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From features and types of application to pricing and help & support, we research everything you need to compare project management software and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of project management software below.
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How we Compare Project Management Software

Features - 30%
Types of Application - 15%
Integration - 20%
Pricing - 25%
Help & Support - 10%


An essential category for choosing the perfect project management software is checking the basic and unique features it provides to each user. The software must be able to provide various features that will help customers on project management.

Storage – space you received for storing your files and documents

File Management – software features that are associated with your files and documents

Email Integration – capability of the project management software to integrate with the user’s email

Budget Management – feature provided by the software for budget administration

Gantt & Calendar View – the software offers Gantt charts and calendar view as a feature

Portfolio Management – the software lets their customers analyze and manage their project files through this feature

Milestone Tracking – the software lets the users track the projects they’ve finished

Percent-Complete Tracking – percentage-based tracking on the user’s projects

Project Planning – a feature that lets customers plan and edit reports in their projects

Requirements Management – a feature for controlling and changing project requirements

Resource Management – tools provided that helps users keep track of their resource consent and distribution

Task Management – allows users design and distribute tasks

Status Tracking – a software feature that helps customers trace their project’s status

Time & Expense Tracking – enables customers to track and log their time for a certain task

Mobile App – a features that permits users to manage their projects through their smartphones

Project Management Software with the Best Features:

File Management
Email Integration
Budget Management
Gantt & Calendar View
Portfolio Management
Milestone Tracking
Percent-Complete Tracking
Project Planning
Requirements Management
Resource Management
Task Management
Status Tracking
Time & Expense Tracking
Mobile App

Types of Application

Project Management Software offers a diverse category of applications that is aimed at supporting different project management needs. The best project management software should offer a high degree of flexibility and should be able to adapt to different kinds of users and applications.

Desktop – tools and features of the software can be applied as a program in desktop

Web-Based – the software can be accessed using online browser

Personal – the software’s features can be used for home-based projects

Single-User – individual use of the software’s management features

Collaborative – structured to support multiple users

Project Management Software with the Best Types of Application:



The software has built-in and supports third-party integrations that are essential to user’s project planning and management.

API (Application Programming Interface) – custom set of tools and protocols that constructs the software and its applications

Backups – an integration for your stored data

CSV and Excel Export – the software enables users to export CSV and Excel files

Box – the software incorporates Box in their program

Dropbox – the software incorporates Dropbox in their program

Google Apps – users can incorporate google apps on the software

Microsoft Office – the project management software can be integrated with Microsoft Office

MS Outlook – software enables users to incorporate MS Outlook with the software

Salesforce – the software supports integration with Salesforce

Project Management Software with the Best Integration:

API (Application Programming Interface)
CSV and Excel Export
CSV and Excel Import
Google Apps
Microsoft Office
MS Outlook


Project management software offer different levels of features based on plans and pricing. They must provide a demo or trial account for users to let them analyze the software’s tools and features. Before choosing a software, make sure to check the features covered by their premium account and compare each software.

Free Version Available – a trial account given to customers before purchasing their premium accounts

Premium – a type of account that caters several features and must be purchased by the user on a monthly or annual basis

Project Management Software with the Best Pricing:

Free Version Available

Help and Support

A project management software must be able to cover all forms of customer support. They must be able to cover such features in our list for customer concerns and issues. Live chats and social media assistance are necessary for project management software in case users need an instant response to their queries.

Live Chat – customer support that enables users to be assisted through live chat

Social Media – a software feature that lets users connect with them through social media

Phone – users can contact the software company through phone for assistance

Email – system that lets customers reach the company through email

Project Management Software with the Best Help and Support:

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Select 2 project management software companies to compare

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