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From provider network and business type to reputation and policies, we research everything you need to compare pet sitting and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of pet sitting below.
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How we Compare Pet Sitting

Provider Network - 25%
Business Type - 15%
Insurance - 15%
Rates - 15%
Reputation - 20%
Policies - 10%

Provider Network

A company with a sizeable network of pet sitters or pet care providers gives you the best chance of finding a pet sitter with the best qualification and one located near your area. However, having a large pool of pet care professionals does not guarantee the quality of service. This merely assures you that you’ll have the widest choice of candidates to choose from.

Pet Sitting with the Best Provider Network:

Number of Pet Care Providers in Network25,000 pet sitters nationwide30,000N/A14 Units 3,500 nationwide

Business Type

At the end of the day, it is the pet sitter you choose to work with that determines the level of care your pet receives. Online portals or sites that connect pet parents directly with thousands of pet sitters gives you the best balance between an pet sitter who has made pet care their profession and a pet sitter who works in a structured environment such as a pet care business.  

Pet care booking services such as for example merely acts as a portal connecting pet parents with pet sitters. But there are mechanisms to ensure that pet sitter profiles are accurate and updated. Go for pet sitting services that provide a detailed profile such as training and experience. Features such as feedback and reviews by previous pet owners should also give you a more accurate picture.  

Check other services such as meet and greet or in-house consultations. This are usually free and gives pet owners a chance to meet pet sitters personally. There are also messaging services which allows pet parents to communicate directly with pet sitters.   


Pet Sitting with the Best Business Type:


Accidents by nature are unexpected and even the best pet care professionals are not immune from this unfortunate situation. Knowing that your pet sitter is bonded or insured ensures that you and your pet will always be protected.

Pet Sitting with the Best Insurance:


Rates for pet sitting services may vary according to the person’s experience or location. But generally, average hourly rates across the country stands at the $10 per hour.  Some pet sitter services require monthly service fees. Subscription allows you to fully use all its features such as messaging and pet sitter look ups. Other pet sitter providers require you to purchase insurance on top of its subscription services.

Pet Sitting with the Best Rates:

Pet Sitter Rates$25 per day average$10 per hour averageStarts at $49 for single booking and $7 per month for subscriptionsN/AStarts at $10


The only reason why a pet care business continues to thrive or exist is because it has consistently been able to provide quality services to its customers. Reading other pet parent reviews is the most accurate method for assessing how good a pet sitter really is. This information is available under the pet sitter’s profile.

Pet Sitting with the Best Reputation:


Before enlisting the services of a pet sitter from a pet service provider, be sure to check its policies towards cancelling and refunds. Things we looked into and compared are the following:

  • Booking time
  • Rescheduling
  • Changing pet sitters
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Cancelling
  • Refunds

Pet Sitting with the Best Policies:

Booking TimeJust a few minutesJust a few minutesJust a few minutesJust a few minutesJust a few minutes
Changing Pet Sitters
Satisfaction Guarantee

Full Pet Sitting Comparison

Provider NetworkBusiness TypeInsuranceRatesReputationPolicies Pet Sitting10.
DogVacay Pet Sitting9. Pet Sitting9.
G'Day Pet Care8.
Fetch! Pet Care7.
Select 2 pet sitting companies to compare

Latest Reviews

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Pet Sitting
Michelle A
Homosassa, Florida
We used Rover to hire someone in Pinellas County, Florida, last year and we have also interviewed nice people in our area of Hernando County, Florida. Have found many suitable sitters. The main thing is don't hire the teenagers or the ones who do it for the money. We like the retirees, the veterinary assistants, and the work-from-home ladies who geniunely love animals. Pros: - you can see the qualifications of each person before clicking on them and messaging or calling them - Not too expensive - sort by features, qualifications, price range - no tricks and hidden fees to it like care or sittercity. - specializes in just pets, instead of other categories of care like the other competitor sites Cons: - almost anyone can join if they are not a verified pet hoarder or felon. I'd like a better vetting system. Some areas don't have many sitters; some have too many.

Patti G
Rutherford, New Jersey
I was in a bind as my dog sitter cancelled last minute and a friend told me about Rover. Not only was I able to sign up quickly, but I was able to find a great dog sitter to help me out before I left for vacation. What a lifesaver this website is. So happy to have found it!

Woof P
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Rover is an amazing service! We are Rover sitters and we love what we do.

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Pet Sitting