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Mouse Poop & Rat Poop - How do I handle those droppings in my home?
Droppings. We all leave them. If the children’s book, Everyone Poops, is taken at its word, then that’s a whole lot of droppings to account for. That’s only including humans, so what if the whole animal kingdom is brought into the...
Terminix Buyers Guide: Pest Control Treatment & Prevention
There are many options these days when you are faced with a pest problem. Ants, roaches, wildlife, termites, bedbugs, etc. all require different approaches to treatment and prevention. Once the problem is initially dealt with, treatment usually must continue on a...
5 Things You Must Know About Termite Infestation
1) What are TERMITES and what do they do? Termites have been wriggling their way through the damp, dark nooks and crannies of our Earth for over a hundred million years. From the Amazon underbrush to the African savannah, these incredible...