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Rating: 6.2 / 10 (Very good)
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SimpliSafe - No Contract Home Security

SimpliSafe Security is trying to revolutionize the security industry by offering no contract, no hidden charges, low-cost monitoring, and no risks. There is no installation cost with SimpliSafe as you will install the system yourself. Their 100% wireless system is not tethered to a traditional landline and its cellular connection is 10-15 seconds faster than a phone line. The system is easy to get up and running and uses adhesive pads to affix sensors and monitoring devices throughout your home. You can expand the system up to 41 sensors. 

What's it Gonna Cost Me?

Price Breakdown

Item Price
Monthly Monitoring $14.99
Installation Free
Basic Hardware $229.96
Year 1 Total $409.84

What's Included?

  • Base Station
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Motion Sensor
  • Entry Sensor
  • Free Keychain Remote
  • Cameras and Home Automation available

The Fine Print

Contract & Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Contract Length -

SImpliSafe provides the only no-contract home security option! You are never locked in so there is no commitment!

The Bottom Line:

SimpliSafe Security is fanatical about support. Their friendly US-based technicians are ready to help in the event that you run into issues. You have to pay for the equipment but the self installation saves a lot of money, and how can you say no to no contract?

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George P
Campbell, California
To begin with it is totally wireless, even a Moron can install the system. They use 3m Command to mount the Sensors and etc. to the surface, they can be removed and taken to a different house or location. Everything operates from batteries and the sensors are long life 123, the base unit AA. When I have had an alarm (always false) the monitoring co calls immediately. Their Customer Service is always very responsive to any question. San Jose California will not send police out unless someone can verify that a burglary is in progress and see the person, then they will not go into the back yard. SimpliSafe has a company that will come out if you pay extra for that service but I was told... Read More

John C
Have had the system for 1.5 years. I have found it to work well and purchased another system for a vacation home. Had an incident where potential thieves broke into a storage shed, and the system monitoring company contacted me immediately, the sheriff was contacted, and stopped the would be thieves before they could steal a $4000 ATV. Even though the thieves were stopped the first time, they came back 3 hours later, knocked the power meter off the pole, but I was again contacted due to the built in battery backup of the system. For what is provided in your choice of protection, the price, and ease of use can't be beat! My only issue is the extremely long hold times to get... Read More

Luke B
Stanford, Kentucky
Had three years and have had no issues. Someone keeps calling to say they will update my equipment and no charge. They have all my information and said they are calling from the manufacture. I called SimpliSafe and they are not aware of the offer.

Joe M
Tiffin, Ohio
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. This is a TERRIBLE system and customer service is worthless. The sensors only work within 15 feet of the control panel and, according to customer service, the control panel cannot be located in your kitchen because there is too much metal and electronics in that area. The entry keypad cannot be mounted anywhere near wiring like the light switches near your doors. Simpli a total failure for a home security system.

Joel G
Benton, Tennessee
I was OK with the system UNTIL...I questioned them about the emergency numbers they would call in the event of an alarm...(which they had NEVER asked about in 3 weeks)...they didnt even have the correct area code.....thats the ONLY reason I returned the system.....

Don R
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Great system. Easy to install and test. Adding extra components is easy as wConvenience ell which allows a customized installation. A bit pricey but the conveinience in ease of set up makes it worth it. Extremely sensitive components with excellent wireless coverage.

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