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From membership clubs and wine quality to gift programs and customer service, we research everything you need to compare wine clubs and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of wine clubs below.
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How we Compare Wine Clubs

Membership Clubs - 25%
Wine Quality - 20%
Price - 20%
Fine Print - 15%
Gift Programs - 10%
Customer Service - 10%

Membership Clubs

Membership levels are defined by the wine selections offered by the program. We looked into the number of membership programs offered. Rather than having one membership program to cater all types of wine enthusiasts, wine clubs with multiple membership levels allows them to offer membership services and wine selections that target specific types of wine enthusiasts.

Things we looked into include:

  • Membership price
  • Number of bottles per shipment
  • Benefits

Wine Clubs with the Best Membership Clubs:

Wine InsidersThe International Wine of the Month ClubGold MedalClubs GaloreClubs of AmericaUncorked VenturesLaithwaite's WinesMora's Fine Wine and SpiritsGlobal Wine Cellars
Sign-Up FeeNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneN/ANoneNone
Number of Bottles Per Shipment1 to 6 bottles per shipment2 to 4 bottles per shipment2 to 4 bottles per shipment2 bottles per shipment2 bottles per shipment2 to 3 bottles per shipment12 bottles per shipment2 bottles per shipment3 to 6 bottles per shipment
Membership Programs3-month, 6-month, 12-monthPremier, Master, CollectorsGold, Platinum, Garagista, Pinot Noir, Diamond, InternationalWine Connoisseur, Wine Executive, Wine Premier$42.95 per monthSpecial Selections, Exploration, Reserve Selections4 Seasons, Wine ReserveSilver, Gold, Platinum, SidewaysGlobal Getaway, Global Discovery, Global Access
Membership PriceStarts at $112.98Starts at $35.95 per monthStarts at $37 per shipmentStarts at $39.99NoneStarts at $115Starts at $69.99Starts at $44.99Starts at $44.95 per shipment

Wine Quality

Although it would be difficult if not impossible to compare the quality of wines bottle per bottle we tried to compare a company’s previous wine shipments specifically those in their entry level clubs which comprise most of the wine membership programs people enroll in. Each company also maintains a wine selection team.


  • Wine rating
  • Method of selection
  • Selection process
  • Wine regions

Wine Clubs with the Best Wine Quality:


We compare average price per bottle with major focus on those being offered on their entry level clubs. Things we looked into also included savings on retail prices and shipment fees. We included the price of shipping into the total costs of each bottle.

  • Price per bottle
  • Discounts and savings
  • Shipment fees
  • Membership fees

Wine Clubs with the Best Price:

Wine InsidersThe International Wine of the Month ClubGold MedalClubs GaloreClubs of AmericaUncorked VenturesLaithwaite's WinesMora's Fine Wine and SpiritsGlobal Wine Cellars
Price Per BottleStarts at $11.66Starts at $7Starts at $19-$22Starts at $4.16 N/AStarts at $25N/AN/AStarts at $14.98
Shipment Fees$19.95 (Free shipping on every 12 pack)$13FreeFreeFree$13$19.99FreeFree
States CoveredN/AN/A50N/A504037N/A28
Shipping ChoicesOngoingOngoingOngoing and PrepaidOngoingOngoingOngoingOngoingOngoingOngoing

Fine Print

Wine club policies that refer to cancellation policy, membership requirements and contracts if any.

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Contract length
  • Cancellation policy
  • Shipping policy


Wine Clubs with the Best Fine Print:

Wine InsidersThe International Wine of the Month ClubGold MedalClubs GaloreClubs of AmericaUncorked VenturesLaithwaite's WinesMora's Fine Wine and SpiritsGlobal Wine Cellars
Satisfaction Guarantee
Contract Length3, 6, or 12 months2 to 12 shipments (Ongoing until cancelled)1 to 12 shipments (Ongoing until cancelled)At least 3 months1 to 12 shipments (Ongoing until cancelled)Monthly, Every Other Month, or QuarterlyOngoing until cancelled2, 3, 6, or 12 months (Ongoing until cancelled)4 to 12 shipments

Gift Programs

Wine clubs don’t only offer club memberships but also provide people an online portal for gift shopping. This includes gifting your friends with a club membership or choosing from preselected gift packages. Others allow you to mix wines with other club memberships (chocolates, flowers, cakes) for a more personal experience.   


Wine Clubs with the Best Gift Programs:

Customer Service

Some companies offer 24/7 hotlines for customer orders. The majority however only accept orders during business hours.  This can also include a knowledge base or FAQ section for self-help articles.

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Knowledgebase


Wine Clubs with the Best Customer Service:

Full Wine Clubs Comparison

Membership ClubsWine QualityPriceFine PrintGift ProgramsCustomer Service
Wine Insiders Wine Club9.
The International Wine of the Month Club9.
Heartwood & Oak Wine Club9.
The California Wine Club9.
Gold Medal Wine Club9.08.158.758.510.09.0
Plonk Wine Club9.
Clubs Galore Wine Club8.
Wine Library Wine Club9.
Clubs of America Wine Club9.
Uncorked Ventures Wine Club8.
Uncorked Ventures Special Selections8.
Laithwaite's Wines Wine Club7.
Mora's Fine Wine and Spirits Wine Club8.
Global Wine Cellars Wine Club6.
ClubsGalore Wine Executive Club0.
Select 2 wine clubs companies to compare

Latest Reviews

Wine was terrible and I contacted them to cancel but they would not cancel and continued to send shipments anyway. When I contacted them again to cancel and return the wine they told me they would deduct $20. I will be contacting my credit card about fraudulent charges because they charged my card without my permission. Their prices seemed reasonable but the wine was awful. I brought these bottles on vacation and my friend brought a box wine (Vin Vault) and these bottles were so bad we ended up just drinking box wine....

I have been very happy with my Winc membership. The wine quality is great!!! Every time I visited my sister she would offer me a glass of wine she had received from Winc. I finally decided to join myself since I really liked nearly all the different wines I tried at her house. Joining was easy and free.I did have to figure out how to skip a montly shipment but have had no problem skipping when I need to. The wines offered through Winc are very good and fit my teacher-salary budget. I would not hesitate to recommend this club to others and have already told several of my friends about it. I would say that you do need to find out how to skip the month in advance of the shipment date so you don't receive the automatic monthly shipment.

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