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From company profile and roof compatibility to warranties and customer support, we research everything you need to compare solar energy and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of solar energy below.
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How we Compare Solar Energy

Company Profile - 15%
Roof Compatibility - 10%
Payment Options - 20%
Plan Details - 25%
Warranties - 20%
Customer Support - 10%

Company Profile

This gives a quick overview of the company’s experience and history.

  • BBB Ratings
  • Age of Company

States Served – Refers to the states and areas covered by the service.

Solar Energy with the Best Company Profile:

Roof Compatibility

Before installing solar panels, it is important to consider the direction and angle of the roof that the panels will be installed to capture the most amount of sunlight. As long as there is enough access and space, solar panels can be installed on any roof. However, the complexity and cost of installing solar panel deviates with the composition and design of the roof.

  • Inclined
  • Asphalt
  • Flat  
  • Tile

Solar Energy with the Best Roof Compatibility:

SunRunEnergySageSungevitySolarCitySunPowerVerengoOne Roof EnergyVivint SolarTrinity Solar

Payment Options

Solar Loans – A third party solar financing company will take care of your loans and mortgages from the federal government to finance your solar panels. However, you have to check carefully for the interest rates and balance the prices if it is worth it.

PPA – Power Purchase agreement is a long term contract between the solar provider and the consumer. Instead of paying to lease the solar panel, you settle to buy the power generate by the system at a set per kWh.

Purchase – When you purchase a solar panel you are maximizing the financial benefits and investment. Not just for lower electricity fee but also buying a solar panel system can increase the value of a home.

Solar Lease – Just like PPA, you don’t buy the solar panel, instead you just rent the system without worrying for the maintenance of the solar panel. With solar lease, you agree to pay for the fixed monthly lease charges which is calculated by the amount of electricity that system’s produce.

Solar Energy with the Best Payment Options:

SunRunEnergySageSungevitySolarCitySunPowerVerengoOne Roof EnergyVivint SolarTrinity Solar
Solar Loans
Solar Lease

Plan Details

Upfront Fee - An advance payment to be paid to the solar energy provider  

Maintenance Cost – To keep an item in good or working condition by maintaining the solar panels

Installation Process – Period or time when the installation process will be done

Solar Generation Systems – System that can absorb sunlight and transform into electricity that you can use

Solar Roofing Systems - Photovoltaic cells intended to appear like and integrate with conventional asphalt roof cover.

Power Purchase Agreement – A financial contract where the solar provider arranges for the permitting, design, financing and installation of the solar panel to consumer’s property sometime with no extra cost.

Leasing Agreement - A legal contract outlining the terms and condition which solar renter/user agrees to rent to the solar panel from the solar energy provider.

Contract Length – Period or time when the agreement is still valid.

Privacy Policy - It is a legal information and agreement on how personal word press user’s data is used.


Solar Energy with the Best Plan Details:

SunRunEnergySageSungevitySolarCitySunPowerVerengoOne Roof EnergyVivint SolarTrinity Solar
Maintenance CostFreeFreeFreeFree
Installation Process2-5 Days2-5 Days1 Day1 Day
Solar Generation Systems
Solar Roofing Systems
Power Purchase Agreement20 Years20 Years30 Years20 Years25 Years20 Years20 Years
Leasing Agreement20 Years20 Years30 Years20 Years25 Years25 Years
Contract Length20 Years30 Years20 Years30 Years20 Years25 Years25 Years20 Years


System Warranty - A guarantee between a solar provider and solar panel users promising the product will perform as proposed.

Roof Warranty – Guaranteeing that your roof has no holes so that there will be no leaks.

Performance Guarantee - Definite performance of the solar module is developed at every point in time 

Monitoring System - Complete solar health check of your solar panel system enabling performance energy production, wireless checking, and assisting clients.

Solar Energy with the Best Warranties:

SunRunEnergySageSungevitySolarCitySunPowerVerengoOne Roof EnergyVivint SolarTrinity Solar
System Warranty10 Years25 Years20 Years30 Years10 Years25 Years20 Years5 Years
Roof Warranty10 Years20 Years30 Years10 Years25 Years
Performance Guarantee10 Years20 Years30 Years10 Years25 Years
Monitoring System

Customer Support

  • Online Quotes - Get a quick look into how much solar panel is going to cost you
  • 24- hour Telephone Hotline – Refers to the company’s availability for customer’s concern and inquiry
  • Online Account – It is an internet access to your account wherein you can manage your solar panels features and services.
  • Live Chat – Web based service that allows customers to communicate with an agent in real time.
  • Mobile App – Software application specifically to access the company’s features and services on your smartphone or wireless mobile devices
  • Email – Electronic mail service provided by the company to respond to customer’s inquiries.
  • FAQs – List of information for usual customer concerns

Solar Energy with the Best Customer Support:

Full Solar Energy Comparison

Company ProfileRoof CompatibilityPayment OptionsPlan DetailsWarrantiesCustomer Support
Solar America Solar Energy10.
SunRun Solar Energy10.010.09.510.09.59.5
Modernize Solar Energy9.510.09.59.510.010.0
TopSolar Solar Energy10.
Home Solar Rebates Solar Energy9.
Solar Joy Solar Energy9.
GoGreen Solar Energy8.
Build Direct Solar Energy10.
HomeAdvisor Solar Energy9.
Solar Direct Solar Energy10.
Solar Panels Compare Solar Energy9.
EnergySage Solar Energy10.
Sungevity Solar Energy7.
SolarCity Solar Energy9.
SunPower Solar Energy6.
Verengo Solar Energy5.
One Roof Energy Solar Energy6.
Vivint Solar Energy7.
Trinity Solar Energy5.
Select 2 solar energy companies to compare