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Top 10 Home Warranties

Protect your home from costly repairs and replacements with a trusted Home Warranty company. Get the best deals and service from the nation’s leading Home Warranty companies.  
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  • Far and away the trusted industry leader
  • They have paid out over $3 billion in claims
  • Available nationwide
  • 24/7 team assigns pre-screened contractors within 15 min (90% of the time)
  • Best reputation in home warranty industry
  • Unlimited number of repairs
  • $60 service fee
  • Large contractor network
  • No prior inspections required
  • Coverage for old homes
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Strong online ratings and reviews
  • 24/7 service team schedules repairs fast
  • No home inspection needed
  • Extensive list of system and appliance coverage
  • 2 plans to fit your budget
  • Award winning service!
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 6-month guarantee on covered repairs
  • 24/7 support team
  • 3 home warranty plans to choose from
  • 40,000 pre-screened service technicians
  • Save $100 when you sign up by phone, choose a Combo Plan, and pay your annual premium at time of purchase (not valid in all states; call to see if you qualify)
  • 24/7 support whenever your appliances fail
  • Large network of independent prescreened contractors and qualified technicians
  • In business for over 30 years
  • Good coverage on home systems
  • Does not cover pre-existing issues
  • They will replace items that fail if they can't be fixed regardless of age, make or model
  • No claims allowed in first 30 days
  • Claims may be subject to caps for the length of the policy
  • $60 Service Fee, $75 Cancellation Fee
  • Thousands of local service providers across the country
  • Easy online quote form (just your info & home address)
  • Special Offer: Call now to receive $100 off plus two months free plus free roof leak coverage
  • Policy requires homeowners to perform and track normal/routine maintenance on all appliances. 
  • No coverage for pre-existing issues
  • Available in most states
  • First Month Free + $50 savings
  • Enter to win new kitchen appliances
  • Online claim services available
  • Coverage for old homes
  • 30-day full money back guarantee
  • No home inspection needed
  • Flexible coverage
  • One page contract
  • Covers old homes and appliances
  • No inspection required
  • Service network of 75,000 authorized technicians
  • 90 day service warranty for parts and labor
  • 24 hour claim reporting
  • $50 deductible pre covered claim
  • Cancel anytime
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Best Home Warranties: Summed Up

Company Name Strengths
1American Home ShieldBest Overall
2AFC Home ClubContracts
3Home Service ClubPlan Value, Customer Experience
4TotalProtectPlan Value
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Weighing the Essential Qualities


Plan Value - 25%

Customer Experience - 25%

Contracts - 15%

Restrictions - 15%

Contractor Network - 10%

Customer Base - 10%