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6 Must Have Qualities of a Good Pet Sitter

Colin GrubbFeb 17, 2015

Whether you’re searching for a pet sitter or thinking of becoming one, there are certain qualities every good pet sitter should possess. Look for the following qualities in your pet sitter to ensure you’ve found a great match for your pal. 

How to be a Good Pet Sitter:

  • Love Pets: Ask your pet sitter for details about their pet- and animal-care experience. Find out if they have a pet of their own or have ever taken care of one. A pet sitter should have genuine concern for all animals.The secret to success in any job? Enjoying what you do. If your pet sitter is only in it for the money, they may not be the best fit.

  • Complete training and education: Just like any job, the right tools are key. Find a pet sitter who has received training—either independently or from a pet-sitting marketplace—in the proper way to care for animals. A working knowledge of emergency pet care can go a long way. You’ll want your pet sitter to understand the differences between breeds and temperaments so they can offer the best care for each individual pet.

  • Be Trustworthy: You pet is like your child, and when you leave town, you’re putting a lot of trust in your pet sitter. Since pet care is done without the owner’s supervision, a pet sitter should be someone who can deliver on their promise of safety and comfort. If your sitter can prove they’ve passed a background check, that will provide extra assurance. Handing over the keys to your home requires a new level of trust. Be sure to meet your sitter before you commit to hiring them, to ensure they’re the right match for you and your pet.

  • Have Insurance: Expect the unexpected. Even with the best sitters, accidents can happen. Providing quality insurance is an indication that your pet sitter would be able to help out in the unlikely event that your pet suffers an injury. Plus, having insurance is a sign of a true professional who would like to make pet sitting their career.

  • Practice Empathy: Our pets are unable to verbalize how they feel. It takes a special pet sitter to recognize exactly how each pet in their care is behaving, and know to take the proper actions to feed, walk, soothe, and otherwise care for them. Your sitter should be an animal lover, first and foremost, and sensitive to the needs of pets in their care.

  • Stay Patient: Pets can be difficult to care for sometimes, and being a pet sitter requires significant patience. Just like their parents, pets misbehave and sometimes become uncooperative. Meet your pet sitter in advance and confirm that their temperament is a good fit for you and your pet.