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Should I Get a Home Security System? Are They Worth It?

Jordan SteinbergJun 12, 2017

In the United States, there are approximately 40 million installed home security systems. Of those, roughly half are protecting residential properties. Regardless of the proportion, these installations account for the industry’s reported revenue of $30 billion and growing.

What home security systems do best is provide peace-of-mind. If a homeowner can go on vacation, or even sleep soundly at night knowing that their family and possessions are secure, then this feeling is evident.

How Much Do Home Security Systems Cost to Install?

The costs associated with the installation of a home security system will vary widely depending on a number of factors. First of all, DIY installation will be much cheaper than its professional counterpart. This can mean the difference between a $300 to $500 and a $1,500 to $2,000 range. That said, a DIY systems will result in greater costs per unit of equipment, and will require a certain amount of time and technical finesse, so be sure to weigh options relatively.

Also, choosing a landline-based system versus a cellular system can make a financial difference. While a telephone-based home security system will be cheaper to install, it is also far less secure, offers fewer potential features, and can be interrupted. On the other hand, cellular systems are more expensive to install, but offer greater security, numerous avenues for backup communication, and an array of high-tech features.

How Much Does Security Monitoring Cost?

Practically speaking, home security systems protect properties through customized means, which include, among other options, motion detectors, door sensors, and security cameras. That said, these devices are useless unless they’re being monitored.

While the home security company will handle the sale and the system’s installation, a monitoring company will know when a burglary is taking place. When an alarm first activates, a monitoring agent will try to get ahold of the registered homeowner to ensure that it is not a false alarm. If a home invasion is indeed taking place, then it is the monitoring company’s job to contact the proper authorities.

Typically, monitoring companies monetize their services via monthly fees. While an average monitoring cost will hover between $15 and $30, it can be as high as $100, depending the company itself, the number of sensors being monitored, and whether the monitoring is being performed via a traditional phone line or a GSM chip.

Is Home Security Worth It?

While country-wide crime rates have gone down in recent decades, the statistical threat of a burglary remains valid. Breaking down the data, a break-in occurs somewhere every 14 seconds, typically between 10am and 3pm. Furthermore, 79% of invasions take place via the front door, back door, or 1st floor window.

Based on 2014 reports, the average loss-of-property cost resulting from a burglaries totaled $2,251. Meanwhile, monthly home security plans range between $15 and $100. As such, for a comparatively small amount, a large amount of one’s possessions can be protected.

By and large, however, the purchase and installation of a home security system should be treated as an investment in crime deterrence. In fact, the simple presence of a home security system has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of burglary by up to 60%. The resultant peace-of-mind, additionally, can be of incalculable benefit. If this sounds appealing, our top home security specialists would be happy to help out.