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Rating: 9.8 / 10 (Excellent)
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How is Healthy Paws rated?
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Reimbursement Models
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Why They're Our #1 Choice: #1 for the LA Times, Seattle Times & in Online Reviews

Healthy Paws is our top choice because they offer the best coverage when your pet is sick or injured, this includes chronic conditions. We read in-depth articles from the LA Times comparing Pet Insurance providers,  and also considered online reviews from the top review websites in the pet insurance industry. Healthy Paws includes special lifetime discounts with your free quote!

With an industry-leading unlimited lifetime benefits and annual deductible (rather than a per condition deductible), you get the highest reimbursement. Prices are affordable, considering premiums, customer service, and quality of coverage.

What's Included with Healthy Paws:

  • - Unlimited lifetime benefits + annual deductible
  • - Free mobile app & no claims forms
  • - Customize your reimbursement and deductible levels to fit your budget
  • - Covers all accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions
  • - Covered services include advanced testing, surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Alternative and emergency care too.
  • - No restrictions or caps on claim amount
  • - Best in class customer service as rated by PetParents

Plan Details

 Type of contract


 Enrollment age

 8 weeks up to 14 years

 Effective date

 Refer to Declaration Page

 Waiting period

 15 days after Effective Date

 Out of state coverage

 YES. Your pet can see any licensed vet. 

 Out of country coverage


 Claims and policy price

 NO increase in premiums due to claims made

 Age limit

 Lifetime coverage when you enroll your pet between the ages of 8 weeks to 13 years old.

 Annual deductible

 $100, $250, $500

 Claim limit


What does it cover?

Pets covered – Cats and Dogs

Baseline coverage -  If your pet is sick or injured, and it’s not a pre-existing condition, you're covered! 

a. Illness

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications

b. Accident and Injury

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications

c. Pre-existing conditions - NOT covered

d. Congenital conditions - Covered for life as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy (pre-existing).

e. Chronic conditions - Covered for life

f. Cancer - Covered for life 

g. Wellness coverageNOT covered

  • Vaccinations
  • Routing checkups
  • Dental care

Dental treatment is covered if caused by an accident

h. PregnancyNOT covered

i. Special coverage

  • Hip dysplasia - as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy (Pets enrolled after the age of 6 may not be eligible for coverage of this condition).

Above: Healthy Paws mobile app that's designed for "on the go" claims submissions.  

The Fine Print:

  • Waiting periods - 15 days after you sign up, exception being a 12-month waiting period to cover hip dysplasia.
  • It does not cover routine care and will not pay for vet exams or pre-existing conditions.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is one the most financially secure pet insurance companies. They are majority owned by Aon Corporation (world's largest insurance broker) and their insurance underwriter is ACE Group, an A+ Rated Company with over $25 billion in surplus to pay claims.

Final Sniff

Healthy Paws is simply the best because you can get your pet the best medical care without worrying about the cost. They pay based on your actual veterinary bill and have no per-incident and lifetime limits for claims. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers a very affordable, comprehensive pet health plan backed by industry leading customer satisfaction ratings!

But don’t just take our word for it. Healthy Paws is rated as the “Best Pet Insurance” company by the LA Times, Seattle Times, and countless pet insurance review sites and pet experts in the country today.  

Celebrity Endorsement

William Shatner, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, is a proud supporter of Healthy Paws.

         Source: Tweet from @WilliamShatner on Twitter    

The Bottom Line:

Healthy Paws is the best choice overall. Get a quote now to protect your dog or cat from the unexpected! 

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Sherry Burchard
Jamul, California
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is amazing!! My black lab Lucy has had problems with her knees since she was a puppy. She has had 3 surgeries to try and correct the problems. Healthy Paws has been a life saver for us. Their customer service is great. It's very easy to submit a claim and your claim is processed very quickly and professionally. I would recommend them to anyone looking for pet insurance.

[email protected]
In December our cat required surgery to remove one of his kidneys which had cancer. It was a stressful time as multiple tests were required prior and his situation was grave. We had enrolled our cat about a year prior in Healthy Paws but had not filed a claim yet. When I contacted Healthy Paws they were compassionate and incredibly helpful. It's too bad they don't insure humans. Their response time for reimbursement was amazing as well. We began receiving checks in around one week! Healthy Paws Pet Insurance helped ease the financial burden of this event and allowed us to focus on our cat and getting him healthy again. It's now one month since that horrible day when we realized he was sick... Read More

Anna Andreyenko
Berkeley, California
The best insurance. Great costumer service. They process claims so quick. We never had any issues. Our puppy spent 4 days in the hospital, after submitting claims, they check how was her recovery and how is she feeling now. They are great!!!!!

Jan Tousaw
Syracuse, New York
This company is anpleasurentomwork with. When our dog had to have emergency surgery, the bills were staggering. We wound up paying way less than the total bill because of Healthy Paws. We were reimbursed within two weeks and even got follow up emails to check on Macey's progress. They were quick to respond to questions and very helpful. I highly recommend this company for piece of mind regarding your pet's health.

Healthy paws truly cares for their clients. I was unsure what my options were when my not even two year old mastiff was diagnosed with medial patellar luxation--a congenital condition which needs an expensive surgery to correct. They were very easy to communicate with as well as answer any questions and what if scenarios. It's always a speedy process for claims with no issues.

Jeannie Lisak
Old Bridge, New Jersey
I am thoroughly pleased with Healthy Paws. My heart, Capt. Buck Henry needed ACL surgery. The vet submitted the paperwork on our behalf and within week of receiving the information - Healthy Paws sent us our reimbursement check. The plan for my 3 pups costs about $115. a month - we have a deductible of $250 per pup - and then the 80-20 split. Not only did Health Paws pay in a VERY TIMELY manner - they reached out to see how Buck was doing after the surgery. I have had insurance in the past - and they NEVER reached out after an occurrence. HEALTHY PAWS - YOU ROCK....,THANK YOU.

Englewood, Colorado
I'm am very grateful to have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. It was a hard enough to decide to put my dog through major leg surgery and it was a huge relief that money didn't have to be a factor in the decision. I researched many pet insurance companies when deciding which one was right for me and I partly decided on Healthy Paws because of the great reviews on customer service. And those reviews weren't wrong! I am so impressed with the ease of submitting a claim (their app is fantastic), the fast response time and a few days after the claim was completed I received a personal email just checking on my dog to make sure she was doing ok. I really do recommend them to all of my friends.

What an AMAZING experience with this company!!! After my last two dogs had major health issues without insurance coverage, decided that I would purchase health insurance for my next pup. I researched and decided to go with Healthy Paws as a result of the scores of great reviews that I read about them...just like the one that I'm now leaving! My two-year-old pup came down with a severe bloody gastritis which required three days in hospital, IV fluids, meds, followup visit, and on and on to the tune of over $2,000. Once I submitted my bills (easily, I might add, by taking picture of them with my IPhone and submitting them thru their app), I promptly received reimbursement checks. I had... Read More

Katonah, New York
Great experience from start to finish. Honest and open about the entire process. As advertised! No funny business.

Yunjin Woo
I had Healthy Paws for my old dog, but I couldn't benefit from it much because they don't cover vet exam fees. About the time I would pay all my deductible and start finally getting reimbursements, it would already be reset and go back to point zero. After paying high monthly premiums without feeling much helped from it, I requested cancellation of my policy. Then they sent me an email persuading me to stay, which also said I needed to click a link and follow up to complete my cancellation process. I was actualy indeed persuaded, so I just left it without following it up. About a month later, I found out that they not only cancelled my plan but also wouldn't let me keep my dog's original... Read More

Official Response

Customer Care of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
Yunjin - We make every effort to be transparent throughout our website, during the enrollment process and in the policy documents available to each client in their online Healthy Paws account regarding the limited exclusions of our policy. Those exclusions are pre-existing conditions, preventative/routine care and the office visit fee (veterinary exam fee). Anyone visiting our website can see this information on our “Benefits, Coverage and Exclusions” page. By making the office visit (vet exam or consultation) part of the pet parent's financial responsibility, it allows us to offer a complete accident and illness plan at an affordable monthly premium. In regards to your claims, they were covered by your policy according to the annual deductible and reimbursement level you chose at enrollment. As with any policy that includes an annual deductible, the deductible has to be met before any reimbursements are made. Since these claims included exam fees and you had a lower reimbursement percentage, that would impact the amount of reimbursement. In regards to the cancelation of your policy, we are legally obligated by insurance regulations to cancel a policy upon receiving written request to do so from a client - that is all we require to cancel a policy. The email we sent after receiving your cancelation email is our way to try and raise awareness of the importance/benefits of our policy. When there was no response from you to that email, we sent another email 2 days later which included your policy cancellation notice. We would have had no issue in restoring your policy if there had been any type of response to either of our emails. We’re sorry to lose you as a client and hope you and your pet stay well!
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