Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is the technology used for establishing communication sessions over the internet. It delivers telephone services and unified communications to customers with SIP-enabled Private Branch Exchange (PBX). For a fuller explanation on the pros and cons of SIP trunking, take a look at our article "SIP Trunking - What You Need to Know." SIP trunking can be considerably less expensive than traditional telephony, while still providing additional features such as caller ID and DID services over a variety of telephone lines.

Top 2 SIP Trunking Phones

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Intermedia is one of the premier providers of SIP trunking telephony, due in large part to their commitment to reliable service through their enterprise-grade data centers, built-in automatic failover, 24/7 customer support, and integrated suite of services for businesses. Their optional features include voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing, dedicated toll-free numbers, webfax automated attendants, and remote market numbers. Once the order is in place, Intermedia's certified integration partners inspect your phone system for SIP compatibility, perform any physical and digital tasks necessary to transfer your phone trunks, set up any VoIP gateways, and provide online support. Most importantly, Intermedia's SIP trunking can save up to 60% on your monthly phone bill as well as cut calling charges for long distance and international telephony. Their flexible plans allow you to only pay for what you need without expensive visits from technicians. You can also make free inter-office calls.

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Nextiva SIP trunking allows you to make phone calls from your current phone system at minimal cost and effort. They can integrate with many premise-based systems, with scalable and flexible solutions for organizations of any size. Nextiva is impressively reliable, with 99.999% uptime, and a secure, high quality CODEC connection protected by NextOS technology. They maintain business continuity through automatic call rerouting, load sharing, and failover procedures, so you keep telephony in the face of natural disasters or other unforeseen issues. Nextiva's plans have zero setup fees, and are divided between metered and unmetered for increased flexibility. With Nextiva, you can enjoy all-inclusive pricing that eliminates per-minute and per-trunk charges, and keep your existing PBX equipment without incurring capital costs. Their customer service is unparalleled, with almost half of their employees focused solely on support. They were also the first telecom company to win the Frost & Sullivan Customer Leadership Award in 2015.

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