Home warranties provide repair and maintenance services for major home systems and appliances, in exchange for an annual premium, and service fees whenever a repair or replacement is needed. Plans can provide three forms of coverage: appliance, system, or combination, and have optional add-ons in order for homeowners to customize their policy according to their individual needs.

Appliances generally include items such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers, etc. Systems refer to house-wide structures, such as plumbing, heating, or air conditioning. Combination plans can either predetermine which systems and appliances are covered, or conversely, allow customers to choose precisely what they'd like coverage for.  Regardless of the type of plan you choose, there are a number of factors that may alter your premiums or service fees, including the age, make, and condition of the appliance or system; as well as your geographical location. Like many other industries, home warranty providers tend to have an excess of negative reviews, many of which center on lack of coverage. We recommend that prospective customers take the time to thoroughly read and research the sample contract that most home warranty companies provide on their websites as a matter of course, in order to minimize possible surprises down the road. 

Top 4 Home Appliance Insurance

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American Home Shield is a provider of home warranties. In terms of their appliance coverage, American Home Shield covers an industry-leading number of appliances, ranging from garage door openers to built-in microwaves. For an extra premium, AHS can add, among other features, pool and septic system coverage. American Home Shield does not enforce a plan-wide annual payout limit, but rather an itemized $3,000 cap. 

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America’s First Choice (AFC) Home Club is a home warranty company that boasts a large contractor network as well as a unique plan breakdown. Unlike other companies, which offer appliance, system, or combination options, AFC Home Club uses an alternative ‘bronze, silver, or gold’ method. Bronze plans are very limited, and cover only a small number of systems. Appliance coverage only begins at the silver level. Optional coverage items include stand-alone freezers and spa equipment. Policies at AFC Home Club come with a plan-wide annual cap of $7,500.

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Choice Home Warranty is a New Jersey-based provider of home warranty policies. In terms of appliance coverage, Choice will insure at least eight appliance types, such as clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, built-in microwaves, ovens, dish washers, garbage disposals, and garage door openers. At Choice Home Warranty, optional coverage can be added to roof leaks and central vacuums, among others. Rather than enforcing a payout limit, this company only mandates a $60 service fee per claim. The actual cost will only be charged if it is less than the price of the service fee.

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Home Service Club is a provider of warranties with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Their appliance coverage is extensive, with trash compactors, built-in food centers, and six other appliances included. This company’s premium appliance coverage is extensive, with 15 options presented. These range from jetted bathtubs to sewage ejector pumps to water softeners. Home Service Club’s maximum annual cap will vary between $6,000 and $9,000, depending on the specific plan.

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