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Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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Why They’re an Excellent choice

Medical Guardian is one of the most respected names in medical alerts, earning an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their hardware is well manufactured & their service is exceptional at a competitive price.

What's Included with Medical Guardian:

  • Free Equipment, Free Activation and Free Shipping
  • Price Lock Guarantee - No Long Term contracts 
  • Wristbands, necklaces & clip ons are waterproof
  • 24-Hour access to phone operators
  • 72-Hour battery backup in case power goes out
  • Home, Mobile (with GPS) and Fall Detection products are available




Product Comes With... Features Monthly Quarterly Annual Add-ons/Accessories

Classic Guardian

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Base Station

Choice of water-resistant neck or wrist pendant

Utilizes landline phone connection

1,300 ft2 button-to-base station range

Two-way communication available through base station

72-hour back up battery life







* Discount: 1 FREE month of service ($27.45/month)

Additional water resistant neck or wrist pendants ($2/ea/month)

Stationary wall mounted button ($2/ea/month)

Lockbox ($2/ea/month, FREE with annual plan subscription)

Home Guardian

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Base station

Choice of: water-resistant neck or wrist pendant

Wirelessly connects via AT&T Cellular Network (no landline req.)

600 ft2 button-to-base station range

Two-way communication available through base station

30-hour back up battery life

Automatic Fall Detection pendant available (as an add-on)






* Discount: 1 FREE month of service ($32.04/month)

Additional water resistant neck or wrist pendants ($2/ea/month)

Lockbox ($2/ea/month, FREE with annual plan subscription)

Automatic Fall Detection pendant ($10/ea/month)

Mobile Guardian

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Base station

Choice of: water-resistant neck or wrist pendant

Charging cradle

Leather carrying case

Wirelessly connects via AT&T Cellular Network (no landline req.)

350 ft2 button-to-base station range

Two-way communication available through base station

Portable base station that can travel with the user wherever they go

GPS-enabled with exact location tracking capabilities

24-hour fully charged battery life






* Discount: 1 FREE month of service ($36.62/month)

Additional water resistant neck or wrist pendants ($2/ea/month)

Lockbox ($2/ea/month, FREE with annual plan subscription)

Premium Guardian

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Wearable two-way communication device

Charging cradle

Belt clip

Wirelessly connects via AT&T Cellular Network (no landline req.)

Unlimited range

Wearable two-way communication


GPS-enabled with exact location tracking capabilities

36-hour fully charged battery life

Automatic Fall Detection capabilities available (as an add-on)







* Discount: 1 FREE month of service ($45.45/month)

Lockbox ($2/ea/month, FREE with annual plan subscription)

Automatic Fall Detection capabilities ($10/ea/month)

Family Guardian (New 2017)

Family Guardian is an in-home system that gives a new level control to family members in monitoring their loved one's activity no matter where they are. The system comes with the standard cellular base station and wearable emergency button, but also comes with two activity sensors and a door sensor. The activity sensors are typically mounted in the kitchen and bathroom, confirming the loved one is going about their daily routine. the door sensor is placed on the main entrance and notifies family members when the loved one enters or exits the house.

Mobile App

What separates Family Guardian from Medical Guardian's other offerings is the ability to receive alerts and reports directly on your mobile device through the company's monitoring app. If the loved one is not following their normal routine, an alert is sent to all mobile devices logged into the account. The customer can choose to receive these alerts over email or text. The app also generates daily and weekly reports on the user's activity. 


  • Notification each morning that your loved one is awake and active
  • If your loved one has missed a meal
  • If they have left the house
  • If temperature in house is too low or high

Plans and Additional Costs

Length of Contract

 3 months. Client can go month-to-month after the initial 3.

Equipment Costs

 None (FREE)

Activation/ Installation Fees

 None (FREE)

Shipping Costs

 FREE Ground Shipping

Cancellation Fees


Price-lock Guarantee

Medical Guardian’s Price Lock Guarantee locks in your price for the duration of your service—we promise that your rates will never go up!



  • 24/7/365 medical monitoring that’s 100% US-based and NEVER outsourced.

  • Ability to dispatch both emergency (police, fire, paramedics), and non-emergency (family, friend, neighbors) help.
  • UL Certified: A UL Certification is recognition of the highest set of standards for safety and reliability. With medical alarms, time is the most critical factor, and the UL standard ensures that you or your loved ones get the proper and immediate assistance you may need.

  • CSAA Five Diamond Certified: The CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Certification Program is awarded to those monitoring centers that are committed to achieving excellence in the following areas: upholding and exceeding quality criteria standards, providing the highest level of customer service, ensuring all emergency operators are certified with the CSAA training series, raising the industry’s standards, and reducing false dispatches. There is no room for error when an emergency strikes, and this certification program provides you or your loved ones with the guarantee of receiving the best possible service.

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Customer Service & Support

Available 7 days a week, Medical Guardian’s Client Services department is available to help maintain and update client accounts, and help with everything from billing to device activation, and troubleshooting.  Their Client Services representatives answer the phone quickly and are patient as they attend to the needs of the customer.  

Who is Medical Guardian? from Medical Guardian on Vimeo.



  • Plug and play: all of Medical Guardian’s devices are free to activate and easy to install
  • Helpful installation videos are available on the Medical Guardian website or a customer service representative will kindly walk you through the process. 


The Fine Print:

  • $30/mo for landline
  • $40/mo for cellular
  • AARP Recommended
  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • Central Station Alarm Association International (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified


Additional Features

For $45/month, or $15/month more than their standard landline-based device & monitoring, Medical Guardian offers something they call FallAlert, which is a unit with built-in fall detection technology.

How does fall detection work? Well, basically the senior wears a FallAlert enabled device on the outside of their clothes - either a pendant or belt clip - the same as they'd wear any alert. However, FallAlert devices have accelerometers in them, which recognize when a fall has taken place & automatically call for help, even if the medical alert button has not been pressed.

False alarms happen. However, when we asked Medical Guardian about how frequently they made the claim that "90% of seniors experience 1 or fewer false alarms per month."   

The Bottom Line:

Medical Guardian is this year's top all around pick for best medical alerts when factoring in price & service quality relative to consumer value.

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El Cajon, California
While my dad was a customer we had a good experience. Once he moved into an assisted living center we found that the device was no longer working due to cell coverage. I called to cancel the service but was told by a representative that there was another option. I explained my dad's living situation and after an hour on the phone with her she had me convinced we had another option. I wanted to think about it so I called back a week later and the rep I got this time said all the info she gave me was incorrect and that there was a third option. All the while the billing cycle continues. When I called to change the service to the third option I was told that the information I had received on... Read More

Rita G
Aurora, Colorado
I bought our Medical Guardian service plan a number of months ago. This system is approved as being adequate supervision of the person you are charged with caring for. The necklace is easy to put on and remove with magnetic closure in back. An extra bonus is that I myself was included on the plan. Very satisfied with our plan.

Tammy M
Birmingham, Alabama
I arranged for the Medical Guardian Alert system for my 80 year old mother. Your pricing is great and the service has been excellent. The set up was so easy. Thank you for giving me the piece of mind that my mother can receive help with the push of one button. She is also very happy with the system. Thank you, Tammy L. McClellan

Albuquerque, New Mexico
I would've awarded 5 stars if the charging base were a bit less particular about how the mobile device is placed in it. Charging hasn't always succeeded.

Milford, Michigan
The initial signup process was excellent and all of the components were received as promised. The setup process as easy to do, however, my unsuspecting mother was talked in to a maintenance plan that was not discussed with me during the initial signup process.

Steven A
Rumson, New Jersey
Very professional sales staff that recommended what would be right for my situation. The equipment is very easy to and use. The response to the tests was rapid and the voice at the other end was professional and helpful.

Bruce N
Napa, California
i am new to the company and fortunately have not needed their services but but the knowledge that they are there if needed is very reassuring both to me and my children. delivery of the unit was a little slow but the initial testing was most positive in the speed that the signal was acknowledged. the lock box is a great idea to keep the EMTs from breaking down the door, and Guardian was very gracious in providing a second lock box when we felt we had to change the code. all in all, to date, most satisfied.

Rhea K
Spokane, Washington
Thankfully, I haven't had to use the medical alert, yet. When I first inquired about the alert, everyone I talked to was knowledgeable and very helpful. Since everyone was so helpful, I decided that it would fulfill what I needed so I ordered it. It came within a few days and I had it operating within a short time. It has given me a new sense of security.

Anthony M
Toms River, New Jersey
Excellant service, product delvery and functionality. Would highly recommend. Best product on the market, have tried a few that do not offer what Medical Guardian offers. Using AT&t as their proviver adds additinal protection. You need to know on mobile devices who the carrier is and their coverage in you neighbohood. Thanks, I thought finding the right comcpany was never going to happen. My mother is 90 Yrs. old and loves it.

Leesport, Pennsylvania
Since this system has been in place for less than one week, I can't say too much. However, I was impressed with Medical Guardian as I did much research before I made this purchase. My Mother is pleased and at peace now, as well as the rest of us, her family. The price is reasonable as medical alert systems go. The distance the system reaches is a real plus since my mother only has a landline and no cell phone. The initial test with the system went well except that my mother was not wearing her hearing aids at the time and couldn't hear what the technician was asking her. Due to that fact: I have been reminding her that she needs to wear her hearing aids more (and keep the radio & TV... Read More

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