aware of the 7-day (shorter) guarantee.

The Bottom Line:

Protect America is all about value. If you want high quality home security at an unbeatable price, you should give them a call!

Our Protect America Rep's Direct Line: 888-875-0905

Latest Reviews

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Sonya De Luna-Garay
Protect America Home Security review
Horrible company. The equipment they send is faulty. The sensors constantly slip causing false alarms (no help in disputing the charges with the city for the false alarm charges), the faulty sensors also cause your system to not arm correctly, main box is constantly reading low batter even though it is consistently plugged in and does not stay active during power outage. All the equipment is sent to you to install yourself, which is not difficult, however you are left to maintain your own security system and ensure it is working properly instead of having professionals do it. You still pay the same amount of money as if you were paying professionals to handle your equipment and system. Do not waste your time, money, or energy with this company.

Brendan O.
Escalon, California
Protect America Home Security review
Protect America is the most unethical company I have ever dealt with. We signed up for service and the equipment never worked properly. Many phone calls, hours on hold and no resolution. We moved a year later and the new house already had a security system in place. When we tried to cancel our service through Protect America we learned the horrible truth: We were locked into an iron-clad contract that required us to pay the full amount for 3 years whether or not we were actually using their service. In short - they wouldn't help us at all, extremely rude, and we paid thousands of dollars for a service we never received. DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS WITH PROTECT AMERICA. THEY WILL RUIN THREE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE.

North Port, Florida
Protect America Home Security review
I signed up with Protect America thinking it was going to be great, low and behold there is always something by going with the cheapest.. no bills and forced automatic pay. They also require you to drill into concrete that my landlord doesn't allow.

Ron S
Los Angeles, California
Protect America Home Security review
You can count on it. Really! i mean that latch key feature and paramedics they are tremendous and state of the art and those sensor.. you don't have to worry even if you live in a glass house and the best part is the monitoring..Thumbs up!!

Ellen M
Carson City, Nevada
Protect America Home Security review
I have been with Protect America for six years. In the beginning it was a little difficult to install, but my Husband was quite capable of getting the base unit set up. The customer service is always very pleasant and helpful. The monthly monitoring is not bad. Since I've been with them over the three year contract, I can cancel my service at any time. I'm very satisfied with them.