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Review Guidelines

Reviews are incredibly helpful for consumers to read before making online purchases. At ConsumersAdvocate.org our editors are committed to ensuring maximum accuracy of our reviews. This is both an ongoing challenge, as well as core to our editorial philosophy. 

Review Guidelines:

  • Fake Reviews: We have filters in place to programmatically identify fake reviews. If a review is determined to be fraudulent, then it will be removed.
  • Reviews from real Customers: We're working hard to cultivate reviews from people who have a first-hand experience using a product or service, whether it be a positive or not so positive one. We think that real-customer reviews help potential customers evaluate a product or service. However, if you are not an actual customer, your review will be removed.
  • Multiple Reviews: You may submit multiple reviews about different companies, however, not multiple reviews about the same company. Each customer can only review a company one time. If you have additional things to say about a company after you’ve published a review, then please edit your review, rather than submitting multiple reviews of that same company. Our system will flag these submissions.      
  • Inappropriate or Profane Content: Colorful language & imagery is encouraged. However, harassment, threats, racism, bigotry or profanity is not accepted.  
  • Privacy: Don’t publicize other people’s private information. We will not publish your review if it contains other people’s email addresses, phone numbers, addresses or full names.   
  • Promotional Content: If your review includes excessive self-promotion or spammy links our editors reserve the right to take your review down. Your review should provide objective value to consumers, not be a means of commercial gain.
  • Relevance & Coherence: Your contributions should be relevant to the company you’re reviewing & coherent to those reading the review. If a review is explicitly about the wrong company, incoherent or written by a non-human spam bot, then it will be flagged, then removed.
  • Accuracy: What you say has a very real impact on the companies you review. Please take this responsibility seriously by sharing the most honest portrayal of your own personal experiences. If a company deserves a negative review, please try to remain objective & not misrepresent facts because you’re angry.   
  • Paying for Reviews: At no point may businesses pay consumers in exchange for positive reviews of their own product, or, in exchange for negative reviews of a competitor’s service.
  • Intellectual Property: Reviews cannot contain content that’s been stolen from other websites or sources. Please write your own reviews & do so in your own words.