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From types of treadmills and features to warranty and pricing, we research everything you need to compare treadmills and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of treadmills below.
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Treadmills at its core are basically fitness machines designed to emulate running or walking outdoors. These are used to improve cardio and strength while helping to burn calories. But today’s treadmills are more than just running machines. These have become featured-filled fitness equipment that come with the latest in fitness and medical technology.

From accurately monitoring your heart rate and calories burned, state-of-the-art treadmills have become an indispensable equipment in any gym. With treadmills each sporting its own set of features, shopping for a treadmill has become a little bit more difficult.

While price will always be a big consideration on any shoppers mind; functionality, features and durability should also be factored in when making that decision. Select a treadmill that works best for you or choose a treadmill that fits your lifestyle and fitness needs. Consult a fitness specialist to help determine what type of treadmill best suits your needs.

Why Buy A Treadmill?

Running is highly recommended as an effective cardio and conditioning exercise. But for time poor individuals who just can’t find the time to spend a few hours running at the park, treadmills are the next best thing. And of course there are those cold winter days when running or any type of outdoor activity becomes impossible. Treadmills are fitness equipments that are designed to imitate running or walking motion.  This allows you to enjoy the health benefits of running in the comfort of your home. It is also an excellent exercise that helps prepare your body and avoid injury when planning to workout in the gym.

How we Compare Treadmills

Types of Treadmills - 10%
Features - 15%
Safety Features - 15%
Performance - 20%
Warranty - 20%
Pricing - 20%

Types of Treadmills

Treadmills with the Best Types of Treadmills:

LifeSpanProFormLife FitnessNordicTrackYowzaSoleLandicePrecorCybexHorizon Fitness
Treadmill Desks
Inclined Treadmills
Powered Treadmills
Folding Treadmills


Treadmills with the Best Features:

LifeSpanProFormLife FitnessNordicTrackYowzaSoleLandicePrecorCybexHorizon Fitness
Heart Rate Monitor
Shock Absorption Deck
Interactive Video Workouts
LED/LCD Display
Power Incline
Pre-Set or Custom Programs
Control and Console Gadgets
Mobile App Connectivity
Integrated Cooling Fans
Speakers and Audio Ports

Safety Features

Treadmills with the Best Safety Features:

LifeSpanProFormLife FitnessNordicTrackYowzaSoleLandicePrecorCybexHorizon Fitness
Tethered Safety Key
Hand and Foot Rails
Safety Belt


Treadmills with the Best Performance:

LifeSpanProFormLife FitnessNordicTrackYowzaSoleLandicePrecorCybexHorizon Fitness
Motor HorsepowerUp to 5Up to 4.25Up to 4.0Up to 4.25Up to 3.5Up to 4Up to 4.0Up to 4.0Up to 5Up to 2.75
Track SpeedUp to 13.5 mphUp to 12 mphUp to 12 mphUp to 12 mphUp to 12 mphUp to 12 mphUp to 12 mphUp to 16 mphUp to 20 km/hUp to 12 mph
Maximum InclineUp to 15 levelsUp to 20%Up to 15%Up to 40%Up to 15 levelsUp to 15 levelsUp to 15%Up to 15%Up to 15%Up to 15%
Maximum DeclineUp to -3%Up to 6%N/AUp to 6%N/AUp to 6 levelsN/AUp to -3%N/AN/A
Weight CapacityUp to 500 lbs. Up to 400 lbs.Up to 400 lbs.Up to 350 lbs.Up to 400 lbs.Up to 400 lbs.Up to 500 lbs. Up to 400 lbs.Up to 400 lbs.Up to 400 lbs.


Treadmills with the Best Pricing:

LifeSpanProFormLife FitnessNordicTrackYowzaSoleLandicePrecorCybexHorizon Fitness
Money Back Guarantee
Return Period30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 daysN/ANoneN/AN/A
FinancingPayPal creditOver 12 months financing with Fortiva Retail CreditNone12 months financing with Fortiva Retail CreditPayPal creditPayPal creditN/AYesN/AN/A

Full Treadmills Comparison

Types of TreadmillsFeaturesSafety FeaturesPerformanceWarrantyPricing
Life Fitness10.
Horizon Fitness10.
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