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MONI Smart Security is a home security company offering three different plans, all of which connect via a 4G wireless system, have a two-way voice alarm panel, and offer 24/7 professional monitoring. Home automation and smartphone control are additional features. MONI was awarded the JD Power "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems” for 2016.

Rating: 8.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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How is MONI rated?


Contract & Price
Technology Inegration

Overall Rating: 8.3 / 10 (Excellent)

Moni is an strong choice in home security companies, due to their consistently outstanding customer service and high dependability. Their systems are easily integrated to other technology, and can include a good number of home automation devices, which can help you save via increased energy efficiency. Since 2012, they've won the Consumers’ Choice Award every year.

Company Profile

Full Name
MONI Smart Security
Year Founded
BBB Rating
Company Website
1990 Wittington Place, Dallas, TX, 75234
Mailing Address
Department CH 8628, Palatine, IL, 60055

Equipment & Setup


Equipment Manufacturer
Honeywell and GE
Ability to Reallocate System
Wireless Sensors
Control Panel
Event Triggered Siren/ Alarm

Equipment - 9 / 10

Moni requires professional installation of their state-of-the-art equipment, whose modern sensors and smart panels are among the best in the business. They offer fire and smoke detection, medical monitoring, and can also include flood, freeze, and carbon monoxide monitoring as well. Finally, Moni offers home automation devices and and live video surveillance.

Security Monitors, Sensors, & Devices

Intrusion Protection

Door & Window Sensors
Garage Door Sensors
Glass Break Protection
Motion Sensors
Recessed Door Sensors
Crash & Smash Protection

Environmental Protection

Carbon Monoxide
Temperature Change


Indoor Cameras
Outdoor Cameras
Doorbell Cameras
Tilt & Pan Cameras
Live Surveillance
Event-triggered Surveillance

Life Safety

Panic Button
Medical Alert


Key Details

Monitoring Options
Professional Monitoring
Monitoring Technology
Number of Monitoring Centers
Monitoring Center Type

Professional Monitoring Services

24/7 Professional Monitoring
2-Way Intercom
Police Dispatch
Fire Department Dispatch
Medical Dispatch

Monitoring - 9 / 10

Moni offers 24/7 professional monitoring via broadband, landline or cellular, from which they dispatch emergency personnel as needed, and monitor environmental sensors as well as alarms. Their call center has a five-diamond certification by the Central Station Alarm Association, meaning that their operators have a high level of proficiency and training.

How much does MONI cost?

Contract & Price

Monthly Fee (min)
Monthly Fee (max)
Number of Available Packages
Installation/ Activation Fee (min)
Equipment Starting Cost
Contract Required
Minimum Contract Length
36 months

Contract & Price - 8.5 / 10

Moni provides professional installation for $149, and plans can range between $29.99 and $49.99. Their lifetime equipment warranty is exceptional within the industry, whereas the minimum contract length of 36 months is fairly standard. Though an early cancellation fee may apply, if if 80% of the total contract has been paid, this fee may be waived.
Cancellation Policy: 80 percent of the total contract balance should be paid for early contract cancellation. 30 day cancellation process with early termination charges. Customers receive their cancel documents via email within 48 – 72 business hours from MONI Correspondence via DocuSign ([email protected]). Clients must sign the document and send back within 7 days or the link will expire.
Warranty: Lifetime equipment warranty

Technology Integrations


Amazon Alexa
Google Home

Technology Inegration - 6 / 10

Moni is compatible with Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Dot, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Amazon FireTV. Their iOS and Android apps provide email and text alerts, as well as live video feed, when the system includes cameras.

Mobile Access & Alerts

iPhone App
Android App
Email & Text Alerts
Live Surveillance Feed
Remote Arm/Disarm
Geo-location Services

Home Automation

Lighting Control
Thermostat Control
Appliance Control
Electronic Door Locks
Event-triggered Automation
History Log
Unique User Codes

Company Reputation

Certifications & Associations

  • Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • Electronic Security Association

Reputation - 8 / 10

Moni has a overall good reputation in the home security space. They are certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), Factory Mutual (FM), and the Electronic Security Association. They also ranked highest against five other home security brands in the J.D. Power 2016 Home Security Satisfaction Report. They're a BBB-accredited company with an A+ rating.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
I've been with Monitronics for about 15 years now and they have been a very good monitoring company. When you think about it, all of these companies do the same exact thing. They tell you when your alarm goes off. So if that's all they do, then why not go with the company that responds the fastest?

takashi m
Las Vegas, Nevada
ever so often alarm goes off and say my line is open? I have to reset the alarm? never had this with ADT? Go back to them?

Joe M
Winter Haven, Florida
Make sure you have all your information in writing before signing up! They can raise your rate by 5% each year. I had set up direct payment and did not catch the increase right away. When I called them about it, they did nothing.

Mitzi H
Saint Augustine, Florida
We have carried Moni ..for several years...We had it in Chattanooga Tn and transferred here to Florida. Thankfully never had to respond to an alarm...But makes us feel secure in our home

Inman, South Carolina
We had a system installed by one of their contractors (All Star Alarms) back in 2014, and were pretty much lied to about the length of contract. We were told we were getting a 5 year contract for the price of 3, if we paid all 3 years upfront, which we did, and their agent changed it to a 3 year term. Why would I have left ADT, who was charging us the same for monitoring and go to a pretty much of an unknown company, had there not been a benefit, which we realized once the 3 years were up. There are another 11 friends who switched their service to Monitronix and are all finding out now. Worst things is that contractor is nowhere to be found, and never responded after the first 3 months.... Read More

Hudson, Florida
Been a happy (Monitronics) customer since 2009 and have NEVER experienced ANY problems with this company. I started out with the "basic" package (However, I had to purchase several additional window sensors as the basic package didn't include enough for all the windows) with a 36-month monitoring contract. In 2011, I contacted the company requesting to add-on to my system (having them install a cellular back up signal in case the phone lines were ever cut and installing an additional motion sensor). No problems at all (contacting them, customer service, or the technicians coming out to do the the work). My contract ended in 2012 (could have left) but choose to stay and continue paying... Read More

Las Vegas, Nevada
Terrible customer service by the supervisor and the person that answered the phone when I called today to have the keypad relocated to a different area. I have been with this alarm company for the last 8 years both home and business. When we had the business armed they put the keypad in the office. At that time it was ok to have it there, but now that we have our dance studio being rented out of events, we lock the office so i needed the keypad to be moved to the maid ballroom so it can be armed and disarmed. In the last 8 years, I have not called the company to ask for anything! I called today and spoke to someone who was very rude and straight off said that it will be charged to have it... Read More

Johnny G
Sharon, Pennsylvania
Have been a customer for 3 years. I have had no problem with my service. No complaints with service. I had free equipment to start and paid for installation. That was understood, that since it was "FREE" it was paid for over the 3 years with a higher cost. I hope to renew with a lower "just monitoring" cost. Since many companies in my area charge around $20 a month, that is what I will shoot for....if they won't budge it will be bye bye. I am hopeful we can come to an agreement and I can keep my service and not have to switch.

Vallejo, California
No complaint about the service as I have only required service a very few times over about 4 years with this company. I am elderly and disabled. The battery in the base keeps failing and now won't even recharge itself and Monitronics wants over $100 to replace it. When I spoke to Tech support, she spent all her time quoting prices for each thing necessary to fix it. When it's working, it's theirs, but when it's not working, it's yours' and you must pay for every little thing. They also didn't care whether I stayed a happy client or walked away--which I'm going to do.

Helen B
Minneapolis, Minnesota
We have been waiting since Dec.21st for someone to CALL us to set up appt. for repair. My mother is 95 and relies on this to make her feel safe in her home. This is terrible service. Our contract is up and I don't think we will be renewing. I was told today Dec. 26th that the service company is closed for the holidays. Since Dec. 21st????????????

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