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We ranked the best pest control companies in Wichita, Kansas, by examining the services offered, pests covered, customer support, and reputation.
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Wichita is at the northernmost point of the United States’ humid, subtropical climate zone, with hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. During summer months, Wichita often experiences severe weather patterns, with thunderstorms, hail, lightning, and occasional tornadoes. This period also sees surges in the population of aphids, pest caterpillars, fleas, fire ants, chinch bugs, grubs, mosquitoes, spider mites, snails, slugs, and beetles. The most common invasive wildlife species include rodents, raccoons, and squirrels in attics. Kansas also has a documented problem with bats in buildings.

When considering pest control companies in Wichita, make sure to verify which different services they offer, making sure they cover not only common pests, but also the native wildlife to Kansas. The company should not only provide integrated pest management solutions specially fit to Wichita’s temperamental climate, but also continuously monitor your business or home, and offer detailed documentation of the services offered and completed.

Also be sure to verify that the company has a business license by the Kansas Structural Pest Control Service with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, and that they have certified commercial applicator licenses for each license category in which their business is conducted. Other agencies that also offer licensing or certifications in Kansas and across the United States include the Kansas Pest Control Association, Environmental Protection Agency, American Mosquito Control Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

1. Terminix - Terminix provides comprehensive, multi-tiered solutions for every pest that might possibly invade your business or home. Terminix customizes their treatments to your specific needs, and even offer insulation and crawl space services which not only increase your energy efficiency, but protect you from moisture that can lead to fungus, wood rot, and conditions conducive to termites or other pests. Terminix's pest control plans guarantee effective protection against dozens of common household pests, as well as rodents, bedbugs, and Wichita wildlife. Their termite guarantee is the strongest in the industry, as they offer to pay for any repairs necessary if the invasion is recurring. They emphasize their 24/7 support, as well as their local expertise, and also provide online account management make scheduling easy and updates immediate.

2. Orkin - Orkin has more than a hundred years of experience as an industry leader, which has resulted in their being trusted by more businesses in North America than any other pest management provider. Their home services are also above and beyond. They not only offer fumigation and control services across a wide range of pests, but also install insulation and can fix most invasive wildlife issues. Orkin’s plans can be tailored for both commercial and residential purposes. Some of their featured services include floor and drain cleaning, odor-control, and gutter protection. You can rest easy in Orkin’s capable hands, knowing that their technicians are rigorously trained and that they’re required to continuously educate themselves on the latest industry technology and treatments.

3. Home Advisor - Home Advisor is a reliable way to find efficient, cost-effective contractors both in the pest control industry and for other home-related services. The website’s screening process is one of the most comprehensive screening process in the industry, boasting 98 screened professionals just in Wichita. The process couldn't be simpler: as soon as you input your zip code, Home Advisor locates the closest pest control companies to your location, and provides ratings, licensing numbers, certifications, awards, as well as detailed information of the services offered and their areas of expertise. For some companies in Wichita, Home Advisor even provides exclusive discounts of up to 25%. Home Advisor completely eliminates any guesswork from the selection process, allowing you to compare multiple businesses from one easy-to-use website, with reviews by real people just like you.

4. Eco-Wise Pest Control - Eco-Wise Pest Control provides thorough, efficient, and eco-friendly home and business fumigation services based on the principles of integrated pest management, using only ecologically responsible products and methods. Apart from pest control, their service plans can also include air purification, attic restoration and insulation repair, habitat modification and exclusion techniques. Their wildlife services for Wichita-specific pests include coots, coyotes, chipmunks, bobcats, deer, gophers, and foxes, among many others. The technicians at Eco-Wise guarantee that eco-friendly solutions are their top priority, thereby ensuring both your safety, and the environment’s, from harsh, harmful chemicals.

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