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Is a reverse mortgage right for you? What if you are 62-years-old or older? Weigh the pros & cons. See comparisons of the best companies trusted by 15,000,000.

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Last Updated: May 18, 2018
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In order to find the best jumbo reverse mortgages, we looked at interest rates, lender's reputation, and loan conditions.
Eight Common Questions About Reverse Mortgages Answered
by Jordan Steinberg
1. What Are the Requirements of a Reverse Mortgage? In order to qualify for a reverse mortgage, the Federal Housing Administration has mandated s...
How to Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage
by Jordan Steinberg
How Does a Reverse Mortgage Differ From a Home Equity Loan? Home equity loans are loans which utilize the equity in a home as a form of collatera...
Reverse Mortgage: Savior or Scam?
by Marcela Otero
Half the households in America don't have any retirement savings. When the time comes to leave the workforce, they're then faced with difficult c...
An Intro to Jumbo Reverse Mortgages
by Marcela Otero
What Is a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage? Jumbo reverse mortgages are loans that exceed the maximum amount allowed under the Home Equity Conversion Mortg...
Reverse Mortgages for Dummies
by Marcela Otero
A reverse mortgage is a type of mortgage in which a homeowner borrows money against the value of their house, either in the form of a monthly pay...
Reverse Mortgages: Too Good To Be True?
by Colin Grubb
Hi, my name is Colin and I’ve been researching Reverse Mortgages on behalf of for well over a year now. If you’re 62 or old...
Why Foreclosed Isn’t a Bad Word in a Reverse Mortgage
by Colin Grubb
  Seniors are often wary of reverse mortgages because they seem too good to be true: “So I get monthly payments on the equity in my house indefin...
Using A Reverse Mortgage to Buy A New Home
by Colin Grubb
  A Seldom-Used Option   In 1982 Alice and Teddy Washington bought their dream house in the Royal Oak suburb of Detroit. The cozy two story, thre...
The End of a Reverse Mortgage
by Bob
  A reverse mortgage, or home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), is a special kind of loan that allows homeowners 62+ to access the equity in the...
What’s All This Noise About Reverse Mortgages?
by Colin Grubb
An increasing number of Americans, particularly those in the Baby Boom generation, are retiring without sufficient funds to live on. This is why ...
Why I Got a Reverse Mortgage
by Melanie O'Hara
Reverse Mortgages...My Story I met Ken in the summer of 1965. It was July 10 at 1:15 pm at the Primos-Secane Swim Club in Clifton Heights Pennsyl...