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Single Capitals of the U.S.

Colin GrubbOct 26, 2017

While studies indicate that millennials still value marriage, it’s clearly not as high on the priority list as previous generations. Not surprisingly, this has contributed to millennials pushing off marriage more than their parents and grandparents. Some contributing factors include education, finances, and career ambitions but the most cited reason is simply not having found the right person.

As this trend has emerged and technology has become ubiquitous, dating apps and websites have been on the rise as young singles attempt to find a partner. Yet, despite these trends, millennials still say they’d prefer to meet a new romantic partner spontaneously or through friends.

To see which cities around the U.S. give young singles the best chance of meeting a potential partner, looked to see where singles represent the largest percentage of the population.


Data is from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) 2015 release of 5-year estimates. The ACS reports marital status information only for individuals over the age of 15. Using this data, calculated Percent Single by dividing the “never married” population by the total population over the age of 15. For the purposes of this study, the total population over 15 is referred to below as the Total Adult Population. In the event of a tie, the city with the larger Total Single Adults population served as the tiebreaker. In order to be considered, a city must have a Total Adult Population of 500,000 or more.

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10. Columbus, Ohio

  • Percent Single: 44.1%
  • Total Adult Population: 663,643
  • Total Single Adults: 292,470
  • Male to Female Ratio: 52:48

From a walk through Columbus’ North Market, where vendors sell everything from fresh produce to furniture, to its German Village and Botanical Gardens, there are no shortage of places to enjoy an outdoor date in Columbus, where 44.1 percent of the population is single.

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9. Los Angeles

  • Percent Single: 45.7%
  • Total Adult Population: 3,194,156
  • Total Single Adults: 1,460,747
  • Male to Female Ratio: 53:47

Located right on the Pacific Ocean, LA’s beautiful weather, expansive restaurant selection, and – of course – theater and film scene provide endless locations for romantic activities. The “City of Angels” is the second most populous city in the US, with nearly 1.5 million singles calling it home.

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8. Memphis, Tennessee

  • Percent Single: 45.8%
  • Total Adult Population: 517,946
  • Total Single Adults: 237,015
  • Male to Female Ratio: 50:50

Although one of the smaller towns on our list, Memphis still boasts a single population of nearly 250k single individuals. Often referred to as the birthplace of rock n’ roll, Memphis is a hotspot for music lovers.

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7. San Francisco

  • Percent Single: 46.5%
  • Total Adult Population: 744,725
  • Total Single Adults: 346,143
  • Male to Female Ratio: 56:44

Cited on Forbes 2017 World’s Most Romantic Cities List, San Francisco has a single population of nearly 350k. A cultural, commercial, and financial hub, San Francisco location between the mountains and ocean provide endless activities for single individuals.

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6. Chicago

  • Percent Single: 48.8%
  • Total Adult Population: 2,210,018
  • Total Single Adults: 1,078,741
  • Male to Female Ratio: 50:50

Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the Year, foodies will never run out of new places to enjoy a great meal in Chicago. Known around the world for its architecture, a Chicago Architecture Foundation river cruise followed by dinner at one of Chicago’s acclaimed restaurants make for a great date night.

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5. Philadelphia

  • Percent Single: 51.7%
  • Total Adult Population: 1,264,551
  • Total Single Adults: 653,416
  • Male to Female Ratio: 49:51

If you’re looking to meet a doctor, you may want to start in Philadelphia where, according to U.S. News & World Report, some of the nation’s best hospitals are located. It also has more murals than any city in the world, art museums that rival those in Paris, and cozy BYOBs lining the streets. With 653,416 singles, there is a little bit of something for everyone in Philadelphia.

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4. Baltimore

  • Percent Single: 51.9%
  • Total Adult Population: 510,535
  • Total Single Adults: 265,233
  • Male to Female Ratio: 48:52

Located between New York City and Washington, D.C., some may say Baltimore is overshadowed by larger east coast cities. But if you’re single, don’t overlook this small but fun – and sometimes quirky – city. From strolls in Fell’s Point, Baltimore’s cultural hub, to paddleboarding in its more touristy (but still romantic) inner harbor, Baltimore has plenty to offer singles looking for great date spots.

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3. Detroit

  • Percent Single: 54.4%
  • Total Adult Population: 546,583
  • Total Single Adults: 297,563
  • Male to Female Ratio: 48:52

With an airport that’s among the most important hubs in the U.S., Detroit is best known as the center of the automobile industry. But it’s also a center for singles as well, with 297,563 singles in the city – 54.4 percent of its population.

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2. Boston

  • Percent Single: 56.3%
  • Total Adult Population: 559,966
  • Total Single Adults: 315,208
  • Male to Female Ratio: 49:51

With more millennials than any other city in America, Boston is a singles capital for young individuals. One of the most historic cities in the nation, Boston is home to some of the country’s best schools and is bustling with arts and cultural programs that only college towns can offer. In Boston, singles account for more than 56 percent of the city’s population.

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1. Washington, D.C.

  • Percent Single: 56.5%
  • Total Adult Population: 551,820
  • Total Single Adults: 311,741
  • Male to Female Ratio: 48:52

From the Smithsonian museums and national monuments to hot neighborhoods booming with culture, our nation’s capital is a great place for singles. More than 56 percent of Washingtonians have yet to find a partner.