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10 Best Satellite TV of 2018

Hundreds of channels and thousands of movies at your fingertips. We give you the list of the Best Satellite TV providers.

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Satellite TV service is beamed to a satellite dish installed on your property, which then sends the content to your television set. Providers offer different standard channel packages—according to their arrangements with individual broadcast networks—as well as on-demand programming, and pay-per-view exclusives.

Satellite TV can be a great option for people living in rural areas, or with specific entertainment needs. Sports fans may choose a provider based on the availability of that type of programming, but a family may pick according to their budget. No matter what your situation is, however, there are certain factors you should take into account.

Reliability is crucial for a satellite tv provider. Weather and refurbished or faulty equipment can interfere in the satellite signal, so it’s best to research this beforehand. Cost is another important element to consider. Most companies offer pricing tiers dependent on the amount of channels and special features, and some also offer service bundles if you purchase internet and/or phone service along with TV.

Lastly, make sure to read the fine print in the contract. Some providers don’t require a contract, but then pricing can be subject to change. If the company you choose does work on a contract basis, generally, rates are locked in for two years, but there may be an increase after six or twelve months. Before making your final decision, be sure to verify if there are any equipment costs and/or installation fees, as well as an early-cancellation penalty. As always, do the research, and compare company offerings.

Top 10 Companies

Our Partner
10 / 10

  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Over 50 free premium channels for 3 months
  • Free installation
  • Includes HD, local and regional sports channel
  • 290+ channels
Our Partner
9.6 / 10
  • Live Streaming from over 100 channels
  • Price starts at $50/month
  • Live Chat assistance
  • 24 month TV agreement
  • 2-Year Price Guarantee
9.4 / 10
  • Doesn't offer Satellite, Comcast is a Popular Cable Alternative
  • Digital starter for as low as $46.99 per month for 12 months
  • Latest episodes of top 100 shows pre-loaded and ready to watch
  • Advanced search and personalized recommendations
  • 24/7 sports coverage on all major networks
  • Instant access to thousands of hit movies and kids’ programming
  • Professional installation available even at nights and weekends
  • Brings internet and TV together
9.3 / 10
  • A+ BBB Accredited
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Access over 234 channels in HD
  • Record up to four shows at once with Total Home DVR
  • Stream shows wherever you go
  • Uses advanced fiber-optic network
  • Prices start at $50/mo.
9.3 / 10
  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Record and Watch up to 8 HD Channel
  • Store up to 2000 shows
  • HD Free for Life
  • Free Installation and Hopper
  • Free HBO, Encore, Showtime and Dish Movie Pack for 3 months
9.1 / 10
  • 2 months free trial
  • More than 300,000 movies and TV Episodes
  • Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Easy access to 4K TV episodes and Movies
  • 3,000 channels  
9.0 / 10
  • More than 80,000 movies and shows
  • Live chat assistance
  • Parental Controls
  • Xfinity DVR Manager
  • Online account Management
8.7 / 10
  • No Bandwidth Limits
  • With almost 3,500 Channels
  • Starts at $4.95 for 7 Days unlimited Access
  • 1 Minute Registration
  • 24/7 Unlimited Access
Our Partner
8.5 / 10
  • Starts at $29.99 per month
  • Enjoy over 200 channels with free HD and DVR service
  • Combine TV, internet, and phone for a good deal
  • Access to Spectrum TV app
  • Free primetime on demand
  • No contracts required
  • Over 10,000 on demand choices
  • Ultra realistic 3D TV
  • Watch over 170 live TV channels everywhere
  • Get access to over 10,000 movies and original shows with premium channels
Our Partner
8.3 / 10
  • Enjoy over 200 channels
  • Plan starts at $19.99 per month
  • Access up to 18,000 free on demand choices of movies and shows per month
  • Enjoy a list of HD channels
  • Watch up to 300 live channels and up to 16,000 On Demand titles
  • Free movies anywhere you have internet connection
  • Watch using different devices
  • Manage services with My TWC app
  • No contracts required
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How We Compare Satellite TV

Satellite TV Features


One factor to consider when shopping for satellite TV providers is to look at the features included in its services. These features help contribute to a consumer’s overall experience. Features such as parental control for example give you better control over your children’s watching habits.

  • Watch Anywhere
  • Parental Control
  • Live recording
  • Storage Space



There are different kinds of receivers offered by satellite TV providers. Make sure to check their specifications, features and capability.  

  • HD Receivers
  • Standard Receivers
  • DVR Receivers

Available Channels


When it comes to channels, more is better. Look for satellite TV providers who provide a good number of channels and quality. How often have you found yourself surfing the remote control searching for a good program or movie. Check the company’s channel and movie offerings and compare availability accordingly.

  • Standard Channel
  • Movies
  • Videos on Demand
  • Premium Networks
  • Business Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Sports Channels 

Plans and Pricing


There are certain factors that affect the price of satellite TV one of which is the TV and movie channels. However, the trick is to find a plan that meets your budget without sacrificing your favorite shows. Satellite TV providers allow subscribers to add channels as desired. Get the best deal by comparing similarly priced plans and its channel line-up.

  • Free Trial
  • Number of Channels
  • Cancellation agreement
  • Price Guarantee
  • Monthly subscription
  • Length of contract

Help and Support


Unlike cable-based TV services, satellite TV connections are more likely to suffer from technical difficulties. And this is where the value of support services come in. Self-help tools and FAQs can be a big help but having someone on the other line ready to address your concerns is a must.  

  • Telephone Support
  • Live Chat
  • FAQs
  • Email

Best Overall
Our Partner
10 / 10

  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Over 50 free premium channels for 3 months
  • Free installation
  • Includes HD, local and regional sports channel
  • 290+ channels