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From profile information and search features to security and help & support, we research everything you need to compare online dating and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of online dating below.
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How we Compare Online Dating

Profile Information - 25%
Search Features - 20%
Price - 15%
Messaging - 15%
Security - 15%
Help & Support - 10%

Profile Information

Finding possible matches is the first step in finding a possible date. But the information contained in each member’s profile places you in the best position to make that decision. The amount of information available in a member’s profile gives members a better and more detailed view into possible profile matches. Online dating sites that provide personality tests for example gives a deeper look into each member’s personality. This is in contrast to online dating sites that only require basic information such as a profile photo or personal background.

Online Dating with the Best Profile Information:

Search Features

Today’s top online dating sites offer a comprehensive profile creation process that includes very detailed member profiling. This is reflected in the quality of results that each search brings. Compared to traditional search parameters that only incorporate basic data such as age or location, advanced searches also take into account a member’s personality and relationship preference.


Basic Search

A quick search feature that provides results based on a simple search parameters such as age range, location and relationship status.

Advance Search

This search type includes additional search parameters for creating more targeted results. This may include searching for members by ethnicity, educational background, religion and income.

Automated Matchmaking

A feature that’s included in online dating sites that include member profiling. Personality and “chemistry” tests gives an in-depth look into each member. While most online dating sites offer members the ability to proactively search for possible matches, some services only display possible profiles that is compatible with your profile.

Online Dating with the Best Search Features:

eHarmonyChemistryMatch.comMatchmakerOkCupidPlenty of FishSparkMeetMeMingle2
Compatibility Rating
Personality/Chemistry Tests
Email Messaging
Instant Messaging
Video/Voice Messaging
Mobile App
Same-Sex Dating
Gender Inclusive
Block Members
Change Username
Hide Profile
Multiple Languages
Keyword Search
Location/Proximity Search
Saved Searches


As with every other service, the price of membership in online dating sites is a concern among prospective members. Good news is that all of the top online dating sites we reviewed offered free membership. However, some of the useful functionalities and features were not available in their free offer.

Membership Programs

  • Free Membership
  • Entry-level Membership
  • Premium Membership

*** Online dating site membership programs offer discounts for multi-month contracts. Rather than enrolling in a low-commitment or one-month membership program, opt for multi-month contracts for bigger savings.

Online Dating with the Best Price:

eHarmonyChemistryMatch.comMatchmakerOkCupidPlenty of FishSparkMeetMeMingle2
Membership Fee$29.95-$51.95$12.99-$21.66$7.99-$12.99$11.66-34.95$9.95-$19.95$10.18-$19.35Free$6.99-$19.99Free
Payment IntervalMonthlyMonthlyMonthly /AnnuallyMonthly /AnnuallyMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Multiple Membership Types3 Months, 6 Months Plan3 Months, 6 Months Plan3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months2 Months, 4 Months, 8 MonthsGreen, Gold, Black
Automatic Membership Renewal
DiscountsPromo Codes DiscountOnline CouponsOnline CouponsOnline CouponsPromo Code and CouponsPromo Code and CouponsPromo Code and Coupons


Communication is essential in any relationship. And the number of ways you could communicate with fellow members makes it easier for you to interact and create new connections. An online dating site should provide members a variety of channels for members to show interest in another member. This is done by liking another member’s profile or sending a wink for example.


Look for online dating sites that offer email or chat messages for free. Some of the sites we reviewed place certain restrictions in the amount of messages or types of communication channels with free membership.

  • Email exchanges
  • Instant messaging
  • Online chat
  • Likes, flirts
  • Video and voice messaging

Online Dating with the Best Messaging:


Meeting a new person whether online or in the flesh can be both exciting and dangerous. Since online dating sites have made creating a profile so easy, almost anyone could create a new identity in a few seconds. Keeping you identity and personal information could also be done by limiting your profile’s visibility.

  • Identity verification
  • Privacy control


Online Dating with the Best Security:

eHarmonyChemistryMatch.comMatchmakerOkCupidPlenty of FishSparkMeetMeMingle2
Identity Verification
Privacy Control Options

Help and Support

An online dating sited should offer a variety of support options where members especially paid subscribers could get a hold of staff for any concern. Support services should also include a vast resource of dating and safety tips for online dating.

  • Email
  • Dedicated support help lines
  • Knowledgebase


Online Dating with the Best Help and Support:

Full Online Dating Comparison

Profile InformationSearch FeaturesPriceMessagingSecurityHelp and Support
eHarmony Online Dating10.
Chemistry Online Dating9.
Matchmaker Online Dating7.
OkCupid Online Dating7.
Plenty of Fish Online Dating7.
Spark Online Dating6.
MeetMe Online Dating6.
Mingle2 Online Dating5.
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Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Online Dating
Ashley R
Rutherford, New Jersey
I met a few men off of when I joined them. Yes, it was a little pricey but there is nothing worse than going on terrible dates. This way, I was able to learn a lot about someone before even meeting them so I knew I wasn't wasting my time when going out with them.

Benjamin M
Lyndhurst, New Jersey
Amazing site! I met the love of my life on it and we are getting married within the next year. So there's that. And it's better than the other sites I've had to pay for and got nothing out of. So there's that as well.

Marty M
Belleville, New Jersey
POF is pretty decent. Met some beautiful women on there. Not all worked out, they never do but it's gotten me back into the dating game. Also, made friends with some of the women who the dates didn't work with. Decent site.

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Online Dating