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Gerber Life Insurance focuses on helping families find financial security and protection especially for their children through its life insurance products. The company offers budget conscious families an easy way of planning for their children’s future while making it easy for anyone to avail of life insurance policies with its no medical exam offer.

Plan Details


  • Build cash value
  • Guaranteed insurability
  • Level premiums
  • Access to cash value
  • Accumulates cash value
  • Guaranteed benefits
  • No medical exams

Life Insurance Plans Offered

A. Grow-up Plan

- $50,000 minimum coverage

- For ages 14 days to 14 years

- Covered amount doubles at age 18

- Guaranteed low premium rates

- Guaranteed insurability

- Build cash value

B. Gerber Life College Plan

- $10,000 benefit

- Guaranteed payment

- Fixed monthly payment

C. Term Life

- 15, 20, 25, 30 years

- For ages 18 to 50 years

- $25,000 minimum coverage

- No medical exams required

- Renewable regardless of health condition

D. Whole Life

- Lifelong coverage

- Up to $300,000 coverage

- No medical exams required (18 to 50 years)

- Guaranteed no premium increases

- Accumulates cash value

- Access to cash value

E. Guaranteed Life

- No medical exams required (50 to 80 years with $5,000 to $20,000 coverage)

- Guaranteed insurability (50 to 80 years with $5,000 to $20,000 coverage)

- Accumulates cash value

- Life insurance benefits are tax free

- 30 days “free look,” full refund

F. Accident Protection Insurance

- Accidental death and disabling injury

- $20,000 to $100,000 coverage

- Low premiums

- No waiting periods

- No medical exams required

- For ages 19 to 69 years

- Spouse protection

- Guaranteed no premium increases

Financial Summary

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Gerber Life Insurance - Final Thoughts

What makes Gerber Life Insurance interesting is its targeted approach to the younger and senior population. Its life insurance offer starts with its Grow-up and Life College Plan and moves to its permanent life insurance policies. Other highlights include no medical exams features on some of its plans which makes it easy for almost everyone to enjoy the protection of a life insurance policy. In general, Gerber Life Insurance is ideal for families who would like to get their kids started early on the right track or for those who would like to avail of a life insurance policy without the need of a medical exam albeit with lower coverage amounts.


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