When you're evaluating commercial pest control companies for your business, it's important to look at the services they offer and what pests they cover. Ideally, the company you choose should offer integrated pest management solutions, with environmental assessments, continuous monitoring, and engineering controls, as well as physical pesticide applications. They should also provide detailed documentation of all services offered. Ideally the company's strategy should also involve employee training focused on improved cleanliness, sanitation techniques, and prevention.

Top 4 Commercial Pest Control

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10 / 10

Terminix provides comprehensive, multi-tiered solutions for every pest that might possibly invade your business. They customize their treatments to your specific needs, understanding that every industry, business, and individual environment is unique. Their industry-specific protocols are guaranteed, enabling you to rest easy. Terminix's national coverage is excellent. The company has 300 branches across the country staffed by technical specialists who bring a broad range of experience. They also feature 24/7 support and online account management to make scheduling easy and updates immediate.

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9.6 / 10

Orkin has been an industry leader for over a hundred years and is trusted by more businesses in North America than any other pest management provider. They offer pest control services across a wide range of industries, and tailor their Precision Protection programs to fit every business' specific needs. After assessing the problem, their integrated pest management approach focuses on prevention, sanitation, and ongoing protection through continued monitoring. Orkin's three unique 60-day satisfaction guarantees are unparalleled. They also commit to responding swiftly and efficiently to address any concerns.

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8.8 / 10

Green Pest Solutions offers thorough on-site inspections, evaluations, and treatment programs for a variety of different business types. They specialize in providing eco-friendly pest extermination. Their skilled technicians are not only highly trained in the latest application methods and proper equipment use, but they can also authoritatively answer any questions about the materials being used inside and around your business. Green Pest Solutions also offers a money-back guarantee. Their priority is customer satisfaction, and it shows in their excellent reviews.

8.0 / 10

Sprague services businesses across a variety of industries in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. They are able to eliminate pests at every phase of their life cycle, and at every point of entry both inside and outside your business. They also offer risk assessments and consulting services, as well as training services for your staff. Finally, their secure client portal makes it easy to access your company's account information at any time, and their online logbook makes audit compliance a breeze. Sprague's consistent pricing guarantees there will be no hidden fees.

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