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From company profile and structures covered to discounts and customer support, we research everything you need to compare renters insurance and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of renters insurance below.
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How we Compare Renters Insurance

Company Profile - 10%
Structures Covered - 15%
Plan Details - 20%
Coverage - 25%
Discounts - 15%
Customer Support - 15%

Company Profile

This gives a quick overview of the company’s experience and history.

  • BBB Ratings
  • Age of Company

States Served – Refers to the states and areas covered by the service.

AM Best Company – Rate given by the global credit rating agency to each individual business.

Renters Insurance with the Best Company Profile:

Structures Covered

Renter’s Insurance companies must offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of what type of rental structures it covers.

a. Apartment
b. Condominium
c. Townhouse
d. Single-family Homes

Renters Insurance with the Best Structures Covered:

AllstateFarmersPemcoGeicoTravelersLiberty MutualAmerican FamilyState FarmSelect My PolicyEntrataRural Mutual
Single-family Home

Plan Details

Providing customers automated services and a prompt response to policy delivery are some of the best features that you should look out for. Prompt policy delivery times ensures that you are able to move in to a home at the soonest possible time.

Policy Delivery Time – Response time to customer’s policy request

Automatic Monthly Withdrawal – Service offered to customers for automated withdrawal process

Claims automatic deposit - - service provided by the company for automated claims deposit

Paper Policy Statement – Printed version of the Insurance’s policy

Mobile Access – A company feature that helps customers track their insurance status through the use of their smart phones

Sample Policy – Legal document outlining the company’s insurance policy terms that can be viewed by the public


Renters Insurance with the Best Plan Details:

AllstateFarmersPemcoGeicoTravelersLiberty MutualAmerican FamilyState FarmSelect My PolicyEntrataRural Mutual
Policy Delivery time24 Hours72 Hours24 Hours24-48 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours
Automatic Monthly Withdrawal
Claims automatic deposit
Paper Policy Statement
Mobile access


Renters insurance may vary depending on the company’s coverage and protection plan. Renters should focus on companies with the most coverage for the money.

Here are the 3 basic categories to look for in standard coverage and protection

  1. Personal Liability – Responsible if someone gets hurt or in your property. Such as personal injury, accidents at home, and injury caused by pets.
  2. Personal Property- ​​​​​​​​​​​Covers all the things in your home, including furniture, appliances, firearms, jewelries, silverwares, gold wares, and computers.
  3. Property Damages – Covers damages that are caused by Fire, Windstorm, Freezing, as well as theft, vandalism and impact by a vehicle.


Renters Insurance with the Best Coverage:

AllstateFarmersPemcoGeicoTravelersLiberty MutualAmerican FamilyState FarmSelect My PolicyEntrataRural Mutual
Personal Injury
Property Damage
Fire or Lightning
Windstorm or Hail
Accidents in your home
Injury caused by pets
Impact by a Vehicle
Freezing or plumbing system
Business Personal Property
Silverware & Goldware


Discounts are a great way of saving on your premiums.  Compare discount options provided by each company to get a more accurate view on how much the actual cost of renter’s insurance will cost you.

  • Claim-free History – Policyholders who didn’t use their insurance within a specific period are eligible to get a claim free discount when re-contracting.
  • Multi-policy – Availing with more than 1 policy with the same company will give you additional discounts.
  • Fire, Sprinklers, Burglar – Common alarm systems and safety features installed in the premises.


Renters Insurance with the Best Discounts:

AllstateFarmersPemcoGeicoTravelersLiberty MutualAmerican FamilyState FarmSelect My PolicyEntrataRural Mutual
Claim-free History
Multi-Policy Discount
Fire alarm discount
Sprinklers Discount
Burglar Alarm Discount
Other Discounts55 and Retired Discount, Easy Pay Plan, Safe Home DiscountBundle, Business or Professional Group, and Non-smokers DiscountsHome Plus Auto, Educator, New Home, and Northwest Affinity - University of Washington Alumni DiscountHome Security SystemsExclusive Group SavingsHome and Umbrella Discount, Home and Auto Discount, Home Security and Fire Protection Discount, Age of Customer DiscountHome Alert Protection DiscountNew Home and Protective Devices Discounts

Customer Support

Coverage Calculator – An online feature that helps customers know the cost of their personal properties that needs to be insured.

Online Quotes – Get a quick look into how much renter’s insurance is going to cost you

Online Claims – make instant claims online for faster response times

24-hour Telephone Claim – Refers to the company’s availability for offline claiming

Email – Electronic mail service provided by the company to respond to customer’s inquiries.

Live Chat – Web based service that allows customers to communicate with an agent in real time.

FAQs – List of information for usual customer concerns


Renters Insurance with the Best Customer Support:

Full Renters Insurance Comparison

Company ProfileStructures CoveredPlan DetailsCoverageDiscountsCustomer Support
Allstate Renters Insurance10.
Farmers Renters Insurance10.
Pemco Renters Insurance9.
Geico Renters Insurance8.
Travelers Renters Insurance8.
Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance9.
American Family Renters Insurance8.
State Farm Renters Insurance8.
Select My Policy Renters Insurance6.
Entrata Renters Insurance7.
Rural Mutual Renters Insurance5.
Select 2 renters insurance companies to compare

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