Moving companies offer homeowners, individuals and businesses the convenience of having all their items shipped to a new location painlessly. They save you the time and trouble of packing and safely transporting all your appliances and valuables, while insured.

Professional moving companies have all the equipment necessary for the job, ensuring that the job gets finished quickly, and that all steps are taken to ensure that your valuables are handled properly. Most companies also offer packing services, taking care in ensuring that all your valuables are properly packed, in order to minimize any possible damage during transfer.

When choosing between moving companies, make sure to verify their certifications and credentials, via the Better Business Bureau, and the American Moving and Storage Association. Call at least three or four companies for an in-home quote, and check if they’ll give you a written binding estimate, or a binding-not-to-exceed estimate. Once all the estimates are in, compare the prices and verify the reasons for extra costs on the higher bids.

Some shady practices to be on the lookout for include asking for a large upfront deposit. Reputable movers ask for payment upon completion of the delivery. Try and pay with a credit card, so help fight any fraudulent activity. Also make sure to confirm what exactly is covered in the insurance and valuation protection. Finally, remember that most companies only guarantee insurance claims for nine months, so attempt to unpack and verify each box for damage as soon as they’re delivered.

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How We Compare Moving Companies

Certification / Credentials


The first thing to look out for when selecting a moving company is to verify their reputation. Entrusting your treasured valuables to people you know can be very difficult let alone to total strangers. The Federal Carrier Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the lead federal government agency that regulates and provides oversight of commercial motor vehicles such as large trucks and buses. It ensures that all moving companies are compliant with all safety requirements. Be sure to check that the moving company is insured and licensed by the FMCSA.

For long distance moving or those that involves moving from state to state, the moving company must be licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. The company should have a US DOT number which can be validated by searching the Department of Transportation’s database.

While checking if the company is accredited with the FMCSA and licensed by the United States Department of Transportation is important, another thing to look out for the company’s experience. A moving company’s years of experience can be a good gauge for measuring if the company has been able to deliver on its promises.

Accidents happen even to the best. And when planning to enlist a moving company be sure to check if it is insured. While enlisting the services of a professional moving company reduces the chance of something bad happening during the move, it does not eliminate the possibility of an accident. Having the peace of mind that all your valuables are insured ensures that you are covered from this mishap.

Services and Features


More than just being able to move your valuables from one point to another, a good moving company should be able to deliver a variety of services to help ease the stress of moving. With the cost of moving being a primary concern, services such as online quotes or in-house quotes can be of great help in giving you an estimate on how much the services would cost.

Another nagging problem with moving is packing and unpacking your items. Most professional moving companies include this in their services. Packing can take days or even weeks depending on the number and types of items to be moved. This will definitely cost you a lot more but can pay for itself considering the convenience and level of care a professional packing service provides.

Special handling services might be required for big items such as household appliances or boats for example. A large wall mounted TV may require special equipment and packing to ensure that it is safely transported and installed on your new home.

Target Customers


Some moving companies offer specialized services that target certain types of customers. Check a moving company’s profile if it provides specific information on the moving services they provide. Individuals and families for example have different needs in terms of the volume of items to be transported compared to businesses or corporations.

Military personnel moving to another home may have different needs in terms of the great distances they have to move or even when moving overseas. Aside from the distance, military families may require temporary storage facilities in the event they are assigned to another country.

Types of Moving Services


All of the moving companies we’ve included in our top list offer long distance moving services. These are companies whose transportation and storage resources are capable of shipping large volumes of items across the country. Local moving involves transferring items within a few miles of the customers’ current location. While long distance moving may involve a different pricing structure, local movers charge hourly services.

Aside from distance or location, other types of moving services include the type of customer that require service. Individuals and a family’s moving needs are smaller compared to corporate or business movers. A moving company should have the necessary resources to answer this specific need. From having specialized teams to handle large ticket items, temporary storage services and logistics (trucks, trains, ships, airplanes).

International moving might not be a concern for many but for those like military personnel relocating a moving company that offers this is can be a great help. Services may include packing, storage and working with foreign custom and immigration services.



This is another useful service especially for those moving abroad or those who need a place to keep their valuables before finally moving in. Storage services are not usually included in standard moving contracts and require additional charges.

Customer Support


Moving to a new home can be a pain. From packing to shipping to finally arranging all your belongings to a new home can be exhausting. Moving companies make this transition to your new home less painful but it should go beyond just moving your items from one place to another. Just having another person on the other line can help alleviate some of the stress of moving. It would be great to know that someone would be there to address your concerns and act on it quickly.

Customer Questions & Answers

Will movers transport cars to another state?

There are very few moving companies that will transport cars as well as objects. Although it may be less convenient, for transporting automobiles, we recommend choosing a moving company that specializes in this type of moving. These companies typically charge less than a conventional mover would, due to their specialization. The final cost does vary, however, depending on the distance being traveled.

How much does a moving company cost?

A moving company’s costs vary depending on the number of items being transported and the distance between properties. As with any other big financial decision, it’s always best to obtain quotes from several companies. Although many companies offer online quote services, always try to personally get the estimate in writing.