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Orkin was founded in 1901 by 14-year-old Otto Orkin, a Latvian immigrant who sold his personal rat poison concoction door to door in rural Pennsylvania. Twenty-five years later in 1926 he moved the company to Atlanta and called it Orkin Exterminating Company.

For the next 100 years Orkin has been specializing in eliminating pests, termites, insects, fleas, rodents, ants and and all other forms of uninvited guests from America's homes and businesses. Orkin provides custom precision protection and uses the latest tools and technology. In addition to its pest control services, the company also offers home integrated plans for protection, insulation and moisture control. Orkin also offers a 30-day money back guarantee for unsolved pest problems.

Company Profile

Otto Orkin's personal pest removal service has thrived for more than 100 years, and to this day operates in all US states but 4. As far as reputation goes in the pest control game, there's no better.

BBB Ratings


Age of Company

100 plus years

States Served


Residential Pest Control


Commercial Pest Control



Types of Services

Orkin Pest Control offers the option of one-time treatments, as well as annual pest plans  and preventive services for residential and commercial properties. They operate in 46 states give a 24-48 hour response time. Instant quotes are available on their website, depending on the service needed.

Emergency Services


One-Time Treatment Available


Annual Pest Plan


Preventive Services



Types of Pests

Orkin is able to handle all the usual suspects like ants, cockroaches & beetles, spiders, termites, biting/stinging insects, wildlife and rodents. Aside from these, the company can also annhilate silverfish, gnats, millipedes, weevils, fruit flies, earwigs and fleas.







Cockroaches and Beetles


Biting and Stinging Insect







Silverfish, Gnats, Millipedes, Weevils, Fruit flies, Earwigs, Fleas


Customer Support

Orkin ranks highly in this criterion because their customer service is second-to-none. The company offers guaranteed return service if the customer is unsatisfied. For commercial clients, Orkin guarantees a 2 hour response and site visit within 24 hours. They also feature 24-hour phone assistance. Customers can have a quick access with their online account management and FAQs.

Response Time

24-48 hours

Guaranteed Return Service




24 hour assistance


Online Account Management




Orkin practices Integrated Pest Management to achieve the least possible impact to humans and other animals. The company is GreenPro and QualityPro certified by the National Pest Management Association. They operate all their facilities and vehicles with an eye toward energy efficiency and use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Flexible Pest Control Programs


Traditional Pest Control Companies


Green Pest Control Companies



Plan Details

Orkin gets particularly high marks here because of their extensive guarantees, especially for commercial customers. Their warranty provides a 24-hour free return service for domestic clients, and a 60-day reimbursement period for commercial clients. The company will also provide 60-complimentary service to dissatisfied commercial clients. If the client is still unhappy, Orkin will pay for 60 days service from another pest control provider. Orkin will cover any fines due to pests provided the business account is current. Finally, if you run a restaurant and a customer sees a pest within 60 days of a service visit, Orkin will reimburse their meal and invite them to return at Orkin's expense.

Orkin is rated A+ by BBB. They also offer one-time service visits as well as annual plans. The company does not disclose their cancelation policy to the public. 

Installation Fees


One-Time service cost


Contract Required


Cancelation Policy


Seasonal or Long Term Contracts


Privacy Policy



24 hour Service guarantee, Reimbursement Guarantee, 60-day Guarantee

Instant Quote



Orkin Pest Control

Orkin is one of the oldest and most reliable pest control operations in the US. It's got great customer service, can handle all types of pests, and is eco-friendly. Orkin operates in 46 states and offers several attractive guarantees, including the promise to return within 24-hours if you are unsatisfied. The company also has a robust guarantee policy for commercial entities, they clearly want to take care of these as best they possibly can. Orkin is a safe and sure bet for any pest control needs, and that is why we rank them so highly.


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James k
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ok so first off we have tried for weeks to get someone from Terminix to come out to our house. Then after we get the appointments made they not only did not come out the first time but they also did not come out the second appointment that was made. Both times they called me had me wait outside at the time they said they would be there for them to not even show. So after a few hours of waiting both times I then called back for them to say once again they couldn't make it but come after a week. I then said forget it called Orkin and they came out the same day I called and have fixed my problem. Call Orkin they have not only fixed my problem the same day I called but also gave me a cell... Read More

jeanna h
Warner Robins, Georgia
been with them over 15 years and rates are double. they are taking almost 10% per year. Won't be long till this is unaffordable.

Dearborn Heights, Michigan
My experience was horrible they did nothing but put down 5 glue traps and the exterminator had a horrible attitude like he just didn't want to do it I will never contact them or recommend them to anyone

Maple Grove, Minnesota
Bad experience with Orkin. We are going on our third month using this service for our home. Customer service has been poor and disorganized in terms of attempting to schedule and reschedule our appointments that the Orkin home specialists don't bother to show up to. They keep you waiting for hours then the pest control specialists cancel - leaving a message that "they've had a long day, and it's a long drive, and they're tired", so they won't be coming. Additionally none of the mouse traps they set with a special "attractant" on them, caught even one mouse after a month. We re-set all traps on our own with peanut butter and caught 8 mice within 2 weeks. In my opinion don't bother... Read More

Tamara W
Lamoni, Iowa
I had a scheduled appointment with Okin today October 14th 2016. They needed a 3 hour window for arrival, so ok I can work with that. Then Okin did not show up and most importantly did not call me to express why they would not be able to. Customer service and care rate zero

Michael S
Washington, District of Columbia
Ever since Western and Orkin merged, our service went all the way down hill, the rodents are out of control, roach were never sighted inside the building before, now we have 4-5 units that are infested, and they seem not able to control the situation at all!! supper disappointed, and the supervisor was trying to argue with you instead of focusing on solving the issues at hand! if you can, find some other company!

Rockville, Maryland
Please do not use this company. They have the worst customer service ever. How do you treat the outside of the home and not the inside and if no one is at home when you call why would you come to my home to do a treatment. If you treated the outside my deck and the back of the house is outside and their are still spiders and spiderwebs everywhere so what did you treat. Management never returns your call but they want full pay for half of job. Please explain this to me or is this the way Orkin works.

Lavon H
Elizabeth, New Jersey
First, the salesman made a statement that they would go behind the walls with the product, Secondly, I called and spoke to several representatives and supervisors and was advised of several different scenarios regarding the convenience billing. I was advised that I did not have convenience billing when it was indicated on my contract agreement, I was advised they could not honor it because they had an issue with their system, one representative told me she would need to refer to her back office to investigate and she would get back to me, that was lie. I then spoke with the supervisor who assured me he would look into the matter and return my call but failed to do so. They have been... Read More

Annie s
San Francisco, California
Terrible service I haven't had a rat in my garage for a two and a half months they have not came out and picked it up. I've called 10 times and can't get the serviceman to come out. They missed Five appointment. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with and at this point I'm tired of calling them, I'm getting nowhere with these people.

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