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From creation features and presentation features to cost and reviews, we research everything you need to compare presentation software and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of presentation software below.
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How we Compare Presentation Software

Creation Features - 30%
Presentation Features - 15%
Compatibility - 10%
Ease of Use - 10%
Customer Service - 15%
Cost - 10%
Reviews - 10%

Creation Features

The best presentation software programs will allow you to build your presentation from the ground up. Whether you start from scratch or use one of the many templates or themes available (from the company or online public databases), the best programs will allow you to combine a number of different features to explain your ideas and utilize your resources to create a presentation for whoever your audience is. Presentation programs that allow users to incorporate a variety of text features, images, shapes, charts & graphs, videos, animation, sound and more in their presentations rated well in this section. While companies who may have specialized their software to utilize specific styles, advanced presentation features or otherwise limit the versatility of the presentations that can be made will score lower. We also look for programs that make collaborating easy in this section. The more your program can do to customize your presentation, the better.

Presentation Software with the Best Creation Features:

PowerPointPreziApple KeynoteGoogle SlidesHaiku Deck ZuruSlideRocketZoho ShowmysimpleshowPowtoon
Images and media uploads
Editing Features
Custom Data Formats
Built-In Templates
Offline Editing
Content Library
Pre-Designed Images

Presentation Features

The ultimate goal for most presenters is delivering the message to the audience, so in this section we look at how easy it is to access your presentation and deliver it wherever and whenever you need to.  Presentations that can be timed, have smooth transitions (or transition options), and that can be show with or without an internet connection rate higher in this area than those that require manual progression and only can be accessed and edited online. Additionally, programs that allow you to sync to other devices or can be accessed from anywhere (web or cloud based platforms) also score higher in this section.

Presentation Software with the Best Presentation Features:

PowerPointPreziApple KeynoteGoogle SlidesHaiku Deck ZuruSlideRocketZoho ShowmysimpleshowPowtoon
Cloud and Sharing 
Multi-Screen Views
Present Online


Like with so many programs of the past, presentation software used to have to be downloaded onto your computer to create and show presentations. However, now many presentation software programs are web-based, allowing you to create, store and present from the internet. The best presentation software will allow you to choose, offering computer, smartphone and tablet versions of the software for offline work, but also sync across all versions, and allow you to create, access, edit and present your work from any internet browser.

Additionally, many presentation software programs are compatible with more commonly used programs. Some allow you to import your existing powerpoint presentations or compatible files (.ppt or .pptx) into their program to take the editing to the next level. Others allow you to pull videos and images from other commonly used sites (like Flickr or YouTube).  The more outside programs the presentation software can work with, the higher the rating in this section as well.

Presentation Software with the Best Compatibility:

PowerPointPreziApple KeynoteGoogle SlidesHaiku Deck ZuruSlideRocketZoho ShowmysimpleshowPowtoon

Ease of Use

The quality of your presentation is based on a number of factors including the material, layout and skillset of the creator. Oftentimes the best presentations are going to come from experts who have learned the program backwards and forwards and understand every function and feature available. However this doesn’t mean you can’t make a good presentation with very little skill with the right program.

Some presentation software, on the other hand, is more limited, but is built for specific uses, styles, or features. These programs are often easy to use and master, which is helpful for those looking to use the program for one type of presentation, style or functionality. However, for those looking to create presentations for a variety of purposes, styles, resources, and audiences, you may find these programs limiting after a few uses.

The best presentation software programs will make it easy for beginners to use, and also offer advanced features for more experienced, or even expert users.  This way, no matter where you are in your learning process, you won’t find yourself growing out of your presentation software anytime soon.

Presentation Software with the Best Ease of Use:

Customer Service

Learning new software can be tricky, especially if you are trying to teach yourself without the assistance of an instructor. Most all presentation software companies offer online resource guides, and chances are there is an online forum of users who would be happy to assist you with challenges you’ve faced…. However companies that go the extra step to provide online tutorial videos or walkthrough presentations, and live customer support (where you can talk to a pro), rate better in this area than those who leave it to the user to figure out.  

Additionally, presentation software companies should make it easy to contact with any concerns, problems or complaints. They should also have easy to find policies and procedures.  The more open about their policies and the easier they are to contact, the higher the company rates in this category.

Presentation Software with the Best Customer Service:


Many times presentation software companies offer a free membership to use the base line product, with the understanding that any projects and presentations you create will be publically accessible. With a paid membership or purchase, many programs allow you to set privacy controls, provide access to additional features, increase your cloud storage capability, allow collaboration from multiple users, save your presentations to your computer or devices, or access your projects from other versions of the software.

Depending on the software, you may be able to purchase the program all together for unlimited use, or you may have to subscribe to a reoccurring membership on a monthly or annual basis.  Price varies based on the presentation software you are looking into, so we look at the value of the product for the price.


Presentation Software with the Best Cost:


The last thing we look at is the reviews of the companies from consumers like you. This score is based on ratings from reviews submitted to, the company’s Better Business Bureau rating, other review sites, and review articles, to provide the most inclusive and accurate ratings available. 

Presentation Software with the Best Reviews:

Full Presentation Software Comparison

Creation FeaturesPresentation FeaturesCompatibilityEase of UseCustomer ServiceCostReviews
PowerPoint Presentation Software10.
Prezi Presentation Software10.
Apple Keynote Presentation Software9.
Google Slides Presentation Software9.
Haiku Deck Zuru Presentation Software8.
SlideRocket Presentation Software8.
Zoho Show Presentation Software7.
mysimpleshow Presentation Software7.
Powtoon Presentation Software6.
Select 2 presentation software companies to compare

Latest Reviews

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Presentation Software
Berlin, Land Berlin
mysimpleshow is a great tool to create an explainer video. I have used it for professional as well as personal purposes already. The tool guides you through a process that is easy to follow and to understand. I didn't have experience in video making or design and still got a good video out of it! I love that you can record your own voice but have the option of voice over if needed. Uploading your own pictures is no problem as well.

Pompano Beach, Florida
I've used mysimpleshow to improve presentations in the classroom and assign video creation as homework. It's simple and engaging, and a fun way for students to learn. The process is easy due to the guidelines and tutorials, and everything you need to produce a video is included in the tool.

Espe O
Málaga, Andalusia
I'm using this tool in my classes and it's working superb with my students. They are creating videos for each lessons and it's meaningfully changing their learning process. I strongly recommend it!

Reviews help other customers make decisions. Share your experience with Presentation Software