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From therapeutic features and pricing to customer support and features & accessories, we research everything you need to compare walk-in tubs and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of walk-in tubs below.
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Walk-in tubs are bathtubs with doors for easy access for people with joint or mobility problems. Water in walk-in tubs is usually around 2.5 feet deep, as opposed to just over one foot in a standard tub. They often also feature a built-in chair to help the bather get in and out, and grab bars.

People who suffer from chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other conditions can greatly benefit from installing a walk-in tub. It can also work as an investment towards keeping their independence. There are many different types of walk-in tubs to pick from, including soakers, whirlpool, bariatric, aerotherapy, wheelchair accessible, or combination tubs.

When choosing between companies consider the available tub models, their safety features, and which customization options are available. Most providers offer a complimentary home visit to evaluate your needs, as well as the size and type of tub that will fit in your home. Installation can be expensive, so compare the costs carefully, as well as which warranties are available.

Purchasing a walk-in tub is an expensive proposition, no matter what, but certain complications can make it even more so. Many home water heaters aren’t up to the task of filling the entire tub with hot water, so the provider may recommend a tankless water heater at an additional cost. The costs of water jets, and fast filling or draining fixtures aren’t included in the advertised prices of tubs, so make sure to ask for an estimate from each company you’re considering during their initial home visit.

How we Compare Walk-in Tubs

Therapeutic Features - 25%
Pricing - 20%
Warranty - 20%
Customer Support - 10%
Features & Accessories - 25%

Therapeutic Features

Therapeutic features include Hydrotherapy, a popular treatment used in natural medicine. It is the external or internal use of water in any form for health treatment of different diseases, detoxification, and stress-relief and promotes relaxation.  Aerotherapy on the other hand, massages and gently pushes warm air through multiple jets spread throughout the tub for a healing and calming effect. It produces natural analgesic hormones known as endorphin that has the capability to soothe your body using warm air bubbles.   Below are some Therapeutic Features that you should look for when looking for a walk-in-tubs:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromatherapy
  • Aerobath Therapy

Walk-in Tubs with the Best Therapeutic Features:

JacuzziIndependent HomeHydro DimensionsPremier Care in BathingSafe StepImprovement CenterBathing SafetyAccessibility ProfessionalsAmerican StandardElla's BubblesAmerican Quality
Low Entry Set-Up
Heated Back Rest
Water Jets
Air Jets
Hand-Held Shower Head
Grab Bars
Tile Flange Water Barrier
Extension Panel
Quick Drain/Auto Drain
Ozone Cleaning System
Neck Rest
Mold Resistant Gel-Coat
Anti-Slip Tub Floor and Seat
Aerobath Therapy


Walk-in tubs are highly specialized equipment that are relatively expensive compared to standard bath tubs. Prices of walk-in-tubs vary on the design, materials used, features and capability. Learn how to balance product features with pricing. Simply because one product is more expensive does not necessarily mean that it is better than another.

Walk-in Tubs with the Best Pricing:

JacuzziIndependent HomeHydro DimensionsPremier Care in BathingSafe StepImprovement CenterBathing SafetyAccessibility ProfessionalsAmerican StandardElla's BubblesAmerican Quality
Return Period10 Days30 Days30 Days
DiscountsVeterans Discount, $2,500 Cash Bonus for Walk-In TubsSpecial discount of up to $1,500 per household and $750 per qualified individualSave $100 on Freedom Riviera Combination Tub by using coupon code


It’s important to know what warranties are offered and on which features. Companies should be able to grant lifetime warranties on their products to ensure customers of the quality they are providing. Other companies give limited period on warranties for some parts of the walk-in tubs. Be sure to check first the parts included on the warranty before purchasing.

Walk-in Tubs with the Best Warranty:

Customer Support

Walk-in tub manufacturers must offer free in-home consultation for their clients to determine the size and type of the tub that will suits their needs and situation. Included in this criterion is the full-service installation that they will provide with the help of design experts.

Walk-in Tubs with the Best Customer Support:

Features and Accessories

A good walk-in tub provider must have a broad list of features and accessories that can cater to the individual needs of its customers. The company should provide the latest in safety and therapeutic accessories. Customers must look for the standard and safety features included in the walk-in tub of their choice. Safe bathing features are important factors to consider especially when these are designed for use by seniors, people with chronic conditions, handicapped, veterans, and individuals with limited mobility experience cautious bathing solution. Standard features and accessories that customers must look for includes:

  • Low Step-In
  • Grab Bars
  • Slip Resistant Floor and Seat
  • Hand-Held Shower Head
  • Therapeutic Systems
  • Cleaning Systems
  • Quick Drain
  • Air & Water Pumps
  • Mold Resistant Gel-Coat
  • Tile Flange Water Barrier

Walk-in Tubs with the Best Features and Accessories:

Full Walk-in Tubs Comparison

Therapeutic FeaturesPricingWarrantyCustomer SupportFeatures and Accessories
Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs9.510.
Independent Home Walk-in Tubs9.79.510.010.09.5
Hydro Dimensions Walk-in Tubs10.09.59.510.09.5
Premier Care in Bathing Walk-In Tubs10.09.59.510.09.5
Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.
Improvement Center Walk-in Tubs10.
Bathing Safety Walk-In Tubs7.
Accessibility Professionals Walk-in Tubs6.
American Standard Walk-in Tubs7.
Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tubs6.
American Quality Walk-in Tubs6.
Select 2 walk-in tubs companies to compare