Life insurance is a type of insurance coverage which provides a lump sum of money to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the policy holder. Broadly speaking, life insurance is divided into two types - term and permanent. While term life insurance is valid for a set length of time, permanent life insurance will remain in effect as long as the insured remains alive. One such permanent type, whole life insurance, guarantees a stable cash growth rate and a set premium level in perpetuity. This stable growth rate refers to the aforementioned funds designated towards a beneficiary, otherwise known as a death benefit. In the case of whole life insurance, this death benefit starts small, but grows with each passing year. Since the monthly premiums are guaranteed stable, payments will always remain predictable. In the end, the death benefit will assist in payments towards final expenses, which may include medical and funeral costs and taxes, as well as additional funds needed to support loved ones left behind.

Top 3 Whole Life Insurance

8.5 / 10

Globe Life is a life insurance provider that was originally founded on the platform of inexpensive policies for rural-based customers. In the case of their whole life plans, that low-cost foundation continues today, with a minimum coverage limit between $5,000 and $30,000. Unlike other companies, Globe Life does not mandate a medical examination prior to coverage. Since whole life insurance lasts a lifetime, this company allows people of any age to enroll. As it was founded on inexpensive principles, Globe Life treats its customers in a straight, no-nonsense fashion. This serious nature, on top of their excellent policies, makes this company one worthy of further inspection.

8.0 / 10

Liberty Mutual offers a wide array of financial services, including life insurance. Their whole life policy option has more stringent requirements as compared to other insurance providers. These mandates include a $100,000 minimum coverage amount, as well as an enrollment age range of 25 to 100. With strong financial ratings, a healthy set of rider options, and their customer-centric philosophy, Liberty Mutual is a company worthy of consideration if you are searching for whole life insurance.

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9.4 / 10

Mass Mutual is a Massachusetts-based provider that offers an extensive range of life insurance policies that includes term, whole, universal, and variable. The comapny's whole life option is open to anyone under the age of 90. Furthermore, Mass Mutual offers a low minimum coverage amount of $10,000 in order to ensure a great rate of eligibility. All this, in addition to their greater service options, makes Mass Mutual a provider worth looking into. 

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