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From platform and customer management to support services and costs, we research everything you need to compare crm software and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of crm software below.
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How we Compare CRM Software

Platform - 10%
Customer Management - 15%
Marketing & Lead Generation - 15%
Reporting & Analytics - 15%
Employee Performance & Tracking - 10%
Integration & Customization - 10%
Support Services - 10%
Costs - 15%


Customer Relationship Management software should be compatible with current operating systems and platforms. This is to make it easier for businesses to integrate CRM software into their existing office systems.

  • Mobile Compatible
  • On-premise
  • Software as a Service

CRM Software with the Best Platform:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
Software as a Service
Mobile App

Customer Management

Customer management features enables businesses to create a database that can be used to support its marketing campaigns. Features can include segmenting, categorizing customers and capturing customer feedback.

CRM Software with the Best Customer Management:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
Case Management
Customer Portal
Customer Service Integration
Customer Experience Management
Distributor Contact Management
Knowledge Base
Account and Contact Management
Task Management

Marketing and Lead Generation

CRM marketing and lead generation gives businesses the benefit of increasing sales and conversion by giving tools such as email-based or SMS marketing campaigns. Important marketing features should include Integrated Web Forms, Tags, Social Media Integration and Customizable Reporting. This features provide a solid foundation to build or create marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Generating leads and increasing sales is essential to business growth. To increase sales and productivity, a CRM software must include customer analytics and pipeline management. Lead generation gives businesses the opportunity to focus their resources more effectively.

CRM Software with the Best Marketing and Lead Generation:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
Lead Management
Sales Reports
Sales Forecasting
Opportunities Management
Incentive Compensation Management
Quote and Order Management
Sales Force Automation
Email Marketing

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytic tools helps track productivity and performance. This is a tool that can be used to study customer data and enables managers to make better and more informed decisions. Reporting is a common feature found in CRM software. This gives businesses a snapshot of business’s activity and performance.

CRM Software with the Best Reporting and Analytics:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
Business and Team Performance Reporting
Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
Scheduled Reports
Sales and Leads Reports
Marketing Program Analysis
Pre-Built Reports
Charts and Graphs
Customizable Reports
Activity Tracking and History

Employee Performance and Tracking

Sales representatives will find CRM software that include tracking tools very helpful. This can help them keep track of sales quotas, incentives, sales numbers and other important metrics. Businesses are also able to track performance and have a summary of their activities and achievements. The system can also be used to keep an eye on orders and competitors.

CRM Software with the Best Employee Performance and Tracking:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
Sales Team Performance Tracking
Cross-Department Collaboration, Orders and Transactions
Access to Partner Leads, Orders, and Sales Activities
Task & Event Tracking
Employee Directory

Integration and Customization

CRM software should support a variety of third-party integrations. This makes it easier to export and import data to and from other office software. This also helps save time by eliminating repetitive tasks.

CRM Software with the Best Integration and Customization:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
Microsoft Word and Excel
Social Media Integration
Google Apps
Salesforce Integration
Microsoft Outlook Integration

Support Services

CRM software providers should offer complete suite of online and offline support services. The company should be able to address concerns in a timely fashion especially in cases of system failures. Customer support through telephone and live chat support enables clients to communicate directly with a customer representative.

  • Telephone
  • Knowledge Base
  • Tutorials
  • Email
  • Forums
  • Technical Support

CRM Software with the Best Support Services:


CRM Software with the Best Costs:

NimbleMicrosoft DynamicsNetsuiteElify ShuffleSugarSalesnetInforZoho CRMsalesforceOracle
CostStarts at $15/user/month$65/user$65/user/month$40/user/monthCall for Pricing$100/userStarts at $12/ user/ month$65/user/month$75/user/month

Full CRM Software Comparison

PlatformCustomer ManagementMarketing and Lead GenerationReporting and AnalyticsEmployee Performance and TrackingIntegration and CustomizationSupport ServicesCosts
Nimble CRM Software8.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software10.
Netsuite CRM Software8.
Elify Shuffle CRM Software9.
Sugar CRM Software10.
Salesnet CRM Software9.
Infor CRM Software10.
Zoho CRM Software10.
salesforce CRM Software8.
Oracle CRM Software8.
Select 2 crm software companies to compare