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Plan Value
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Contractor Network
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American Home Shield (AHS)® is the largest home warranty provider in the United States. With over 1.5 million customers and 1000+ employees, AHS has been providing home warranty services since 1971. The company specializes in providing coverage for the repair or replacement of all the standard household systems and appliances. AHS also offers a "build your own plan" option that allows homeowners to cherry pick the items they want to cover instead of going with the typical, predetermined list.

Although the company ranks highly when it comes to plan value and customer experience, AHS really shines because of the breadth and quality of its contractor network, the size and stability of their company, and their contract, which is one of the least restrictive we've found.

Plan Value 

Premium and Deductible

In addition to the aforementioned Build Your Own Plan, American Home Shield offers three other plans: Appliance, Systems, and Combo. The Premiums for these plans range from $249-$600 annually. The deductible, or trade service call fee (the amount you pay to the contractor that comes to fix whatever is broken at your house) is flexible. AHS allows you to choose between $75, $100 and $125. The call fee price you choose will influence your yearly premium.

Items Covered

American Home Shield list of covered items is extensive. In terms of the amount of items covered, they are in the top three of the companies we evaluated.

Appliance Plan

Systems Plan


Air Conditioning Including Ductwork

Clothes Washers

Heating Including Ductwork

Clothes Dryers





Water Heaters 

Built-In Microwave

Garbage Disposal

Trash Compactors

Instant Water Dispensers

Garage Door Openers

Door Bells

Free Standing Ice Makers

Smoke Detectors

Built-In Food Centers

Ceiling Fans


Central Vacuums


Combo Plan

Includes everything from both columns above.

Build Your Own Plan

AHS's Build Your Own Plan allows you 10 choices from a list of covered items. This flexible program gives you the option of only paying for coverage you need.

Optional Coverage

In-ground Spa
Well Pump
Water Softner
Septic System


American Home Shield offers no payout limit for the repair or replacement of many of the items in their contract. However, some items are subject to caps, but these are quite reasonable and there is no yearly max. Appliances are individually capped across the board at $3,000, which is a high limit. Specific types of heating/cooling systems also have payout limits, as do obstructed systems/plumbing that are difficult to access, but this kind of thing is standard across the industry

Customer Experience

In terms of customer satisfaction, American Home Shield consistently ranks highly across all of the online review entities we looked at.* The company is BBB accredited with a grade of B. AHS does have a large number of complaints filed with BBB, but this must be looked at relatively as the company is the far and away the nation's largest home warranty provider, accounting for 70% of the market share. 

*Universal Home Warranty Caveat- The entire home warranty industry has a disproportional amount of negative reviews. No company we've looked at escapes this. In terms of customer reviews we are grading home warranty companies on a curve in relation to each other. For a more detailed look into the public perception of the home warranty industry click here


You can access American Home Shield's customer contract here

AHS's contract is fairly easy to understand, but the specific coverage limits are not always exactly spelled out. According to the company, if a item cap is not mentioned, you can assume it is unlimited. AHS's waiting period is only 15 days from the purchase of the policy. This industry standard among most other home warranty companies is twice that. In addition, when coverage begins it is full coverage. There is no initial period where coverage limits are less. 

Finally, AHS's cancellation policy is long and difficult to understand with a lot of stipulations.


By restrictions we are talking about the reasons a home warranty company will not cover a specific system or appliance. This is usually listed in the contract fine print as parts of a given appliance or system not covered, or reasons/circumstances a given appliance or system is not covered.

American Home Shield's contract was one of the least restrictive we encountered. They therefore score the highest in this area. Though there are a lot of stipulations for Heating, AC and plumbing, this is typical for all home warranty contracts.  Most other items have very few or no restrictions. What's more the restrictions are easy to understand and to the point. 

Contractor Network

At 11,000+ contractors with 40,000 technicians, AHS maintains one of the largest networks in the US. The company monitors customer service feedback and conducts extensive evaluation and review procedures to maintain quality of service. AHS also incentivizes it's contractor network by offering annual awards for the best customer service in areas such as best appliance service, best electric service, best garage door service, etc.   

Customer Base

American Home Shield operates in all 50 states and serves 1.5 million customers. They are the largest and most extensive home warranty provider in the country and have been in operation for 45 years. 

American Home Shield – Final Thoughts

Founded in 1971, American Home Shield is one of the oldest and largest home warranty companies in the country. It provides coverage for over a million Americans. It offers a myriad plan options that are designed to cater to your home and budget. American Home Shield provides high or no coverage limits, giving you the security that even the most costly repairs or replacement will be covered. Overall, American Home Shield is one of the best if not the best home warranty company in the country today.


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Colin S
De Pere, Wisconsin
When I contracted for this I was not sure of what I would really be getting. Well...myfears were for naught. AMS was exceptional in their service. The repairs were made quickly and to my complete satisfaction. I endorse them whole heartedly.

Barbara D
Hurricane, Utah
We started with AHS when we bought this house in June 2004. Only once have I had an issue - they kept sending someone from Sears to repair a dishwasher from Sears. Finally, I told them to send somebody else. They did and HE got it fixed. For our plumbing problems (including appliances), they use a particular company and I love them. In fact, the same guy usually comes out. We are not DIY people so I rely on AHS. Yes, the prices and deductibles have gone up, but tell me something that hasn't gone up.

William P
West Salem, Wisconsin
For the most part it is easy to get service. The have replaced most of the appliances in my kitchen over the last year. I detract a little because it is extremely hard to get a hold of them. 30 minutes on hold to talk to someone is not unheard of. I have saved a bunch of money each year.

Fort Lee, New Jersey
I have had AHS for many years and they are getting worse every year, their prices have gone up and they lowered their coverage. This winter I my heat was not working so they sent Liberty Plumbing to fix it in November and now in the coldest time ever in March in Northern NJ, the heater is out and the Liberty Plumbing wants to take the easy out and replace the unit rather then repair it. The problem is they want me to pay $5000 over what the AHS covers which is less than $1500 if that. In the meantime we are freezing and AHS cannot get the diagnosis from Liberty Plumbing. I have been calling (since the beginning of March and now is the 29th)AHS and they keep calling Liberty Plumbing and... Read More

We have had American Home Shield for almost 20 years. We have always had great customer service and have always been happy with them. I recommend them to everyone.

Richard H
AHS stands behind there products and services.

Bakersfield, California
Called American Home Shield to get a repair technician for my refrigerator Sunday night. They said I should get a call from the technician they contracted with. Never called so I called Monday to AHS and they called the repair company, the earliest they can come would be Wednesday. I can see if this was a washer/dryer I can wait but a "Refrigerator". Everything in the freezer part is thawing out and spoiling. AHS said that they do not cover for lost of food. Great, we just purchased a lot of meat on that day. I asked if AHS contracted with another company, unfortunately they don't. I had another home protection plan but switched because I thought AHS would be better. Wrong move, very... Read More

Jill M
Tulsa, Oklahoma
AHS is the hardest company to through to. They don't have enough Customer Service Reps to answer calls, causing customer's who have paid hundreds of dollars to hold for up to 30 minutes. Yes, they have online service for warranty calls, but not all calls are simple requests. AHS needs more people to serve their customers better.

Joanne L
American Home Shield have excellant professional companies working for them. One phone call and AMS puts you in touch with the help you need. It is also a great selling feature when listing a properties

Lori W
Asheville, North Carolina
We had several appliance issues when we purchased our home. AHS was very timely in getting the contractor out to diagnose the problems, however we had several issues with some of the chosen contractors. It took an inordinate amount of time for the parts to arrive, the diagnosis was incorrect, and we went without a functioning refrigerator for 7 weeks. We finally had a new contractor who correctly diagnosed the problem but the poor communication was frustrating. All in all, AHS was timely and I am glad we have a policy if we should ever need them again

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