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The Most Recognizable Name in Home Security

ADT has been in the home security industry for over 135 years. With over 6 million customers throughout North America they have the largest brand recognition, and are most likely the first name that comes to mind when you think "home security." ADT customers firstly benefit from a strong brand, in fact many cite this as the primary reason they go with ADT. When a potential thief sees the ADT logo in the window or on the front lawn, it is a recognizable icon that could potentially help deter break-ins before they happen.

What's it Gonna Cost Me?

Item Price
Monthly Monitoring $55.99
Installation $99.00
Basic Hardware Free
Discount $300
Year 1 Total $770.88

Bells & Whistles

  • Includes wireless camera at no charge
  • Theft Protection Guarantee covers insurance deductible up to $500 in the event of a burglary
  • Homeowner’s insurance certificate can save you up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance.


Contracts & Guarantees

Money Back Guarantee 6 months
Contract Length  36 months
Contract Length (in California only) 24 months

This minimum contract length for non-California residents isn't short. However, it's also not unreasonable considering 3 year contracts are about the industry standard.

The Bottom Line:

ADT Security is the biggest home security company in the US. A trusted nationwide brand, 6 million customers can't be wrong.

ADT Direct Line:


Licenses: AL-17-1104, AZ-ROC217517, AR-2008-0014, CA-ACO6320, CT-ELC.0193944-L5, DE-07-212, FL-EC13003427, DC-602513000006, GA-LVA205395, ID-ELE-SC-39312, IL-127.001042, IN-City of Indianapolis: LAC-000156, IA-AC-0036, KY-City of Louisville: 483, LA-F1082, LA-F1914, LA-F1915, ME-LM50017382, MD-107-1626, MA-1355C, MI-3601205773, MN-TS01807, MS-15007958, MO-City of St. Louis: CC354, St. Louis County: 84959, MT-247, NE-14451, NV-68518, City of Las Vegas: 3000002944, NJ-34BF00021800, NM-353366, NY-Licensed by the N.Y.S. Dept. of State UID#12000317691, #12000286451, NC-1622-CSA, OH-53891446, City of Cincinnati: AC86, OK-1048, OR-170997, Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number: PA022999, RI-3582, SC-BAC5630, SD-1025-7001-ET, TN-1520, TX-B13734, ACR-3492, UT-6422596-6501, VT-ES-2382, VA-115120, WA-602588694/PROTEYH934RS, WV-042433, WI-City of Milwaukee: PAS-0002790, WY-LV-G-21499.

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Los Angeles, California
They do a bait and switch. very unethical. I cancelled my instalation because they prpmissed one thing on the phone but a week later when the tech showed up , nothing was invoiced and the try to sell it at an outrageous price, get it in writting before they show up to install.

Indianapolis, Indiana
ADT, has horrible customer service. I have been a loyal customer for 9 years. I up-graded to Pulse 2 years ago. The equipment is nothing but junk. You know it's bad when a technician comes out to look at the system and tells you so. Then when you complain all they want to do is charge you for another upgrade. Customer service employees are very rude that includes the so called loyalty specialist. Do yourself a favor and choice a different company.

Debra W
Atlanta, Georgia
BEWARE..This is not an upstanding company. The representatives will tell you anything to get your money!! Read your contract thoroughly. Signed a 3-year contract instead of a 2-year as said by representative. Was told that I could move the service without penalty or costs. Now that I want to move just the monitoring service--not the system, as my new home already has a system. Anyway, I'm required to buy new security equipment, again--and extend the contract for 3 more years. Consumers beware!

Antoinette C
Wallkill, New York
ADT was notified by phone that I was cancelling my service for an apartment building. I had been a loyal customer for 7+ years. I was not advised that I needed to cancel my service in writing. Obviously, I was not advised how to do that...mail? email? I provided the new owner's contact info. He planned to continue service. He contact ADT to switch service. ADT even sent a representative to the property to expand his service. ADT failed to get back to him. He advised ADT he no longer wanted service. Without actually notifying me, ADT continued to bill me for 6 months!!!!! We moved and my address changed. ADT refused to settle the dispute in any meaningful way. I would not advise using them.... Read More

Hastings, Nebraska
Very helpful in advising what we need it and what we wanted.

[email protected]
Scam artists, took money unauthorized totaling $2300 so far. Had to make fraud report with our bank.

Chicago, Illinois
Very good service

Concord, North Carolina
I was asked by my sister-in- law to recommend a security system for her new home. I told her ADT SECURITY. I AM A LONG TIME MEMBER OF ADT and had Great Service.When i look for a service, i not only read the reviews the services, i look for the history as well. How long have they been in business?ADT SECURITY WAS FOUNDED IN 1874.I checked the BBB,i found a BBB A+ RATING. I am not naive,there are going to be certain people that complain for number of reasons.WHAT ABOUT THE MILLIONS THAT ARE HAPPY WITH ADT SECURITY SERVICE.THEY ARE SILENT BECAUSE THEY ARE HAPPY……I SUGGEST THAT YOU REMEMBER,ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE LETTING THERE VOICES BE HEARED MAKES MORE NOISE THAN THOUSANDS THAT REMAIN... Read More

Regina B
Sanford, Florida
They send you a flyer stating you can have a complete system with installation for $99 and a three year contract. The installer comes into your house and starts to install the system they say will protect your house. A third of the way into installation the installer tells you, in his opinion you need different equipment"glass breaking sensors", to protect a house safely. As I ask him what this might cost me to have the different sensors put on my window he won't give me an answer. He just quickly works to put the sensors on my doors. I finally told him to stop everything he was doing and find out what the charge for the breakage sensors will be or he can leave my house now. $2400 he... Read More

Indianapolis, Indiana
Terrible service by technicians and sales.

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