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Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty makes it easier for homeowners to get coverage for their appliances and systems by providing a variety of home warranty options. Maintaining a home, especially an old one, can be very frustrating and financially draining. Select Home Warranty's help lines are available 24/7, you'll have access to thousands of affiliated local contractors who provide service across the country.


Select Home Warranty offers three major plans: Bronze, Gold and Platinum care. Bronze is geared toward covering home appliances, Gold covers home systems. Platinum offers both Bronze and Gold coverage and a lot, lot more.

A good thing about Select Home Warranty is they actually require you to sign your contract before they start charging you. You would think this was par for the course, but we found a lot of providers don't even give you the contract unless you ask. Of course we recommend you methodically go through your contract before you decide on purchasing. And that doesn't just apply to Select Home Warranty it goes for any home warranty provider. Home warranties often have specific stipulations, like requiring you to provide inspection records of certain systems and appliances. 

Platinum Care

Plumbing Stoppage
Plumbing system
Clothes Washer
Heating System
Water Heater
Garbage Disposal
Microwave Oven (Built In)
Cook top
Clothes Dryer
Garage Door Opener
A/C, Cooling
Electrical System
Ceiling Fan

Gold Care

Heating system
Water heater
Plumbing system
Duct work
A/C, cooling
Electrical system

Bronze Care

Clothes washer
Garbage disposal
Stove/ oven
Microwave oven (built in)
Clothes dryer

Optional Coverage

Central Vacuum
Second Refrigerator
Sump Pump
Well Pump
Limited Roof Leak
Stand Alone Freezer
Lawn Sprinkler System
Septic System
Ice Maker (In Refrigerator)
Plumbing Fixtures/Lighting Fixtures
Additional AC Unit(each)
Additional Heat/Furnace(each)
Additional Water Heater(each)

For a more detailed look at Select Home Warranty’s coverage please check their coverage plan page


Service fee $60

Fine Print

You may cancel Select Home Warranty's contract within thirty (30) days from the order date, as set forth on the schedule page accompanying the agreement. In the event you cancel within the thirty (30) day period, you shall be entitled to a full refund if and only if, no service has been provided under the contract. After the thirtieth day, you may receive a pro-rated refund if and only if, no service has been provided under the contract, unless otherwise agreed by the company. If services have been rendered, a $75 cancellation fee will be charged and any service costs incurred by Select Home Warranty. 

Select Home Warranty has a $500 cap on AC repairs during the first three months. After that it goes up to $2000. 

In the event Select Home Warranty denies your claim they will send you their detailed reason in writing. If you wish to obtain a second opinion to challenge their decision you will have to pay for it yourself.

Final Thoughts

Select Home Warranty covers a wide range of home systems and appliances in their Platinum plan, but still comes up short compared to other similarly priced plans from other home warranty providers. Select Home Warranty’s Bronze and Gold plans do not offer enough coverage, this makes the Platinum the only logical choice for homeowners. Some of the other items covered in their optional plans like stand alone freezers or central vacuum systems are commonly offered in other company's basic packages, which makes getting them as an optional feature a more expensive option altogether.



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Asheville, North Carolina
Select home warranty hired a technician to make some plumbing repairs in my bathroom. The plumber was on time and repaired the plumbing issues. Everything works perfectly now. Thank you.

Conway, South Carolina
Don't waste your hard earned money on this company. I switched from 2-10 home warranty for a more affordable plan. Well, you get what you pay for. My upstairs A/C quit working in late spring. Called Select HW, and they said they set up a tech to come out. After 24 hrs, no show, no call, no nothing. I called the company they set me up with. The rude person I spoke with said they turned down the work order. I called select and they had no idea, they went on to ask if I knew anyone close by that accepted them????? What! It's selects job to find these service techs. After a handful of phone calls, arguing and wasted time we finally get someone to come out. To wrap it up, our bill... Read More

Houston, Texas
Thank you for taking the time to help me file my claim. The process was simple and my questions were answered. The service technician was on time and made the necessary plumbing repairs. Thanks.

Trumbull, Connecticut
I filed a claim for my dryer. The repair technician arrived on time and was able to repair my issues. Professional service all around.

Juan f
Don't waste your money! Select Home Warranty will find any way possible to deny a claim and/or pay as minimal as possible. I recently had a claim with them for my AC and the work was $1600.+ , they will direct you to the very fine print on things that are not covered or reasons they are not covered. The fine print basically excludes just about everything. I paid the work out of pocket and after numerous calls and requests to speak to management they only paid $150 towards the works, yes $150! (Remember the work was over $1600.) And they took over 45 days to issue a check. Customer service is a joke, I asked to speak to a manager and I was transferred to someone else who sounded like he... Read More

Billings, Montana
Amazing service. My appliance was repaired quickly. I had no issues since the repairs were made.

Thomas C
Atlanta, Georgia
Was The worst Company I have ever dealt with in my 51 years on this earth. Now I am from a place were if you don't have anything good to say keep your mouth shut well this company deserves everything that this mouth is going to say. In the beginning they were courteous, accommodating, and even gave me extra coverages and services. little did I know i would have the 3 weeks of purgatory and no clean clothes to boot. first call was nice and after the 11th call and of those 11 3 of their reps hung up on me, or let me say the call got disconnected. i still don't have a washer that works nor has 1, not 1 service provider called me. Not one! nor have Select warranty called me not a single time... Read More

Susan S
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
This warranty is only as good as the contractors they work with. Our service has been uneven. Personally call in your claim and when they assign you a technician, call the technician immediately to ensure quick service. If the technician can't come, call the the warranty company for another. Garbage disposals and ceiling fans are up to you. They will give you an allowance and you must fix it and get reimbursed.

Stephanie N
The Bronx, New York
They don't even deserve 1/2 star. Plumbing been backed up since Wednesday and no plumber yet. I called the plumber they assigned me and was told after several calls that they were on vacation. Apparently they are the only plumbers that they use. I asked Select to assign me new contractor and they are still searching for one 3 days later. I asked to speak to supervisor and of course none were available. They wouldn't even give me a name. In process of getting contract cancellation now. Let's see how that goes...

[email protected]
Hazlehurst, Mississippi
They are crooks they will not pay for nothing my air and my ice machine and garage door opener is out they will not fix nothing they need to be put out of business

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