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From photo categories and plans & pricing to media content and help & support, we research everything you need to compare stock photos and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of stock photos below.
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How we Compare Stock Photos

Size & Quality of Photo Library - 30%
Photo Categories - 20%
Plans & Pricing - 25%
Media Content - 15%
Help & Support - 10%

Size and Quality of Photo Library

The sheer size of a stock photo’s library gives you an indication of the amount of photo available on the site. Photos are available in different sizes and resolutions. Higher resolution images are priced higher accordingly. Although this does not have a direct relation with the quality of photos, it does give you a wide choice of stock photos to choose from.

  • High Quality Images
  • High Definition Videos
  • High Quality Tracks
  • Multiple Image Categories
  • Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Stock Photos with the Best Size and Quality of Photo Library:

Adobe StockShutterstock123RFDepositPhotosGetty ImagesFotoliaFotosearchiStockPixtaStockfreshFreeimages
High Quality Images
High Definition Videos
High Quality Tracks
Multiple Image Categories
Royalty-Free Stock Photos
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Free Images Download
Number of Media Files Uploaded 79,830,61053,740,14245,312,687More than 70 MillionMore than 53 Million31,877,091Not Stated16,600,000More than 5 Million

Photo Categories

Rather than just basing your decision on the amount of photos available, take a look at the different photo categories. Having photos organized in a simple to digest format such as categories makes it easier for you to find a corresponding based on a niche.

Stock Photos with the Best Photo Categories:

Adobe StockShutterstock123RFDepositPhotosGetty ImagesFotoliaFotosearchiStockPixtaStockfreshFreeimages

Plans and Pricing

Stock photos could be purchased with a single transaction or through credits and purchase plans. It all boils down to how much a single image would cost. Monthly plans or bundling purchases gives you a better deal in terms of how much a single photo would cost. But for those who are only planning to download a single or a few images for a single time then comparing the average price per photo would be a better idea.

Prices of stock photos may vary depending on the size, quality, companies per image rate and artist’s royalty fee. Some freebies and discounts may be helpful to customer to minimize the monthly subscription rate and per image cost.


  • Free Registration
  • Free Images Download
  • GuaranteeDiscounts
  • AverPriagecce per Image

Stock Photos with the Best Plans and Pricing:

Adobe StockShutterstock123RFDepositPhotosGetty ImagesFotoliaFotosearchiStockPixtaStockfreshFreeimages
Free Registration
GuaranteeSatisfaction GuaranteeNoneNoneNoneNone30-Days Money Back Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee$10,000-$250,000 Legal GuaranteeNoneNone
DiscountsNoneNoneNoneNone20% Off to New UsersNoneiStock Promo CodesNoneNone
PriceStarts at $49/ 5 ImagesStarts at $59/monthStarts at $5/imageStarts at $118.53 / Per Asset for 5 PacksStarts at $14/monthStarts at $8/imageStarts at $40/monthStarts at $5/ ImageStarts at $20/month

Media Content

Aside from providing photos or images, some companies also offer different media content that can be used on your projects, presentations, TV productions, advertisements and radio commercials. The availability of different media formats make this a better all-around service.

  • Audio/Music
  • Video/Footage
  • PhotosIllustrations
  • Vectors

Stock Photos with the Best Media Content:

Adobe StockShutterstock123RFDepositPhotosGetty ImagesFotoliaFotosearchiStockPixtaStockfreshFreeimages

Help and Support

Stock Photo support team should be freely available through a variety of communication channels. This can be done over live chat, telephone support, and online account management. Stock photo providers should also offer online resources tool and detailed information about their products.  

  • Live Chat
  • Online Account
  • Mobile App
  • Telephone Support
  • FAQs 

Stock Photos with the Best Help and Support:

Full Stock Photos Comparison

Size and Quality of Photo LibraryPhoto CategoriesPlans and PricingMedia ContentHelp and Support
Adobe Stock Photos9.510.
Shutterstock Stock Photos10.
123RF Stock Photos9.
DepositPhotos Stock Photos9.
Getty Images Stock Photos10.
Fotolia Stock Photos9.
Fotosearch Stock Photos8.
iStock Stock Photos6.
Pixta Stock Photos8.
Stockfresh Stock Photos8.
Freeimages Stock Photos0.
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