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Fidelity National Home Warranty Review

Fidelity National Home Warranty specializes in providing both homeowners and sellers coverage for repairing and replacing home systems and appliances. It has been in business for over 25 years and serves several states across the nation. Fidelity National Home Warranty is backed by its parent company, Fidelity National Financial Inc. which also acquired Chicago Home Warranty in 2000.




Standard coverage

Plumbing System/Stoppages

Water Heater (Gas or electric)

Heating System


Electrical System/Doorbell/Smoke Detectors

Telephone Wiring

Central Vacuum System

Garage Door Opener

Ceiling/Whole House/Exhaust/Attic Fans (Built-in)


Kitchen Appliances


Garbage Disposal


Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Built-in Food Center

Trash Compactor

Built-in Microwave

Kitchen Exhaust Fan


Pest Control

*** Air conditioning and clothes washers/ dryers available as an option and are not included in the standard coverage plan


For a more detailed look into Fidelity National Home Warranty’s coverage here’s their sample contract



Service Fee - $75


Fine Print

This contract is non-cancelable, except for:

  • non-payment of contract fees
  • fraud or misrepresentation of facts material to the issuance of this contract when contract is for Seller’s Coverage and close of escrow does not occur.

If this contract is canceled, the provider of funds shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less an administrative fee and less any service costs incurred by FNHW. Upon renewal, this contract is non-cancelable except for non-payment of contract fee, fraud, or misrepresentation of facts.


Final Thoughts – Fidelity National Home Warranty

Fidelity National Home Warranty provides solid coverage for almost all essential home systems and appliances a homeowner needs. This could be said even for their basic coverage plan. The basic plan does come short in terms of major items such as refrigerators and clothes washers/ dryers. These are only available as optional items.




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Los Angeles, California
I've been a customer with Fidelity for over 10 years. I was told there was a change in ownership around 2015-2016, that would explain a lot, if that's actually the case. Previously I did not have issues. Today -- I believe their male rep was sexist, dismissive and rude to me as a customer and as a woman. Plumbing issue was not resolved, have to pay out of pocket, terrible plumbing co was sent over, they forgot about my appointment. I had to call to remind them an hour after 10am to 12pm window to show up has expired. Plumber -- beyond rude. Fidelity rep-- not polite or helpful. Didn't have issues with Fidelity for years, but not much was broken, so I figured they were fine. Now looking for... Read More

Shan S
San Francisco, California
I have been working with Fidelity on the same issue for almost a month now and it is getting ridiculous. The first time we called them, it was to request service for a faulty water heater because the pilot light would not stay lit. After looking at the heater, he concluded that a part needed to be replaced. Here's where it gets confusing. He tells my clients that he'd need to order a new thermocoupler to replace the broken one. When I called the plumbing company the next day, I was told that it was already fixed and that there shouldn't be another problem with it. I was a little confused, but figured the client misunderstood. Fast forward a week -- water heater is broken again.... Read More

Fidelity is a shady company that sends out substandard companies for repairs. I have had to use their services a few times now, and the last time it ended up in a fiasco. I had a heater replaced through them in February 2016. I discontinued my warranty with Fidelity in July because the work that they do is unprofessional and has resulted in me needing to hire professionals outside of their network to resolve issues. The heater, brand new in February, is already faulty, November 2016. I needed to call out a repairman and the circuit board on the unit is faulty. I approached Fidelity with this issue and they refuse to assist. I called the company, Air Serv, that installed and they said... Read More

Beth M
Orlando, Florida
BEWARE! I had been a very satisfied client recommending Fidelity to my real estate clients until a recent claim they denied for a furnace leaving my new homeowners out in the cold. The furnace was inspected prior to closing and although older, there was no carbon monoxide leak. Fidelity claimed it was "preexisting" and denied. DO NOT USE Fidelity. I am moving onto a company with integrity as their's is lacking along with any willingness to work with a long time customer.

Richard V
Houston, Texas
The worst people ever to deal with! They are very fast to tell you what they do not cover and also very fast to tell you how much your deductible is in it needs to be paid up front! Service is absolutely lousy I've had to call the representatives back on two different occasions to tell them about my dissatisfaction with the contractors that they sent out to me. I had to use Fidelity when I purchased my home, I guarantee you I will not be using them again! This is a lousy company! If you want more frustration on top of your problems you have already go ahead and use them, if not I suggest you stay far far away from them because there's not very much help and they're not friendly people!... Read More

Hau M
Ripon, California
By far the worst cheating company I have ever have to deal with. Deny all my claims and found every little thing possible to deny any services. What a piece of shit company. I will be cancelling these scammers out asap. Don't ever use these crappie people. Pay a little more to get better respectful service from somewhere else.

George E
Culver City, California
At one time Fidelity National Home Warranty seemed to be a good company, but something has gone wrong. I had done business with them for seven years previously. I recently subscribed to them again and had a problem with my pool heater. They refused my claim because they said it was an existing condition. They know this is not a new house so everything here has some wear a tear to one degree or another. No matter what they refused any form of claim I presented. I would never do business with them again. I had the pool heater repaired by some one else and they did the exact work their inspector suggested. So they simply made up their mind they were not going to honor my claim. Do... Read More

Phoenix, Arizona
Do NOT use this warranty company. If your A/C, heating, etc goes out over a weekend or a holiday, be prepared to get a hotel room because they do nothing to make sure you're taken care/comfortable. The service contractors don't work on the weekends for Warranty companies obviously so the yearly premium you've paid is out the door along with your own expense of getting your own contractor to come in or your own expense again of getting a hotel room until Fidelity can get someone to your home. Oh and then it's between such and such a time so you have to be home and take off work to wait for them to show up. Again, your expense of lost wages. Don't waste your money with this unworthy... Read More

Gilbert, Arizona
Customer service more than horrible! I have never experienced anything like it. Took $65 for nothing. The rep has not returned any of my phone calls and the company has told me there will be no refunds. UP TO YOU BUT IN MY OPINION DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON FIDELITY!

M h
Manor, Texas
This company is terrible! The customer service is ridiculous! I called them for a broken ac and they said they would call back if they couldn't find a co. Oviously they are on crack because its over a 100 degrees here! I asked to speak to a supervisor and of course they weren't available. Do not use this company. Im stuck with them because they came with the house.

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