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Key phone systems, hosted PBX, VoIP. We compare and review the Best Business Phone Systems services available today. 

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SIP Trunking Business Phones
We chose the best companies for SIP telephony by evaluating their consistency, cost, and quality of service.
VoIP vs Landline Phones: Everything You Need to Know
How does a Landline work? Landlines work via circuit switching. Whenever a call is placed, your telephone carrier routes it through a switch to the number you’re calling. A connection is made between both parties through several switches along the way....
PBX: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?
What Is a PBX? Private Branch Exchange (PBX), is a telephony system that manages communication within a company. Since companies typically have a limited number of private external lines, a PBX automatically switches calls between all employees to ensure equal sharing...
SIP Trunking - What You Need to Know
What is SIP Trunking? Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a process by which business phone systems can be used through an internet connection, rather than through a phone-based land line. This functionality is sourced through a private branch exchange (PBX),...
6 Important Business Phone Features You Should Know About
Business phone systems are multi-line telephone services that allow employees to communicate both internally and externally. Typically, these systems are meant for businesses of varying sizes that experience a large volume of calls, and thus may require integration between multiple devices...