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From company profile and services offered to eco-friendly and plan details, we research everything you need to compare pest control and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of pest control below.
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How we Compare Pest Control

Company Profile - 10%
Services Offered - 20%
Pests - 15%
Customer Support - 15%
Eco-Friendly - 20%
Plan Details - 20%

Company Profile

This refers to the company’s history and experience. It gives a quick overview of the company’s reputation and longevity.

BBB ratings

Age of Company

States Served – Areas that are currently being served by the company.

a. Residential Pest Control

b. Commercial Pest Control

Pest Control with the Best Company Profile:

Services Offered

The company should be able to provide a variety of pest control services tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Programs should include eco-friendly and flexible pest control services that are able to effectively address customer concerns.

Emergency Services – The Company is able to respond to any type of emergency within 24 hours.

One-Time Treatment Available – single pest control treatment without the need of a contract.

Annual Pest Plan – Contract-based pest control program.

Preventive Services- routine inspection and pest prevention services are offered.

Pest Control with the Best Services Offered:

TerminixOrkineLocal ExterminatorsEco-WiseAmazonSpragueMasseyBell EnvironmentalSouthern
Emergency Services
One-Time Treatment Available
Annual Pest Plan
Preventive Services


This refers to the different kinds of pests that the company is able to handle.

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches & Beetles
  • Biting & Stinging Insects
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife

Pest Control with the Best Pests:

TerminixOrkineLocal ExterminatorsEco-WiseAmazonSpragueMasseyBell EnvironmentalSouthern
Cockroaches and Beetles
Biting and Stinging Insects
OthersBirds, FlySilverfish, Gnats, Millipedes, Weevils, Fruit flies, Earwigs, FleasScorpions, Stink bugs, Cetipedes, MillipedesFly, Birds Birds Bee Nest Removal,Fly Preventive Service, Mosquito Service, Flea & Tick

Customer Support

Support is one factor that a customer should look into when searching for pest control services. The company should provide an easy way for customers to reach them if problems occur. They should respond in a timely fashion especially during an emergency.

Response Time – Estimated response time once a call has been made by a customer.

Guaranteed return service – Warranty is provided by the company for pest control services.

FAQs – Information data base for usual customer concerns.

24-hour assistance – round the clock support is available especially for emergency treatments.

Online Account Management – The Company gives customers online access for making changes to their accounts.

Pest Control with the Best Customer Support:

TerminixOrkineLocal ExterminatorsEco-WiseAmazonSpragueMasseyBell EnvironmentalSouthern
Response Time24 Hours24-48 Hours24-168 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours
Guaranteed Returned Service
24 Hour Assistance
Online Account Management


Customers should look for a company that uses an eco-friendly approach in pest control. Safety of the home-owners and businesses should be their top priority. Treating pests using highly toxic chemicals could do more harm than good, and could be detrimental to the consumer’s health.

Flexible Pest Control Programs – A variety of pest control programs both traditional and green treatments are used.

Traditional Pest Control Companies – employs toxic chemicals in their pest control services.

Green Pest Control Companies –utilizes an Eco-friendly approach to pest control.

Pest Control with the Best Eco-Friendly:

TerminixOrkineLocal ExterminatorsEco-WiseAmazonSpragueMasseyBell EnvironmentalSouthern
Flexible Pest Control Programs
Traditional Pest Control Companies
Green Pest Control Companies

Plan Details

A constant concern for customers opting for any type of service is the cost of the program. They should check for charges such as installation or service fees. The company should tell you exactly the specific cost of treatment. Providing a guarantee does not only assure customers of the quality of service but is consistent with best industry practices.

Installation fees – Charges for Insulation, encapsulation, or any equipment required for pest control.

One-time service cost – Price for single treatments.

Contract required – Long term agreement between the customers and pest control provider.

Cancelation policy – Terms and conditions which regulate contract termination

Seasonal or Long Term Contracts- Deals with seasonal pest control or regular service throughout the year.

Privacy policy – Legal agreement that stipulates how personal information is used.

Warranty – Specific company guarantees with regards to the quality of pest control services rendered.

Instant Quote – Quick price estimate of treatment is available.


Pest Control with the Best Plan Details:

TerminixOrkineLocal ExterminatorsEco-WiseAmazonSpragueMasseyBell EnvironmentalSouthern
Installation Fees
One-time Service Cost
Contract Required
Cancellation PolicyNo cancellation fee within 30 days. Cancellation charges apply after 30 days.
Seasonal or Long Term Contracts
Warranty100% Money Back Guarantee24 Hour Service Guarantee, Reimbursement Guarantee, 60-day GuaranteeReturn Service GuaranteeGuaranteed Follow-Ups30 Day Money Back GuaranteeZero-Pest Zone System Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee
Instant Quote

Full Pest Control Comparison

Company ProfileServices OfferedPestsCustomer SupportEco-FriendlyPlan Details
Terminix Pest Control9.810.010.09.810.09.5
Orkin Pest Control9.
Ehrlich Pest Control9.
eLocal Exterminators Pest Control9.
Home Advisor Pest Control9.
Western Exterminator9.
Green Pest Solutions Pest Control9.
Eco-Wise Pest Control8.
Amazon Pest Control10.
Sprague Pest Control7.
Massey Pest Control7.
Bell Environmental Pest Control7.
Presto-X Pest Control7.
Bulwark Pest Control7.
Southern Pest Control7.
Terminate Pest Control8.
Select 2 pest control companies to compare

Latest Reviews

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Pest Control
Lynda T
Huntington, West Virginia
After a recent inspection, the technician informed me that there was evidence of a fungus growing in my crawl space. He recommended that I have the crawl space encapsulated and a dehumidifier installed. This was a considerable expense so I told him I had to think about it. After doing some research into this process, I called back to agree to the work which was completed within a few days the following week. Everyone was professional and courteous.

Culpeper, Virginia
Have been a satisfied customer for nearly ten years -- no bugs! Technicians are always prompt, very thorough during the process and always remind about temporary, potential danger to pets.

Linda U
Terminix has been very efficient. The service has been excellent and they correct the problem as fast as possible.

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Pest Control