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Old Republic Home Protection Review

Old Republic Home Protection is currently one of the top home warranty providers in the country. The company offers coverage for major home appliances and systems, protecting homeowners from costly repairs and replacements. Old Republic Home Protection coverage plans may depend on your home’s location; it is important that you check with your state for specifics. The company also offers extensive extra coverage in their optional plans that include spa and swimming pools.  


Old Republic Home Protection offers good coverage with their Standard Plans. Their Ultimate and Platinum Plan builds on this coverage and makes it even better by increasing the items covered and the dollar limit for each item.

Standard coverage

Home Systems

Heating System/ Ductwork coverage

Air conditioner/ cooler

Plumbing coverage

Water Heater

Recirculating Pump · Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser

Garbage Disposal

Electrical coverage

Garage door opener

Central Vacuum coverage


Appliance coverage


Trash compactor

Kitchen exhaust fan

Oven/ range/ cooktop

Built-in microwave

Kitchen refrigerator

Washer dryer



Swimming pool/ spa equipment

Salt water equipment

Roof repair

Additional refrigeration systems

Ornamental fountain

Water softener

Well pump

Booster pump

External pipe leak coverage

Septic system/ sewage ejector pump


For a more detailed look into Old Republic Home Warranty’s coverage here’s a link to their Brochure



Old Republic's premiums vary according to state and whether you choose a higher/lower trade call fee. Consult the company's website to see if coverage is available in your state and how much that coverage will ultimately cost.


Fine Print

Plan term (effective and expiration date) will be indicated on the Declaration of Coverage, mailed to you upon our receipt of payment. The plan is non-cancelable except for:

  • Nonpayment of fees
  • Fraud or misrepresentation of facts material to the issuance of the plan
  • Upon mutual agreement between you and ORHP
  • If you harm or threaten the safety or well-being of ORHP, any employee of ORHP, a Service Provider or any property of ORHP or of the Service Provider.

If Plan is canceled, you shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the paid Plan fee for the unexpired term less service cost, any other unpaid charges and a $50 processing fee.

Final Thoughts - Old Republic Home Warranty

Old Republic Home Protection provides excellent Home Warranty service with their range of plans. Its basic plan covers almost all the common home and appliance items. This coverage is further enhanced with its Ultimate and Platinum plans but this could get expensive. Old Republic Home Protection can be a good choice for homeowners searching for protection on items not usually covered in most home warranty plans.

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Marcus M
, California
This is the WORST Home Warranty service there is. Not only do they not have any providers in the desert, we have to wait until the Provider 70 miles away can get out here. No Air Conditioning Providers out here? What? Will be researching different Home Warranty Plans tomorrow.

[email protected]
Las Vegas, Nevada
Have had these guys for years but they just got on my bad side.... dropped me with no notice. Okay, so I had some repairs this year, but I also have over 15 policies with them... well there goes those as they expire.

Larry S
Las Vegas, Nevada
Worse warranty company. Unqualified technicians. My realtor got this for me and can't wait until it expires. Couldn't do the job and then bailed.

Called in for my water heater. They said someone would contact me in 24 hours. 24 hours later, I called the company to see when someone would come out. He replied, tomorrow. So Thursday through Saturday, I was without hot water. He arrives Saturday and says he will need to order a part that would come in Tuesday. Tuesday evening I call him and he says the part is in and schedules my appointment for the next day 11 - 3. Take off of work to let him in. It's now 3:30 and he hasn't arrived nor has he called. When I call him, he tells me another job is running behind but he will be right over. Call back at 5...he'll be right over as soon as he finishes the other job. He arrives at... Read More

Crystal L
Cambridge, Massachusetts
I have had Old Republic for 3 years and was super disappointed that they sent me a plummer for an emergency situation who wasn't very good, he came to my house on Saturday and cut a hole in my wall then decided he didn't have the equipment to do the work. He said he needed to come back on Tuesday. I called Old Republic and told them I was not happy with the effort and they informed me the plummer said that someone had tried to "fix" the problem before him so I wasn't covered. I told OR I didn't agree and all I had tried to do is get the leak to stop. I was put on hold for 20 minutes then told to call back. I did, explained the situation all over again. Long story short, OR wasn't a... Read More

Basically ORHP feels it’s ok to charge service fees when no service was provided. I’ve been a customer of three different home warranty companies, and while they are all difficult to do business with, ORHP is hands down the worst and by a far margin. So the long story… I woke on a Saturday morning and was greeted by a broken water heater. I called ORHP who said they would submit a priory request and should hear from someone within a few hours. Sunday rolls around with no contact from anyone. I call the service provider they gave the job to who tells me they can’t do anything on the weekend as they don’t have access to any parts (are they working out of their garage?). He continues to... Read More

Angie O
Birmingham, Alabama
I am really surprised at all the negative reviews. We bought our house in Feb 2016 and paid for a home warranty policy with ORHP at that time. We purchased the "Ultimate" plan. During the first 4 months we had a couple of claims. On a claim for our AC....suddenly our AC stopped cooling. It was blowing, but just not cooling. Of course the first thing you think of is freon but I called ORHP who contacted a contractor immediately. These people failed to show up. I tried to call but no one answered. I left a message but they did not return my call. I called ORHP back and they told me that I could try to get another service contractor they work with and gave me another number. I... Read More

Overland Park, Kansas
**Avoid this company at all cost!** We have a ceiling fan in the kitchen with a remote control. It is not working and the contracting company they sent out told me it was the remote control, but Old Republic told me they only cover the fan, not the remote. Are you kidding me? The remote control and the fan are one unit. How can you pick and choose what to cover?!! So I told the customer rep I'd like to cancel my plan and she said she would transfer me to that department. I waited for a little bit and an auto voice came up saying that the cancel department was on the line and then promptly said "Thank you. Good-bye!" It was not even a real person, just a way to avoid to process my... Read More

Brandon M
, Texas
Had setup appointment for Plumber to come out to look at toilet. When we flush it backs up into the walk-in shower in the bathroom. The plumber tries to clear drain. Walk out to "make a phone" to Old Republic to get authorization to move forward to next step. The Old Republic calls me and informs me what the plumber is going to do next. Old Republic informs me the Plumber cannot clear drain, needs to remove the toilet to clear the line which I am told is not covered by the plan according the Old Republic. The cost to remove the toilet is $125 REALLY? Now the plumber comes back after talking to Old Republic to move forward to remove toilet. NOW the plumber informs me that he does not have... Read More

Pj S
Pooler, Georgia
I had problems with my AC Unit . They sent service tech. Out . Charged me 75.00 just to say : Nothingness is wrong . I contacted an another AC company ( One that IS NOT CONTRACTED ) through Old Republic and found out , compressor is bad !! Now considering LEGAL ACTION against them . NOT A GOOD COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH !!! This is your warning people. Don't take my word for it : Do YOUR RESEARCH on them .

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