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From coverage and reputation to contractor network and customer base, we research everything you need to compare home warranties and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of home warranties below.
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How we Compare Home Warranties

Coverage - 25%
Reputation - 25%
Contract & Price - 15%
Claims & Service - 15%
Contractor Network - 10%
Customer Base - 10%


Coverage refers to the specific systems and appliances that your home warranty includes in their plan. In order to determine the value of a given plan we look at the cost of the premium and service fee, in comparison with the amount of items covered, the payout limits (caps), and the cost of any additional items.

Most home warranties provide a system plan an appliance plan, and maybe some kind of hybrid plan of the two. Some items that are universally covered by all home warranty companies include:






Washer & Dryer

Water Heater


Garbage Disposal

Garage Door Opener

We gave extra points in this area for the companies that allow customers to customize their plans, either by adding or choosing which specific items they need coverage for. Companies with a robust list of add-on features also score highly. However, the highest are those that offered items as part of their standard plans, that would mean additional costs with other companies. Whirlpools, sump pumps, septic tanks, and central vacuum are good examples of these.

Some items that would generally be considered add-ons include:

Septic Tank
Water Softener
Second Refrigerator

This is not a matter of ranking the lowest costs versus the highest. We looked at the relationship between covered items, payout caps, cost of service fee, and deductible. A given company might offer a rock bottom premium, but you can be sure you’re getting a plan that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. We looked for a robust list of covered items at competitive prices, with additional items included. 

Some home warranties offer you the ability to customize your deductible and/or service fee. We rank these plans highly, as they give the customer more control of their plan, allowing them to tailor it to their individual needs and financial situation.

Home Warranties with the Best Coverage:

American Home ShieldAFC Home ClubChoiceHome Service ClubSelectAmerican Home GuardFirst AmericanTotal Home Protection
Premium$249-$600$440$370-$450$400$299-$499$359-$570$288-$480-If you want AC $588$349-$499
Service Fee$75-$100-$125$60$60$65-$95-$125$60$60$65-$75$45-60
Items Covered2417183215141737
Per Item CapsYesYes, but only on a few itemsYesYesYesYesNoYes
Yearly CapsNoYesNoYesNoNoNoNo
Lower Cap PeriodNo2 monthsNoNo3 months3 monthsNoNo


If you were to take even the most perfunctory look at home warranty reviews online you’d probably very quickly notice a trend. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. You DON’T find many reviews like:

“Home Warranty Company X more or less ok, I’ve had good and bad experiences with them. The contractor they sent was pretty good but I’d have liked it done faster. But the overall experience was fine…I’ll probably keep the company.”

You are a lot more likely to find reviews like:

"DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!" Followed by a 5 page horror story about a broken AC in the dead of summer that never got fixed after 3 months of being jerked around and eventually had to be paid for out of pocket.

Or others that seem, shall we say, suspiciously effusive:

"My experience with Home Warranty Company X could not possibly have been better! The representative was prompt and the contractor was knowledgeable! Everyone concerned was polite and responsive! I will continue to use them into the future for all my home warranty needs and recommend them without hesitation!"

We found the main causes of disgruntlement are:

1-The home warranty company says the item, or component within the item, in question is not covered under their contract.
2-Waiting times for service contractors.

With regard to number 1, we implore customers get a sample contract from a given company and read it thoroughly. Most of these complaints are due to the fact customers are unclear as to what’s covered. You need to go into a home warranty contract with your eyes wide open. Take an inventory of the systems and appliances in your house and make sure they are mentioned in the contract. Also, read carefully what is NOT COVERED for each individual system or appliance and determine if it is relevant to your home.

Because customer reviews are so polarized with home warranties, we drew from as wide a pool as possible in determining how a given company ranks in terms of customer experience. Along with thousands of reviews submitted by our own Consumers Advocate readers, we also factored in customer reviews from other high traffic websites like Yelp, Consumer Affairs, and, and considered independent 3rd party reviews from sites like, and We also took into consideration each company’s BBB rating. 

Home Warranties with the Best Reputation:

American Home ShieldAFC Home ClubChoiceHome Service ClubSelectAmerican Home GuardFirst AmericanTotal Home Protection

Contract & Price

First of all, considering the often restrictive nature of home warranty plans, potential customers should have access to a sample of a company’s contract up front. We prefer home warranty companies that provide an example contract online, either on a webpage or as a pdf. Furthermore we are looking for contracts that are easy to understand and clear that don’t leave much room for interpretation. If you’ve read the contract thoroughly and still cannot honestly determine whether your system or appliance will be covered, or what the payout limit is (if any), then we see that as a red flag.

Many contracts have waiting periods before coverage takes effect. Still others offer more limited coverage in the first month before becoming fully effective. It’s important to know these things about your plan.

Another thing we consider is the home warranty provider’s cancellation policy. Most home warranty contracts are for 1 year. You are generally allowed to cancel within the first 30 days if you’ve not made a claim. After this time period it’s more difficult. Obviously the companies that make it the most painless and least complicated to extract yourself from a contract will look the best in our eyes.

Home Warranties with the Best Contract & Price:

American Home ShieldAFC Home ClubChoiceHome Service ClubSelectAmerican Home GuardFirst AmericanHome Guard
Available OnlineYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ease of UnderstandingStandardDifficultDifficultClearClearClearDifficultClear
Waiting Period15303010303030
Cancellation PolicyStrictStandardStrictStandardStandardStandardStrict

Claims & Service

You are not going to find a home warranty company without restrictions on what items and under what circumstances said items are covered. We’d love to be able to recommend a company that honors every claim and fixes or replaces every appliance or system quickly and without hassle. Unfortunately that’s not the reality of the home warranty marketplace.

What we can do is look at all of the major players’ restrictions and point you towards those who are the least…er…restrictive.

We are looking for contracts with clear restrictions that are easy to understand and not subject to interpretation. We are also looking for reasonable stipulations and not excessive and confusing lists. We like companies who will cover pre existing conditions and those who do not require you to produce maintenance records documenting the upkeep of a system or appliance.

Home Warranties with the Best Claims & Service:

American Home ShieldAFC Home ClubChoiceHome Service ClubSelectAmerican Home GuardFirst AmericanTotal Home Protection
ClarityEasy to UnderstandEasy to UnderstandEasy to UnderstandStandardEasy to UnderstandEasy to UnderstandEasy to UnderstandEasy to Understand
Reasons for Denying Claims on Individual ItemsFlexibleStandardStandardExcessiveStandardExcessiveStandardExcessive
Reserve Right to Demand Maintenance Records No YesYesNoYesYesNoNo
Years of Maintenance Records Required N/A1 YearNot specified. Says “CHW has the right to request maintenance records in reviewing its decision.”N/A3 Years3 YearsN/AN/A

Contractor Network

Most home warranty companies rely on contractors in their network to complete the diagnosis, repairs and replacements in your home. The bigger the contractor network, the more control you’ll have over who completes the work and how quickly the work is completed. When ranking home warranty companies, we look for those who have a clear vetting process in place for their contractors, companies that work exclusively with licensed, insured, and qualified experts.

The number of contractors in network varies greatly based on the company, but it typically ranges anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000+ contractors. If a company does not use only network contractors, this can be a potential red flag because there’s no accountability in place. While shopping around, make sure to address the contractor network specifically to determine that your area has a sufficient number of contractors to cover all your needs, and that they use exclusively certified professionals within the network.

Home Warranties with the Best Contractor Network:

American Home ShieldAFC Home ClubChoiceHome Service ClubSelectAmerican Home GuardFirst AmericanTotal Home Protection
Network SizeExtensive StandardStandardStandard StandardStandardExtensiveLimited

Customer Base

This criteria looks at the size of the company, it’s history, annual claims payout and revenue, and the number of clients served. We also consider how many states in which a given company is able to do business. Essentially the company’s reputation and share of the market. 

Home Warranties with the Best Customer Base:

American Home ShieldAFC Home ClubChoiceHome Service ClubSelectAmerican Home GuardFirst AmericanTotal Home Protection
States of Operation 5050504950Not Specified5050
Years in Business 457 884332Less than a year
Market Share41%less than 1%less than 1%less than 1%less than 1%less than 1%11%less than 1%

Full Home Warranties Comparison

CoverageReputationContract & PriceClaims & ServiceContractor NetworkCustomer Base
American Home Shield Home Warranty9.
America's 1st Choice Home Club Warranty9.
Choice Home Warranty9.510.
Home Service Club Home Warranty10.
Select Home Warranty8.
IGS Home Warranty8.
American Home Guard Home Warranty8.
Advanced Home Warranty9.
First American Home Warranty8.
Total Home Protection Home Warranty8.
Old Republic Home Warranty7.
Blue Ribbon Home Warranty7.
Home Warranty of America7.
Nations Home Warranty7.
Fidelity National Home Warranty6.
Super Home Warranty6.
Home Guard Home Warranty6.
OneGuard Home Warranties5.
Universal Home Protection Home Warranty5.
365 Home Warranty0.
Select 2 home warranties companies to compare

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Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Home Warranties