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From plans & pricing and call features to equipment and support services, we research everything you need to compare voip services and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of voip services below.
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How we Compare VoIP Services

Plans & Pricing - 20%
Call Features - 30%
Advanced Call Features - 25%
Equipment - 15%
Support Services - 10%

Plans and Pricing

VoIP Services with the Best Plans and Pricing:

VonagePhone.comNextivaRingCentralPhone PowerJive8x8BroadVoiceITPViaTalk
Price$12.99$9.99$19.95$24.99 $8.33 $29.95$19.99$8.83$9.99$15.75
International callsDepends on the country Depends on the country Depends on the country Depends on the country Depends on the country (60 mins/mo. free) Depends on the country Depends on the country (Unlimited international calls with Unlimited Global Extension Plan) $24.95 a monthDepends on the country $9.95 a month
Installation feesN/ANoneNoneNoneNoneNoneVaries by planNoneVaries by planNone
Cancellation feesN/ANoneNoneNone$99$99$59Varies by planNone$49.95

Call Features

VoIP Services with the Best Call Features:

Caller IDCall WaitingCall ForwardingCall ReturnConference CallingVoice MailsVirtual Phone NumberEmergency Calls
Phone Power

Advanced Call Features

VoIP Services with the Best Advanced Call Features:

VonagePhone.comNextivaRingCentralPhone PowerJive8x8BroadVoiceITPViaTalk
Advanced FeaturesAnonymous Call Block, Bandwidth Saver, Vonage Online Account, Do Not Disturb, Special Services Number, Vonage Access Number, Network Availability Number, Ring ListsAfter Hours Greeting, Auto Attendant, Chatcalls, SMS Voicemail Notification, Click to Call Buttons, Call Handling Rules, Hold Music, Fax ReceivePush to Talk, Presence on Multiple Devices, Shared Line Appearance, HD Voice, Toll Free/Local Numbers, Web Portal Interface, User Friendly Web Interface, Follow MeReal-Time Control, Virtual PBX, Music and Messages on Hold, Toll Free Numbers, Digital Line, Answering Rules, Dial-by-name Directory, Click-to-Call MeRemote Click2Call, Number for Life, Find Me, Follow Me, Simultaneous Ring, Block List, Adjustable Ring Length, Click2Call, Out of Area NumberUnlimited Extensions, Whisper, Auto-Divert, Corporate Directory on Phone, Wait Time Announcement, Dial Plan Editor, Virtual Fax, LDAP IntegrationLocal Number Porting (LNP), Virtual Office Online, Hosted PBX, eAgent Integration, Advanced Call Forwarding, Salesfroce Intergration, Web Conferencing, Outlook IntergrationMulti-Line Hunt Groups, International Virtual Numbers, Business Group CNAMs, Telemarketer/Block List, Fax-to-Email, Direct Inward Dial, Optional Non-Local Number, Online Call ManagementStar Codes, Remote Voicemail Access, App Management, Outbound Call Block, Advanced Black List/White List, VIP Ring, 411 Direcrory Assistance, In-Network CallsSoft Phone Access, Network Unavailable Forward, On-The-Go, Anonymous Call Authentication, 7, 10, & 11 Digit Dialing, BYOD Service Access, Free In-Network Calling, Private Color ID

Full VoIP Services Comparison

Plans and PricingCall FeaturesAdvanced Call FeaturesEquipmentSupport Services
Vonage VoIP Service7. VoIP Service6.
Nextiva VoIP Service8.
RingCentral VoIP Service3.
Phone Power VoIP Service10.
Jive VoIP Service7.
8x8 VoIP Service8.
BroadVoice VoIP Service9.
ITP VoIP Service3.
ViaTalk VoIP Service5.
Select 2 voip services companies to compare

Latest Reviews

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Kuwait City, Al Asimah
all countries route

Reston, Virginia
The system offers many awesome features to use along with the VoIP service and it is quite easy to figure how each one works. Whenever I need help, I call or open a support ticket and get a response quickly.

Pam L
Asheville, North Carolina
We needed a new phone system for our office. Nextiva’s auto attendant tipped the scales and we’re glad. It has been simple and cost-effective. The Nextiva team has been very good and everybody has been helpful.

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with VoIP Services