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Fidelity National Home Warranty Review

Fidelity National Home Warranty specializes in providing both homeowners and sellers coverage for repairing and replacing home systems and appliances. It has been in business for over 25 years and serves several states across the nation. Fidelity National Home Warranty is backed by its parent company, Fidelity National Financial Inc. which also acquired Chicago Home Warranty in 2000.




Standard coverage

Plumbing System/Stoppages

Water Heater (Gas or electric)

Heating System


Electrical System/Doorbell/Smoke Detectors

Telephone Wiring

Central Vacuum System

Garage Door Opener

Ceiling/Whole House/Exhaust/Attic Fans (Built-in)


Kitchen Appliances


Garbage Disposal


Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Built-in Food Center

Trash Compactor

Built-in Microwave

Kitchen Exhaust Fan


Pest Control

*** Air conditioning and clothes washers/ dryers available as an option and are not included in the standard coverage plan


For a more detailed look into Fidelity National Home Warranty’s coverage here’s their sample contract



Service Fee - $75


Fine Print

This contract is non-cancelable, except for:

  • non-payment of contract fees
  • fraud or misrepresentation of facts material to the issuance of this contract when contract is for Seller’s Coverage and close of escrow does not occur.

If this contract is canceled, the provider of funds shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less an administrative fee and less any service costs incurred by FNHW. Upon renewal, this contract is non-cancelable except for non-payment of contract fee, fraud, or misrepresentation of facts.


Final Thoughts – Fidelity National Home Warranty

Fidelity National Home Warranty provides solid coverage for almost all essential home systems and appliances a homeowner needs. This could be said even for their basic coverage plan. The basic plan does come short in terms of major items such as refrigerators and clothes washers/ dryers. These are only available as optional items.

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Mitchell H
Mission Viejo, California
I have been using them for a couple of years but this is the last time I had a water faucet break and called Fidelity immediately and they had some one over the following day. Since I just redid my kitchen, I bought a mid level faucet on my own, The repairman wanted $150(which is probably his regular fee to customers) to install and $65 for the service fee. I gave it to him reluctantly. He stated that Fidelity will reimburse me for most of my costs quoting $250. I get a call from Fidelity and they offered me $125 in the form of a debit card. I figure it is better than nothing To make matters worse, I get a bill from them saying I only paid s $55 fee I have called them and they just... Read More

Susan S
We have been without air conditioning in the August heat in Arizona for 9 days with no relief in sight due to Fidelity's foot dragging. I'm sure that eventually we will have AC again but the waiting is uncomfortable, to say the least.

[email protected]
, Texas
We got these guys per a home closing on7/7, had a/c issues on 7/8 with our father in law house, which are dtill not fixed, lots of money out of our pockets, and then on 7/16 the a/c went out at the main house, and we are still waiting for a repair tech. I've called multiple times for help & ignored. It's hot in North Texas & its been weeks still waiting. Unacceptable behavior for a professional company! My 74 year old Mom & my 2yr old & 3 yr old grandsons are here with us, too. We are huddled up in the living room, with doorways blocked off to use a small window unit to keep a little cool.

Anastasia K
Las Vegas, Nevada
I would never recommend this home warranty to anyone! Avoid them. I'm spending all my time on a phone, waiting from 1 to 2 hours on a line to get an update on my order. More then a week already!!! The way how they treat there customers is terrible! They never answer on emails. And web site will constantly giving you errors! Avoid them!!! Even if your appliances are broken you need to fight to get them repaired! Have been there customer for 3 years! I know what I'm talking about. Will change my home warranty.

The WORST warranty you could possibly find. My AC is not working for a week and they could not find anybody to come out here to fix it. The third party contractor they arranged scheduled to come and check my AC 4 days after I created the request but they never even showed up. When I called the FNHW, they told me to find an outside contractor who could come and fix it. I did what they told me but now they are telling me to pay either $1600 out of pocket or wait another week for them to find someone who "may" come here to fix it. This is totally unacceptable. I have been waiting here in Texas weather with no AC trying to get a service from them.

Dick M
Santa Barbara, California
Useless!!! Repeat Fidelity is a scam. A 30-minute delay to speak to someone who is not competent. They have raised the per call charge from $65 to $75. No way to email directly or chat. They threaten to call back if you sendf them a message thru "contact us" but never do so.

Irena P
I placed a service call for garage door - the springs and the pull-wire broke and needed replacement. Only mechanical parts. All electrical parts were good and fully functional including the motor, keypads, opener button and remote clickers, all by brand genie. The technician from cosco garage door sw came and said he would fix it no problem. When he came back with the parts and finished the job - I was devastated. All electrical parts were replaced by new system called genesis, he advised me that he did me a favor replacing the motor and this new motor is far superior to genie. But not compatible with any other systems, including universal openers, etc... He charged me $90 extra for wall... Read More

Phoenix, Arizona
They don't deserve half star. I have waiting for nine days to fix my AC in Phoenix with temperature approaching 118 and I am still getting the same message (waiting to get pricing from the vendor) ! They are horrible. Reached the manager and they are not helping either. I had the worst experience and definitely I am not renewing The contract with this company !

Doug S
Chandler, Arizona
This company is the WORST and operate as virtual scam artists. Our AC quit and when we requested a repair were told that their "authorized" contractor would take 5 days before they could come out. It was 110 F out and already over 80 F inside the house. They said we could get outside 3rd party contractors as long as the assessment was less than $100 for the first hour. When we got a contractor on site they only approved 2/3 of the quote because, "We don't pay retail" prices for parts. I asked how much they paid for the parts that the contractor quoted but they had no price list, no previous quotes, nothing. They just arbitrarily pulled a number out of the air and said that was all they... Read More

Joe D
Los Alamitos, California
They hired a horrible mom and pop repair company to fix my AC. They offered a cash out option but it didnt cover the costs of the quotes I received from other AC companies, by in most cases $3000. When I asked to speak with a manager, a person named Monica answered, turns out she isnt a manager. She was rude, ignorant, and constantly spoke over the top of me. I will no longer be their customer in July when my contract come up for renew. I highly recommend going some where else, these guys just dont care.

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