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Rating: 9.8 / 10 (Excellent)
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How is Healthy Paws rated?
Benefit Limits
Reimbursement Models
Claims and Service

Why They're Our #1 Choice: #1 for the LA Times, Seattle Times & in Online Reviews

Healthy Paws is our top choice because they offer the best coverage when your pet is sick or injured, this includes chronic conditions. We read in-depth articles from the LA Times comparing Pet Insurance providers,  and also considered online reviews from the top review websites in the pet insurance industry. Healthy Paws includes special lifetime discounts with your free quote!

With an industry-leading unlimited lifetime benefits and annual deductible (rather than a per condition deductible), you get the highest reimbursement. Prices are affordable, considering premiums, customer service, and quality of coverage.

What's Included with Healthy Paws:

  • - Unlimited lifetime benefits + annual deductible
  • - Free mobile app & no claims forms
  • - Customize your reimbursement and deductible levels to fit your budget
  • - Covers all accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions
  • - Covered services include advanced testing, surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Alternative and emergency care too.
  • - No restrictions or caps on claim amount
  • - Best in class customer service as rated by PetParents

Plan Details

 Type of contract


 Enrollment age

 8 weeks up to 14 years

 Effective date

 Refer to Declaration Page

 Waiting period

 15 days after Effective Date

 Out of state coverage

 YES. Your pet can see any licensed vet. 

 Out of country coverage


 Claims and policy price

 NO increase in premiums due to claims made

 Age limit

 Lifetime coverage when you enroll your pet between the ages of 8 weeks to 13 years old.

 Annual deductible

 $100, $250, $500

 Claim limit


What does it cover?

Pets covered – Cats and Dogs

Baseline coverage -  If your pet is sick or injured, and it’s not a pre-existing condition, you're covered! 

a. Illness

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications

b. Accident and Injury

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications

c. Pre-existing conditions - NOT covered

d. Congenital conditions - Covered for life as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy (pre-existing).

e. Chronic conditions - Covered for life

f. Cancer - Covered for life 

g. Wellness coverageNOT covered

  • Vaccinations
  • Routing checkups
  • Dental care

Dental treatment is covered if caused by an accident

h. PregnancyNOT covered

i. Special coverage

  • Hip dysplasia - as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy (Pets enrolled after the age of 6 may not be eligible for coverage of this condition).

Above: Healthy Paws mobile app that's designed for "on the go" claims submissions.  

The Fine Print:

  • Waiting periods - 15 days after you sign up, exception being a 12-month waiting period to cover hip dysplasia.
  • It does not cover routine care and will not pay for vet exams or pre-existing conditions.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is one the most financially secure pet insurance companies. They are majority owned by Aon Corporation (world's largest insurance broker) and their insurance underwriter is ACE Group, an A+ Rated Company with over $25 billion in surplus to pay claims.

Final Sniff

Healthy Paws is simply the best because you can get your pet the best medical care without worrying about the cost. They pay based on your actual veterinary bill and have no per-incident and lifetime limits for claims. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers a very affordable, comprehensive pet health plan backed by industry leading customer satisfaction ratings!

But don’t just take our word for it. Healthy Paws is rated as the “Best Pet Insurance” company by the LA Times, Seattle Times, and countless pet insurance review sites and pet experts in the country today.  

Celebrity Endorsement

William Shatner, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, is a proud supporter of Healthy Paws.

         Source: Tweet from @WilliamShatner on Twitter    

The Bottom Line:

Healthy Paws is the best choice overall. Get a quote now to protect your dog or cat from the unexpected! 

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Cindy Gilmore
Ottawa, Ontario
I have had this insurance for several years on three pets My golden retriever has had a root canal and just recently a mass removed from his eye lid that was found to be cancerous They covered what they promise, pay quick and are excellent to deal with

Sharon Flynn
Los Angeles, California
I highly recommend Healthy Paws. I heard a lot of bad things about pet insurance (not specifically about Healthy Paws, but just about pet insurance in general), but Healthy Paws exceeded my expectations. We signed my puppy up after he ate something that sent us to the ER and left us with a hefty bill. When my puppy got a little older and started having a lot of stomach problems, we had to pay for a slew of tests to figure out what was going on. The bills were quite expensive and I was worried Healthy Paws would give me a hard time, but it could not have been easier. I submitted our claims online and was reimbursed what I was owed very quickly, without any problems whatsoever. It made a... Read More

Adriana White
Mission Viejo, California
I chose Healthy Paws after hearing many good things about this company, and hands down it has been the best decision I have made for my dog and for my peace of mind. I cannot say enough about Healthy Paws. They have been always so easy to deal with; they process my claims super fast, and they have that human touch I appreciate so much. My dog got very sick and they emailed to check on him, who does that? My dog is part of my family, and having the assurance that if anything happens to him Healthy Paws will be there to make things much easier, it is just priceless. Thank you so much.

Beth Jones
I always maintain that my best decision in life was getting my loving bullmastiff, Semi (pronounced Simmee). When you adopt a bullmastiff, it goes with the territory that major issues like torn CCLs, back problems, and hip dysplasia are all, most likely, in your future. But I still did not make the decision to get insurance, thinking the monthly fee would not be worth it. Fast forward a year and half of ownership and one $500 vet bill later, I decided pet insurance was the way to go. The second best decision in life was choosing Healthy Paws as my pet insurance, because sure enough, a month after my waiting period ended, Semi jumped off the bed and tore her CCL. Due to a... Read More

Columbus, Ohio
I signed up for Healthy Paws pet insurance last summer when I adopted a puppy from my local Humane Society. I've had many dogs in my lifetime, but had never purchased pet insurance. I guess I always figured that the investment wouldn't ever really come back to me and that it might be a huge hassle needing to deal with claims, and the like. However, the last dog I had ended up costing me thousands after some unfortunate run-ins with wildlife, and his injuries continued to plague him (and us financially) until he passed several years and tens of thousands of dollars later. So, when we got our newest addition, we knew that we wanted to try out an insurance program. Of course, within the... Read More

Evan Jackson
Healthy Paws works just like it should. There's no surprises or back and forth on getting expense covered and paid quickly. They cover exactly what they say the will. I am so pleased with Healthy Paws. They truly allow an owner to focus solely on getting the best care for his/her pet.

Jorge Daniel Acosta
Healty Paws processed our claim very fast, the mobile app helped us reducing the paperwork. We focused only on helping Miah on her recovery.

Deborah Wassel
Brooklyn, New York
Most people probably consider pet insurance to be a luxury item. But honestly, HealthyPaws has been an absolute lifesaver, and we will never be without insurance again! Insurance for both our dogs paid for itself in the first year. And honestly, the monthly premium is so worth having the peace of mind to know that if either of our fur babies get seriously sick or hurt, we don't need to choose between paying our mortgage and paying for their medical care. We've had HealthyPaws insurance for a few years now. After our lhasa got attacked by another dog, resulting in a $600 vet bill, and then had to have eye surgery, costing well over $1k, we figured that insurance was the way to go. And... Read More

Woburn, Massachusetts
Healthy Paws has been fantastic. Everything that is not preventative is covered. We recently had to take our lab for a root canal to save his tooth. The whole procedure was covered.

Elric Bills
Seattle, Washington
It's impossible for me to explain how much I recommend anyone with a dog or cat to have a Healthy Paws insurance plan on their pet. I was told by friends when I first signed up that it was a scam and I might as well save the money. My premium was about $30/month and they said I'd be better off just saving the money. A year into owning our rescue dog, Cody, he became lethargic and didn't want to eat. He started struggling to breath. As diagnosis after diagnosis was ruled out, the bills started rolling in. Healthy Paws never missed a beat, sending us the checks for their portion within days after receiving each claim. We are still trying to figure out what is wrong with Cody, but have... Read More

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