Home Safety Home Security Review

Rating: 7.4 / 10 (Very good)
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Home Safety offers consumers access to its extensive list of local home security companies and professionals. The company offers consumers searching for home security services a convenient online search portal that instantly connects them home security professionals in their area.



Home Safety provides free multiple quotes from leading home security companies in your area. Search results include a list of home security suppliers with detailed information on services and products they provide. Home Safety’s online market place matches you with home security provider based on your location, needs and preferences.

Searching for a home security company can be done in minutes with their easy online portal. All you have to do is to fill in the short form include your zip code to get instant access to local home security companies. It sends this information in real-time letting consumers receive multiple quotes from different companies in a matter of hours.

The Fine Print

Contract length and money back guarantee varies on the company you selected for your home security. Home Safety does not disclose specific information on plans and services offered by each company to avoid confusion. For more information, please contact the home security provider.

Money Back Guarantee

Depends on the provider

Contract Length

Depends on the provider

The Bottom Line

Home Safety online search services makes searching for a home security provider quick and easy. By providing multiple quotes from different home security companies, consumers can find a home security solution that not only meets their security needs but more importantly one that fits their budget.


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