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From liability insurance and cancellation insurance to cost and reviews, we research everything you need to compare wedding insurance and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of wedding insurance below.
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How we Compare Wedding Insurance

Liability Insurance - 20%
Cancellation Insurance - 30%
Coverage Limits - 5%
Deductibles - 5%
Customer Service - 20%
Cost - 10%
Reviews - 10%

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will help cover any property damage or costs resulting from bodily injuries that occur during your event. Oftentimes, commercial venues will require liability insurance in order to hold your big day in their space, especially if you plan on serving alcohol (look for Host Liquor Liability if this is the case). The companies that scored the highest in this area don’t only cover your wedding reception, but also your ceremony and even rehearsal dinner (if held within 24 hours of the reception).

Wedding Insurance with the Best Liability Insurance:

MarkelWedSafeWedsureWedding Protector PlanEventHelper
Medical Liability
Host Liquor Liability
Primary Insurance Status

Cancellation Insurance

For more complete protection from unforeseen circumstances, cancellation insurance help cover the lost costs due to a cancellation or postponement. More often than not, this does not cover “change of heart” and only becomes effective if the reason for the delay or cancellation is out of your control. The best policies will also include coverage for damaged attire, stolen property, and help you pay for new vendors in the event they go out of business or no show all together.

Wedding Insurance with the Best Cancellation Insurance:

MarkelWedSafeWedsureWedding Protector PlanEventHelper
Cancellation Prevention
Damaged Photos/Videos
Vendor no-shows/bankruptcy
Stolen Gifts
Rented Property
Honeymoon Expenses
Severe Weather
Military Deployment

Coverage Limits

With both Liability and Cancellation Insurance, you have the option to set the maximum amount of money your wedding insurance policy will pay out. Liability insurance typically ranges from $500,000 to $2 million, and Cancellation insurance ranges from $7,500 to $175,000. Companies who offer a large range of coverage limits and give multiple options score higher in this section.

Wedding Insurance with the Best Coverage Limits:

MarkelWedSafeWedsureWedding Protector PlanEventHelper
LiabilityFrom $500K to $2M (Fewer options than websafe, only 3)$500K/$1M/$2M/$3M/$4M/$5M$500/$1M OR $1M/$2M OR $2M/$2M$1M liability w/ $25K/$250K/$1M prop damagevaries (up to $3M)
Cancellation/Postponement$7.5K -$175K$7.5K/15K/25/35/50/75/100/125/150/175enter your own amountFrom $7.5K- $175KFrom $7.5K - $250K
OtherNot available in AS,HI, or LA


Deductibles, or an amount that you pay out of pocket before insurance coverage begins, are common with both Liability and Cancellation insurance. For Liability, there is typically a $1000 deductible, and Cancellation is usually $25 per coverage type. In this section we look for companies to offer at least those deductibles, and companies that waive deductibles all together or provide flexible deductible options will score higher than those with set amounts.

Wedding Insurance with the Best Deductibles:

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, we look at a number of factors including, the contact methods available, the ease of claim submission, support services, areas of coverage, transparency of policies and practices, and when insurance policies can be purchased prior to your big day! As many venues require a certificate of insurance before holding your event, companies who email the certificate to you or directly to your venue provider score better in this area as well.   

Wedding Insurance with the Best Customer Service:


Unlike most insurance, wedding insurance is a one time premium. The cost of wedding insurance varies by state, number of guests attending and time of year. It is also dependent on the policy coverage, cost of your wedding, coverage limits and company.  Most insurance policies start around $70-90 for the bare minimum, and more extensive plans could cost you a few hundred dollars or more. In this section we look at the value of services for the price you pay. 

Wedding Insurance with the Best Cost:


The last thing we look at is the reviews of the companies from consumers like you. This score is based on ratings from reviews submitted to, the company’s Better Business Bureau rating, other review sites, and review articles, to provide the most inclusive and accurate ratings available. 

Wedding Insurance with the Best Reviews:

Full Wedding Insurance Comparison

Liability InsuranceCancellation InsuranceCoverage LimitsDeductiblesCustomer ServiceCostReviews
Markel Wedding Insurance9.59.510.09.09.510.09.0
WedSafe Wedding Insurance9.
Wedsure Wedding Insurance9.
Wedding Protector Plan Wedding Insurance8.
EventHelper Wedding Insurance9.
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How much wedding insurance should I get?

If you are looking at a liability policy, most options will cover you for at least $500,000 and the highest coverage limit we found was for $5 Million. We suggest speaking to your venue to make sure that the insurance you select meets any requirements they have. It may be wise to also consider your venue and the potential damage that could be done, and if you can afford to be held responsible for damages. For instance, having a wedding at the local community center may not be as risky as having your wedding at your friend’s art gallery surrounded by valuable art.

Most cancellation policy limits start around $7,500 and can go up to $5 Million. We suggest calculating the total cost of your wedding and picking a plan that will cover you for at least that, if not more.

How much does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Like other types of insurance, with wedding insurance you pay a premium to be protected, but unlike other insurance, this premium is often a one-time payment. The premium is based on the policy coverage you choose. For instance, for a basic liability policy with host liquor liability, usually runs around $100, depending on the size of your wedding and the benefit limits you select. If you add cancellation insurance, your premium could go upwards of $400 for an all-inclusive policy.

Most wedding insurance providers make getting a quote easy, so we suggest shopping around to get the best coverage and price for your special day.

What does Cancellation/Postponement Insurance coverage protect and when would I need it?

Cancellation or Postponement Insurance will help cover the costs in the event that your wedding is unexpectedly cancelled or delayed as a result of situations out of your control, like a hurricane touching down on your beach front wedding site, the Father of the Bride being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to have his appendix removed, or a pilot strike grounding all planes making it impossible for you to get to your wedding.

The more comprehensive cancellation policies will also protect you in the event that there is a vendor no-show by paying for a replacement vendor, and may cover your expenses related to rescheduling your rehearsal and/or honeymoon if you cancel your wedding. Additionally, they may also provide added protection for your attire, jewelry, gifts, photos or videos and may even cover professional counseling for if your wedding is rescheduled.

In the event that your dry cleaner accidentally burns a hole in your dress the morning of your wedding, your 3 year old ring bearer accidentally throws your rings in the pond while feeding ducks, or a wedding crasher walks off with all your presents while everyone is dancing, your cancellation insurance will be there to help make it better.

Who needs Wedding Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance will cover the cost of property damage or bodily injury that may occur during your event, and is often required by venues, especially if alcohol is being served. Many times Host Liquor Liability coverage is included in your liability insurance policy, but some companies may offer discounted premiums if you do not require this coverage.

Even if your venue doesn’t require liability insurance, it may be worth looking into. In the off chance that Great Aunt Sue’s smooth dance moves causes her shoe to accidentally fly into the crystal chandelier, which then crashes onto the dance floor, insurance will help cover the cost of replacing the chandelier and the medical bills for anyone who may have been hurt during the accident.

Most Wedding Insurance providers offer liability insurance as a standalone service, which is especially helpful if your vendors offer cancellation or postponement guarantees similar to cancellation insurance. And some insurance providers will offer a discount if Liability Insurance is purchased with Cancellation Insurance.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Insurance often refers to Liability Insurance and/or Cancellation or Postponement Insurance, which can be purchased separately or together.

"Liability Insurance" is often required by venues, and provides coverage for any property damage or bodily injury that may occur during your event. Oftentimes, liability insurance comes with, or gives you the option to add "Host Liquor Liability" coverage, which will cover any damage done if one of your guests gets out of hand after drinking too much. This too may be required by your venue, so we suggest asking your venue about insurance requirements before picking a plan.

Many wedding insurance providers also offer "Cancellation or Postponement Insurance", which will help you cover the cost of rescheduling your wedding should the worst cases scenario occur. No one wants to think that their perfect day will be ruined by severe weather, a family medical emergency, or an unexpected venue closure, but this is where cancellation Insurance comes in handy. It’s important to note that most policies do not cover a cancellation due to a change of heart, or cold feet.

Additionally, the best cancellation policies also provide added protection for your wedding day, including attire, ring or jewelry, and gift protection.They may also help cover the cost of a replacement vendor for one who no-shows, help you re-stage your event if your photos or videos are damaged, or pay to reschedule your honeymoon or rehearsal, if directly connected with a cancelled or postponed wedding.