Houston, Texas, is the biggest city in the southern United States. The concentrated, urban environment, when combined with Houston’s humid, sub-tropical climate, is ideal for pests that are prevalent nation-wide like termites, cockroaches, ants, fleas, and ticks. In recent years, bedbugs have also become a growing epidemic in apartment complexes, dormitories, hotels, and homes.

There are also some pests that, while fairly common in Houston, are less so in other parts of the country. These include Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders, Timber Rattlesnakes, Scorpions, Western Cottonmouths, American Alligators, Pocket Gophers, Cotton Rats, and Eastern Fox Squirrels.

When you’re evaluating residential or commercial pest control companies in Houston, it’s important to look at the services they offer, and make sure that they cover not only common pests, but also Texas-specific wildlife. Ideally, the company you ultimately choose should offer integrated pest management solutions, with continuous monitoring tailored to Houston’s unique climate, and detailed documentation of all services offered and completed.

Also be sure to verify that the company has a business license by the Texas Structural Pest Control Service with the Texas Department of Agriculture, and that they have certified commercial applicator licenses for each license category in which their business is conducted. Other agencies that also offer licensing or certifications in Texas include the National Pest Management Association, Texas Pest Management Association, Environmental Protection Agency, American Mosquito Control Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

Top 4 Houston Pest Control

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10 / 10

Terminix provides comprehensive, multi-tiered solutions for every pest that might possibly invade your business or home. They understand that the Texas heat and coastal humidity in Houston make buildings particularly susceptible to termites and mosquitoes. Terminix customizes their treatments to your specific needs, and even offers attic insulation services to increase your protection and energy efficiency. Terminix's pest control plans guarantee effective protection against dozens of common household pests, as well as rodents, bedbugs, and Houston-specific wildlife. Their 24/7 support and online account management make scheduling easy and updates immediate.

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9.6 / 10

Orkin has been an industry leader for over a hundred years and is trusted by more businesses in North America than any other pest management provider. However, their home services are also exceptional. They not only offer fumigation and control services across a wide range of pests, but also install insulation, carry out and wildlife exclusion and removal, and set repellents. Orkin’s plans can be tailored for both commercial and residential purposes, specifically including services such as floor and drain cleaning, odor-control, and gutter protection. Due to climate changes, and hot, humid summers, Houston’s pest problems can change quickly. In Orkin’s hands, you can rest easy, knowing that their technicians are submitted to rigorous training and continuous education on the latest industry technology and treatments available.

8.5 / 10

Critter Control offers thorough home and business fumigation services based on the principles of integrated pest management, while using ecologically responsible products and methods. Besides pest control, some of their service plans include air purification, attic restoration and insulation repair, habitat modification and exclusion techniques, and wildlife services for Houston-specific pests. The professionals at Eco-Wise make eco-friendly solutions their top priority, ensuring your safety, and the environment’s, from harsh chemicals.

7.9 / 10

Massey has built its stellar reputation over 80 years of superior services and guaranteed customer satisfaction, making them the fifth largest company in the industry and the only family business. Their focus is on pest prevention rather than control, attempting to maintain your home or business pest-free not just through the routine application of pesticides, but by insuring pests don’t gain a toehold in the first place. They also have a custom landscaping program, which works on fighting weeds, disease, and insects, as well as feeding and nourishing the soil. Finally, Massey also has an irrigation program that can help you reduce up to 30% of water waste. Though Massey only had commercial pest control services in the Texas area, they recently expanded their services in the Houston market with the purchase of ECOSHIELD Pest Control.

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